HOW TO Locate Content for an ATA Chapter Group/Page


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HOW TO Locate Content for an ATA Chapter Group/Page

  1. 1. Locating Content for an ATA Chapter Social Media PageWhen creating content for a social network with a specific focus, interest, orshared industry you have to find material that appeals to their professionalinterest. Your goal should always be to invoke an emotional response from thefan to encourage them to engage with your content. These emotions can rangefrom excitement to curiosity or anything in between.The simplest way to find solid content is to focus on your community’s primary“home” which in the case of an ATA Chapter Fan Base is the AmericanTeleservices Association website.Sharing information such as Chapter Events, National Summits or Conferences,Industry News, ATA Membership Benefits, and Resources available on the ATAwebsite encourages fans to interact with subject matter close to their interestsand relevant to the context of the page.After creating a content base on which you can ensure your fans are beingreached consistently with content that is of fundamental relevance to the groupscore interest and focus you can begin to generate additional content to enhanceyour page. In the case of a group such as an ATA Chapter, good examples ofthis type of content would be posts on business blogs that talk about key issuesor challenges, industry news, product reviews or announcements, Etc.The follow pages show examples of how the American Teleservices AssociationOhio Valley Chapter locates content for use in its content creation strategy. Thetypes of content that are shown range from ATA Chapter Events, to IndustryNews streams, to Chapter member organizations news, to business blogs.
  2. 2. -Other ATA Chapter Events-• Once on the ATA Website homepage, locate the upcoming chapter events bar on the right of the screen and select an event that you would like to feature in your content.• Once you’ve selected an event you’ll be directed to that hosting chapters page on the website. From there you can collect the URL and information necessary to schedule a piece of content for your social networks. -National Level Events-
  3. 3. • From the ATA Website you can click through to various national level events, conferences, and summits. These events make great content because they are something on the mind of chapter members and they are highly publicized within the organization.• Click on the “Learn More” button associated with an event and you will be redirected to that events page on the website.• From the events page you can gather text and the URL required to schedule a piece of content focusing on the events homepage, or you can click deeper into the events portion of the website and schedule content around a more specific element of the event, such as an agenda page, or a registration page, or a speakers bio.• Events such as these are incredibly powerful content because of the focus members have on attending events on a national level. Include different sections of the events page to maximize fan exposure and take advantage of different media, links, and resources spread across the events portion of the ATA Website. -ATA Membership Benefits-
  4. 4. (Or other featured section of the ATA Website)• From the ATA Website, select the Membership Opportunities button on the top left of the screen in the blue navigation bar.• A drop down box will appear, in of which you want to select Membership Benefits.• You will be redirected to the Membership page of the website, from where you can either pull text to use as a non-link post or gather a URL and text to generate a linked piece of content.• The text below the video on this page is short and effective and easily can be used as text only content. -Industry News Stream-
  5. 5. • From the homepage of the ATA Website you can locate engaging content that is kept current by utilizing the “Industry News & Notes” section located at the bottom of the main page.• Locate this section and click on either an individual article featured here or the “View All” option, which will redirect you to a separate webpage. • If you choose the “View All” option you will be directed to a page dedicated to an automatic stream of information created by keywords and terms, this list is featured (but limited to most recent updates only) on the ATA Website but clicking through to this point gives you access to more articles. -Chapter Member Blogs-
  6. 6. • A great place to find content is on the blogs of the members of your chapters. If your chapter has members who blog as a part of their company or personal strategy it’s a good bet there is something of interest within their blog posts that your other fans would find interesting or useful.• Once you’ve identified members who have blogs, locate a post that has relevance to the conversations and can add value to the content of your social media community. Shown here are two posts by Ohio Valley Chapter member organization Incept.• When you find a post you want to add to your content, click through to make sure you are on the post page and not the main page of the blog. (This will prevent confusion and misrepresentation)• From here gather the URL and information needed to create a piece of content. -Chapter Member News & Press-
  7. 7. • Another great way to feature the members of your chapter in your content is to generate content posts from member websites news, about, and press sections. (Shown below is an example from Ohio Valley Chapter member organization, InfoCision)• Locate a member organization who has a consistently updated and well organized news or press page and select a press release, news story, Etc. that you want to feature in your content.• Just like generating content from a member organizations blog, click through until you are on a page dedicated to a specific press release or news story instead of the “News” page of their website. (Again this will prevent confusion and misrepresentation in the future)• When you’ve located a piece of content you want to feature gather the URL and other information needed to create a post and build your content accordingly.• It’s a suggested best practice to keep news and press as time relevant as possible. The world of social media moves at blisteringly fast speeds and fans will sometimes frown on seeing a page or organization producing stale or old news. The more recent something is, the more likely a fan is to interact with it, and the higher the probability that you’ll get to have a conversation with that user. -Other Blogs or Websites-
  8. 8. • A great way to add diversity and variety to the content being shared on your social networks is to mix posts from blogs or websites that relate to the core focus of your network and fan base’s interests. In the case of an ATA Chapter, this could include things such as business blogs, marketing forums, videos, Etc.• There are many great blogs, forums, and websites dedicated to these topics and in the case of the Ohio Valley Chapter content often comes from two of many blogs which are updated regularly. (Featured below are posts by Marketing Expert: Seth Godin, and a blog titled: “The Customer Collective” which focuses on many subjects including; sales, training, social marketing, team building, and customer service.)• Once you’ve located a piece of content you want to share with your network, take the same steps as you would to create content from a member blog, or an industry news feed, Etc. Be sure that you’re on a reputable site and that you have selected the webpage dedicated to a specific piece of content and not just the blogs homepage. Once you have done this gather the URL and information you need to create a post for your content sharing plan.• In the case of reputable blogs it isn’t always necessary to focus on the most recent post, sometimes content from a few months ago will contain more information or resources that would be useful for your fans than a post that was published a day ago might contain. Look for posts with high volumes of “Likes”, Tweets, ReTweets, or Comments as these are often times the posts fans find highly engaging.• It is considered proper social etiquette to give credit to the author, source, or creator of the content you find on outside websites and blogs. While this is not required it is considered a good gesture and can help generate more attention for your content if the author or source thanks you back or shares your content.