Creating a linked in event


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Creating a linked in event

  1. 1. Creating a LinkedIn EventAfter logging in to your LinkedIn Page, head to the “More” dropdown menu button on themenu bar. From here you click on the “Events” button which will take you to the “Events”page.Next you will want to click on the “Add an Event” tab on the right. This is where you willbegin to actually create your event.
  2. 2. This is very similar to Facebook’s event creation page. However, the end date optionhas been provided for you. And as you can see, they are much more generous with theirtime, giving you a nine hour window. Another difference is the “Preview Event” buttondown at the bottom in the center. By clicking this button, LinkedIn will allow you topreview the “flyer” prior to creating the event. You have the option to edit any eventhowever you see fit. You even have the option to save a draft if you are collaboratingwith someone else on a team.*Note: you probably noticed the bright green “+” button followed by “Add more details”.This allows you to get into the specifics of your event.
  3. 3. After clicking the “+” button, the venue details become expanded.Another layer is added labeled, “Event Categorization”. Two dropdown menus let youchoose from the event type to the industry in which the event will be related to. Thekeywords field is where you enter words that will help people find your event. The “Whoshould attend?” section is just a suggestion box of professionals who would benefit fromyour event. The organization field is where you would enter in the name of your group.
  4. 4. The “Event Organization” section asks some pretty obvious questions about the event inwhich you are creating. However, if you are working on this together in a team, thisbecomes a pretty invaluable tool. Choose all that apply.
  5. 5. This is what a completed LinkedIn event will look like. The price field is blank becausethe event is free. The organization field is blank because this is where you would enter inthe name of your group. The description which has been left out will appear just belowthe organization field on the final and published event.