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November HUG Deck


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This is the presentation deck from the November HUG at Inbound Marketing Agents.

This Deck includes information on:
1. A/B Testing
2. How to Build CTAs in Power Point
3. Email Experiments

The presentation was given by Bill Faeth and is all about inbound marketing, Hubspot, and how to improve your digital footprint.

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November HUG Deck

  1. 1. November HUG Nashville @NashHUG HubSpot User Group
  2. 2. Tonight’s Speaker Bill Faeth Specs: @BFaeth Nashville Hug Leader! Likes: •Diet Cokes •HubSpot •Entrepreneurship @NashHUG
  3. 3. Tonight’s Topics • How to Build Compelling CTAs: an IMA Case Study • The Essentials of A/B Testing • Email Marketing Experiments @NashHUG
  4. 4. Calls to Action How to Build Compelling CTAs, an IMA case study @NashHUG
  5. 5. Great CTA’s: • Are Actionable • Align with Body Copy • Have a Clear Value Proposition • Are Direct @NashHUG
  6. 6. Great CTA’s are NOT: • Confusing • Copy heavy • Too Small • Always designed by professional designers @NashHUG
  7. 7. Guess which one was made by a designer in Photoshop and which one was made in Power Point by a non-designer. @NashHUG
  8. 8. @NashHUG
  9. 9. @NashHUG
  10. 10. Winner! This CTA was designed by a Non Designer in Power Point @NashHUG
  11. 11. Now we’re going to show you how to make a CTA in less than 5 minutes in Power Point @NashHUG
  12. 12. Other Great CTAs @NashHUG
  13. 13. Other Great CTAs @NashHUG
  14. 14. Other Great CTAs @NashHUG
  15. 15. The Essentials of A/B Testing
  16. 16. What is A/B Testing? @NashHUG A method of Marketing experiments where two variants, A and B, are used to optimize web content for lead generation
  17. 17. Why A/B Test? Because small changes can yield remarkable results @NashHUG
  18. 18. 3 Terms to Know for A/B Testing How do I calculate these? It's easy - we'll share a calculator for marketers in the resources at the end! @NashHUG 1. Traffic = Your total monthly website visitors 1. Sample Size = at least 500 visitors 1. Statistical Significance = Results of an A/B test that are significant enough to be actionable (typically 5%)
  19. 19. How to Conduct an A/B Test 1. Create a single variation between 2 elements 2. Display the Content Variations equally to your visitors 3. Continue testing until you achieve a sample size, and a statistically significant difference is achieved 4. Continue to iterate, test, and continue @NashHUG
  20. 20. Test CTA Elements in Order of Disruptiveness @NashHUG 1. Background Color 2. Shape 3. Image 4. Layout 5. Headline 6. Text
  21. 21. 1. Background Color 5. Headline 2. Shape 4. Layout 3. Image 6. Text @NashHUG
  22. 22. How to A/B test CTAs in Hubspot Professional/Enterprise Step 1: Build a CTA Either use the CTA Builder OR upload the image you created in power point! @NashHUG
  23. 23. How to A/B test CTAs in Hubspot Professional/Enterprise Step 2: Create a Variation CTA @NashHUG
  24. 24. How to A/B test CTAs in Hubspot Professional/Enterprise Step 3: Change one element at a time (based on the list in the previous slide) @NashHUG
  25. 25. But What if I’m on Hubspot Basic? 1. Create Variants of CTAs 1. Display one CTA until sample size is achieved (start with 1 week based on traffic volume) 1. Replace with 2nd CTA and keep until sample size is achieved 1. Analyze your results and iterate appropriately @NashHUG
  26. 26. Email Marketing Experiments
  27. 27. Email Experiment s @NashHUG You can A/B Test your emails in a similar way.
  28. 28. Step 1: Split Your List Step 2: Change one Component of the Email @NashHUG Arbitrarily split your list in half to ensure a good control group. Every good marketer knows that changing more than one component leads to an inability to determine which change led to which result
  29. 29. Test More than the Subject Line!! Valuable Also Valuable @NashHUG
  30. 30. • Key • Components • • to Test for: • • • • • @NashHUG Subject Lines Timing Frequency Content Offers CTAs The Audience (lists) The Format Sender Name/Address
  31. 31. Step 3: Record your Findings Hubspot’s 2011 experiment where they tested the open rates of emails sent by “Hubspot” vs. emails sent by a specific name @NashHUG
  32. 32. Step 4: Repeat! @NashHUG
  33. 33. 3 Key Takeaways 1. CTA Creation can be done fast and easily in Power Point 1. You Should be A/B Testing all of your CTAs (refer to this deck for instructions) 2. A/B Test your emails (and for more than just the subject line) @NashHUG
  34. 34. Resources 6 Email Tests That Matter More than your Subject Line A/B Testing in Action: 3 Real Life Marketing Experiments 25 Little Email Marketing Experiments that Deliver BIG Results Free Download: 50 Customizable Call-to-Action Templates 10 of the Sexiest Calls-to-Action on the Web Marketing Calculator Tool @NashHUG
  35. 35. Connect with Us! @NashHUG @NashHUG
  36. 36. Next Meeting! Date: TBD Time: TBD Where: IMA 521 8th Ave South, #102 Nashville, TN 37203 Topic: SEO @NashHUG
  37. 37. Thank You for Coming! @NashHUG