Inbound Marketing Basics for Conscious Businesses


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This eBook is a summary of all the Inbound Marketing basics for new conscious business planning their marketing strategy that we here at Inbound Den have learned in 6 years in the field. The goal is to get you familiar with the process so your company can start on the right path.

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Inbound Marketing Basics for Conscious Businesses

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing Basics for Conscious Businesses By the guys at Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  2. 2. IntroductionThis eBook is a summary of all the Inbound Marketing basics for newconscious business planning their marketing strategy that we here atInbound Den have learned in 6 years in the field. The goal is to get youfamiliar with the process so your company can start on the right path.Inbound means to have your potential clients come to you. They find you insearch engines via non-paid searches (organic searches). Inbound Marketingincludes blogging for your site, interacting in social media, and optimizingyour site for SEO (search engine optimization).For more information, check out our site ~ Well wishes on your campaign! Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  3. 3. Table of Contents I. Where to Start? II. The Inbound Marketing Process III. Creating Content Blogging and Content Basics IV. Measure Your Results V. Basics of Social Media What to Do? VI. Converting Leads to Clients VII. How to Track your Competitors VIII. How to Hire Inbound Marketers What to ask in the interview? IX. Recommended Reading X. Conclusion Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  4. 4. Where to Start?Define your area of expertise – niche business aregreat!Determine your goals for your campaignIdentify your customers and audience for your blog Tip: Write it down and revisit your goals and audience description to stay on task Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  5. 5. The Inbound Marketing Process Inbound Create Unique Content Marketing is a constant cycleCreate new Measure ResultsStrategies Every 3 months Remove what’s not working Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  6. 6. Creating ContentTypes of Content: What to Write/Create: Blog posts How-to blogs E-books “Top 10, 5, 3” posts Videos Industry or local events Live webinars Book, article/journal, movie, and video reviews Podcasts & webcasts Tip: Ask current clients, local celebrities or experts, and other bloggers to do guest blogs Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  7. 7. Blogging & Content BasicsTitles: use key words and make it interesting for people to readImages: always include an image and add a key word in the “alt” fieldVideos: quick, easy, and short are best. Don’t plan too much, be spontaneous ☺Be honest and share your own stories! This isn’t a term paper!Body of blogs: between 200 and 400 words and include headings to separatecontentLinks: include no more than 3 links in each postComments: allow people to comment, don’t lock for approvalShare in social media: Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn groups Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  8. 8. Measure your ResultsDetermine how many of followers, blogsubscribers, and link backs to you site you haveReview the number of pages indexed by GoogleCheck % of leads increase/decreaseAnalyze sales stats for improvement Tip: Monitor your brand online Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  9. 9. Stop What didn’t WorkAfter reviewing your results, eliminate the strategiesthat didn’t bring leads or meet your goals Brainstorm for new content Create different ways to reach clients Ask for feedback from customers Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  10. 10. Basics of Social MediaThe most popular are: Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube Decide which one is right for your company/brand/industry Begin by choosing Names/Usernames that that will distinguish your business/brand from others Next, add images, bio/summary, and website links to all social media profiles Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  11. 11. Social Media – What to Do?Facebook – Social Network Create a Fan Page for your business and ask clients/staff to LIKE Post pictures, blog posts, and engage in conversation with your followersTwitter – Personal Learning Network Follow people in similar fields and join chats Share your posts and other articles of interestLinkedIn – Professional Network Join groups and participate in forums Create you own group(s) and invite others to join you Share conversations on other social networks Chat and answer questions from other groups Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  12. 12. Converting Leads to ClientsUnderstand your industry’s buying cycles and offerfree contentEnsure all your pages have Calls-to-action buttonsabove the foldMake it easy for people to understand what youoffer/sellOffer online contact forms Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  13. 13. Converting Leads to ClientsTarget each audience differently with landingpages and demos exclusive to their needsUnderstand that traffic is not important.Converting leads is the goalStrive for quality Tip: Try different colors and images forleads your call-to-action buttons and page designs to see what brings more quality leads Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  14. 14. Tools to Track your CompetitorsUse... Facebook and twitter to find out how many Fans they have for traffic history Google to search your brand for number of results YouTube to see how many videos posted Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  15. 15. How to Hire Inbound MarketersYou want to start your own internal team but don’t know how to findthem? These are the “must haves” for building your own team: Must be “Digital Citizens” Able to Analyze your website & leads data Proficient in creating various types of content (eBooks, blogs, videos)A plus if… Have web following in Twitter or Facebook Client Support Oriented background Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  16. 16. The InterviewWhat to Ask Your Potential New Team: Blogs they read and subscribe to What RSS reader do they prefer How often they blogAsk them to show you how they use… Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn YouTube Channels Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  17. 17. Recommended ReadingInbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Darmesh ShahNew Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman ScottContent Rules by by Ann Handley, David Meerman Scott,C.C. ChapmanThe Social Media Marketing Book by Dan ZarellaThe Facebook Marketing Book by Dan Zarella Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen
  18. 18. ConclusionInbound Marketing is a long time commitmentthat if done right, can help your businessattract more customers.Visit us at www.InboundDen.comto get started with your Inbound Marketing strategy Web: | Tw: @InboundDen | Fb: InboundDen