Blog Pensar Enlouquece - Media Kit (in english) - January/2013


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Midia kit - Blog "Pensar Enlouquece, Pense Nisso" ("Thinking Makes You Crazy, Think About It") - - January 2013.

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Blog Pensar Enlouquece - Media Kit (in english) - January/2013

  1. 1. Media Kit – January /2013
  2. 2. Profile Launched in August 2002, “Pensar Enlouquece, Pense Nisso” (literally translated: “Thinking Makes You Crazy, Think About It”) is one of the most known and awarded blogs in Brazil. Its posts address issues like behavior, movies, music, politics and latest news, in texts marked by strong opinionated content, humor and quotes related to pop culture. It was created by journalist Alexandre Inagaki, who has written for several well known magazines, such as Trip, Rolling Stone Brazil, YouPix and Continuum (Itaú Cultural Institute). The blog has a qualified public, including influencers, journalists, publicists and college students, and its posts are frequently mentioned by the traditional media (Folha de S. Paulo, O Globo, Estadão, Época, Veja, MTV).
  3. 3. The authorAlexandre Inagaki39 years oldhttp://www.pensarenlouquece.com Journalist and social media consultant. Responsible for setting up and planning online campaigns and producing content on blogs and social networks for several companies, such as Sony Pictures, Coca- Cola, Banco Santander, Kraft Foods and Mastercard. Lecturer and curator at digital culture events like Campus Party Brazil (social media), youPIX Festival (culture hub), Curitiba Social Media and Desencontro.
  4. 4. Awards and Special Mentions Quoted on the cover of Época Magazine, issue 548 (November/2008), as one of the "80 blogs that you should not miss," according to criteria that took into account "audience, impact and relevance of the generated content."IBest finalist award in the category "Best Weblog" in the years2003, 2004, 2005 and 2008, and considered the most influential blog inBrazil in research with students of 10 universities conducted by theState University of Goiás and Bula Magazine. Nominated as "Best Weblog in Portuguese" by international BOBs award, sponsored by German media group Deutsche Welle, in 2006, 2007 and 2010, and awarded best blog of 2007 according to public vote.Awarded by Best of Websphere as the blogger of the year in 2009 promoted byPix Magazine, according to a jury of 150 internet personalities.
  5. 5. Awards and Special MentionsOne of the 20 best blogs of the decade according to Portal MTV. Also mentioned on the listof the top 15 blogs in Brazilian survey by Retrospective 2000 to 2009 made by the siteEstadão. Nominated to the categories "Web Provoker" and “Vem, Gente” awards (awardinginfluence and blogger personality) in the Best Websfera 2012, sponsored by youPIX.
  6. 6. Numbers and Facts 92,201 page views and 78,629 unique visitorsmonthly (Jan/2013). Average stay of 4 minutes and 4 seconds on thehomepage. One of the first blogs on the Hands portal(, specially developed forBrazilian users of iPhone. 28,733 fans on Facebook fan page, 41,337followers on Twitter, 474,141 followers on GooglePlus, 4,474 followers on Instagram. Fonte: Google Analytics. Screenshot from the review published at youPIX Magazine.
  7. 7. AudienceThanks to its recurrent audience, Pensar Enlouquece is one ofthe blogs with the highest subscribers numbers: over 28thousand readers receiving the updates through e-mail or feednotification (such as Google Reader). 77,1% of Pensar Enlouquece readers have a college degree and 14,8% already have some postgraduate certification. 45,7% of its audience is located in São Paulo area, 12,5% in Rio de Janeiro, 3,9% in Paraná, 3% in Minas Gerais, 2,3% in Distrito Federal (Brasilia) and 1,8% in Ceará. 9,2% of the readers live outside Brazil.Habits: 90,9% of the audience has already bought something over internet, 75,1%work, 39,8% study (20,2% work and study) and 66,3% have broadband connection.Sources: Google Analytics, Feedburner, Facebook and a research held with 1.742 recurrent “Pensar Enlouquece, Pense Nisso” readers.
  8. 8. Social Networks - TwitterHttp:// profile, created in August 2007, has currently 41,337 followers.One of Brazil’s most influential profiles according to the Considered“highly influential” by tweets index Nominee as “Twitter of the Year” on theMelhores da Twittosfera 2009 (Best of Twittersphere) award.
  9. 9. Social Networks- Facebook28,733 fans at our facebook fan page (one of the 200 greatest pages on the “Media” rank inBrazil, according to SocialBakers), 4.135 friends and 2.085 subscribers at the personalprofile on Facebook.
  10. 10. Advertising formats - blogAdvertorial: consists of a textpost promoting a campaignwithin its context.- It is mandatory to identifyeach and every advertorial assuch, disclosing its advertisingnature. The post is alsoautomatically linked to theblog profiles at Facebook andGoogle+.- The post is writtenaccordingly to the briefingprovided by the client.
  11. 11. Advertising formats - reach - Advertorials can be written in advance in order to get client approval prior to publication. - Pensar Enlouquece has its own language context, which is also observed while writting a advertorial. This is a sign of respect towards the readers, who have shown a good acceptance to this type of advertising, and respect towards the advertisers, who get their products properly valued with high quality posts.
  12. 12. Advertising formats - pricingAdvertorial - blog: BRL 2,000.00Tweet (@inagaki): BRL 500.00 Superbanner (728 x 90 pixels) Rich media: Flash, GIF, video, etc. CPM: BRL 30.00 Term: 30 days Custom Background Investment: BRL 1,000.00 Term: 1 day Square (300 x 300 pixels) Rich media: Flash, GIF, video, etc. Investment: BRL 1,500.00 Term: 30 daysNOTE: The above mentioned values do NOT include taxes and agency comission. Payments are invoiced through Alexandre Inagaki –ME Company (or via PayPal).
  13. 13. Some of our advertisers
  14. 14. ContactAny doubts or queries on other advertising formats, such as expanding banner, sky sealand/or special action on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Google + and other social networksshall be addressed to:▬ E-mail/Gtalk:▬ Skype: alexandre.inagaki▬ Mobile: +55-11-98947-3517 Thank you! 