Direct mail for ice cream shops


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Direct mail for ice cream shops

  1. 1. DIRECT MARKETING<br />Produced by Million Dollar Scoop for VIP members 2009<br />
  2. 2.!<br />Direct Marketing<br />Is this a wonderful tool that lets you spend little money for big outcome. Direct marketing is sending your sales message out to a very niched target group, reaching only those who are looking to buy your kind of service. There are many ways to go about Direct Marketing, statistically the most effective ice cream shop is the „oversized postcard” and a “door hanger”.<br />
  3. 3. Statistics say...<br />A recent study by Vertis Communications in Baltimore found that 46% of adults responded to printed direct mail. This remains steady from 47% in 2003, despite the fast emerging mass internet marketing phenomenon.<br />72% of adults said they have replied to direct mail pieces that contained a „buy one, get one free” offer, <br /> 63% of people have responded to direct mail that offered discount.<br />
  4. 4. ... more good news<br />57% of women age 35-64 want compaies that they’ve indicated interest in to follow up on direct mail piece<br />38% of men age 35-49 prefer generic direct mail<br />85% of women age 25-44 read direct mail pieces. If you’re sending direct mail to households, it’s best to address them to the lady of the house<br />overall direct mail response rate hovers around 1-3% of leads that actually buy the offered service, but with a good list and a great message it can reach up to 25% and up to 75% awareness of your company and services<br />
  5. 5. What to put on the postcard & door hanger?<br />Both tools are masters of instant message so NEVER put a lot of text. Image showing what you are offering is the best way to go. Always include a gift or something to lure new client into your shop (free ice cream for kids under 8, free ice cream for an A on your test, buy one get on free, …).<br />The only other thing you need to include is your address. A small map of the area will help them get there.<br />Always remember to implement Measurable Direct Response Marketing.<br />VIP Members please request samples and ready-to-go artwork.<br />
  6. 6. As Easy As ABC<br />A Select the postcard or door-hanger you wish you use<br /> VIP Members please request samples and <br /> ready-to-go artwork MDS prepared for you <br />B Contact a fulfillment company (they will complete the graphics by inserting your logo and contact information, print the postcards, collect the addresses, send the postcards and handle bulk-mail postage)<br />C Place your order<br />
  7. 7. Million Dollar ScoopCan Do It For You <br />MDS can manage your Direct Mail Campaign and perform steps 2 & 3 on your behalf. The campaign will be financed by you and you will remain the decision maker, while MDS’s marketing office manages relationship with fulfillment company and offers expert advise along every step. <br />
  8. 8. How To Get The Best Results<br />A Good list will make a difference: be sure you discuss thoroughly with your fulfillment company who these postcards & door hangers should go to. You can pinpoint your potential clientlike with a laser beam accuracy, so make sure you don’t shoot blanks where not necessary. <br />Call to action / Measurable direct response: in your postcard include a “visit this weekand receive additional offer” or “the discount is valid only until xx/xx” or anything that will make the clientact now. Each marketing tool should have a different call to action so you will be able to measure and compare which tool works best.<br />
  9. 9. How To Get More Great Results<br />Follow up plan: talk to your staff about possible new leads coming to the store asking for certain type of gift or discount. Make sure your team is always informed of your marketing actions and incentives.<br />Make sure they know where to go: since the postcard does not require any reading to really understand your message, make sure the next thing they see is your location, store’sname, and other contact information. You might want to include a small map of the area.<br />
  10. 10. How To Get Even More Great Results<br />Excessive text is redundand: most people do not like to read so be sure you don’t hide the important things (gift couponand address) with unnecessary text. Less information you give initially more chance they will want to learn more and maybe visit your web page<br />Opportunity to drive traffic to your new Web Site and FaceBook: it’s a natural fit to use direct mail marketing to drive people to a Web site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc., where they can have more information. <br />
  11. 11. ...and get ready for new customers to flood your store<br />