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Spring camp brochure_email

  1. 1. An invitation to join us FAMILY BY FAMILY SPRING STARTER CAMP 23 & 24 october ADELAIDE HILLS WILDERNESS LODGE All expenses covered
  2. 2. Family by Family is a network of families The Family by Family spring starter camp who help out each other. We do four is for families interested in volunteering Saturday & Sunday things. or working for Family by Family. - We help families try new things 23rd & 24th October 2010 - We help with new life stages Starter camp is an opportunity to: Adelaide Hills - spend a weekend in the hills - We help with budgeting, home, DIY - meet other families Wilderness Lodge - We help with kids behaviour - learn more about Family by Family, All meals catered, all expenses paid, This spring and summer we're trying all - identify how you can best help out transport can be arranged if required. this out for the first time and we’d like - learn some new things Cabin accomodation your help. All costs, including accommodation, food and activities will be covered. We can also LEARN ABOUT FbyF Family by Family timeline help with transport if required. The principles behind FbyF, the different jobs, learn from life Family by Family is very new - as the coaches, theatre people and first group of families we don’t only want OCTOBER 2010 to tell you about it, we want you help us trainers. Meet and share ideas shape what it is. with other FbyF families. Of course camp is for all the family. There START NOVEMBER 2010 will be activities for kids, fun things to do and free time to explore. DO FUN THINGS After the camp we hope that you’ll want cooking lessons, sports, movie to volunteer or work for Family by Family night, team games, beauty, during November and December. FAMILY EVENTS AND night time animal walk, emus, FAMILY MEETINGS storytelling, campfire. END JAN 1 2010
  3. 3. Families that volunteer and work for FbyF 1 HELP WITH INFORMATION choose to do different things depending Share what you know about great on their skills, interests and the time they things to do or great places to go with have available. Both adults and children other families. Contribute to the ideas can get involved in helping out. bank, the what’s on guide or spread the word about FbyF to friends and family We’re looking for families to contribute or at events. 1 to, organise or run projects for other HELP OUT WITH INFORMATION families. You can read more about that 2 HELP WITH EVENTS Contribute to our ideas bank, our what’s on guide or spread the on this page. We run events and camps that enable word about FbyF families to try new things, do things We’re also looking for families to work as a whole family and develop new regularly with other families who want strength,s like leadership. Help out to change something about their lives. occassionally You can read more about this on the next 3 HELP WITH PROJECTS to run projects page. If you have a particular skill or passion eg DIY, decorating, gardening, hair & Family by Family is founded on a set of beliefs... beauty, making things or computer skills you can help with a project for a family. 1 2 HELP OUT WITH EVENTS • Better families = Help organise or run events, festivals and camps for families better communities TRAINING FBYF provides training for families • Great families help people to grow and who want to help organise events or to explore projects • No family is ever perfect • All families can change SUPPORT On demand support 7 days a week • All families need Invites to Family by Family events for to change with time your family • Families are best helped by other families • We respect all religions but we’re not a FbyF badge and newsletter 3 CONTRIBUTE YOUR SKILLS Share your skills through projects or events religious organisation
  4. 4. We match families who want to change EXAMPLE Family to Family MATCHES with trained families that can help them change. Families work together on the things they want to change over the course of 6 weeks. Meetings may happen every week or every day. Family Adams wanted help to improve their kids behaviour. They chose to be matched with family 1 As an FbyF helping family you receive Blake because the Blakes had similar problems and training on how to best connect with had tips on how they had got through it. Volunteer to meet, eat, talk, do things and families before we make the match. go places with other families once a week Matches only happen if both families agree, so no one ever has to work with a family they don’t want to. TRAINING Cathy, age 16, was struggling to cope with her new baby. She choose to be matched with Dianne Training for families to work with other because she looked friendly and had brought up families includes tips to: several kids herself. - start conversations and build a relationship - set goals - choose a starting point - provide feedback - keep families motivated 2 Work closely with one or two families three to five days a week and get paid The Evans wanted to get their house in order. They Training will draw on the know how of were matched with the Frances who specializing in helping out with DIY and have a large family life coaches, theatre people & personal themselves. trainers SUPPORT Small budget for each family On demand support 7 days a week Invites to Family by Family events Badge and newsletter
  5. 5. WHAT NEXT? Chris, Carolyn or Sarah will be in touch soon to talk about your involvement in Family by Family and the spring starter camp. KEY DATES Family by Family timeline 23 & 24 October Starter Camp OCTOBER 2010 24 October Start of prototype 23 December START NOVEMBER 2010 End of prototype But if you have any questions you can reach us on... FAMILY EVENTS AND 0425544883 FAMILY MEETINGS 08 81109955 Family by Family is supported by The Mayor of Marion Department for Families and Communities END JAN 1 2010 The Australian Centre for Social Innovation. tacsi.org.au/family