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SIP Trunking: IP Telephony using your existing PBX


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This presentation by InTechnology our telephony experts discuss why SIP Trunking is ideal for businesses looking to move to an IP Telephony (VoIP) infrastructure, while maintaining the use of their existing PBX setup.

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SIP Trunking: IP Telephony using your existing PBX

  1. 1. INTECHNOLOGY /SIP Trunking /Paul Storey & James Bryant /26.01.2012 /
  2. 2. Introducing InTechnology• Serving the UK IT market for over 26 years• Unique position in the managed IT services market place• Full range of managed IT services delivered to over 800 UKbusinesses
  3. 3. What Is SIP Trunking?• Unites phone system to the PSTN via your PBX• Data and voice over a single converged network• Supplement or replace existing ISDN lines
  4. 4. How Does It Work?inTechnologyPBXPSTN
  5. 5. How Does It Work?inTechnologyPSTNPBX
  6. 6. The Benefits of SIP Trunking• Improved Operational Efficiency• Business Continuity / DR• Deliver Additional Features and Functionality• Reduce Costs
  7. 7. The Benefits of SIP TrunkingImprove Operational Efficiency• Flexible Staff Resources• Dynamically pool resourcesin order to meet demand
  8. 8. The Benefits of SIP TrunkingBusiness Continuity / DR• Provide backup connectivity to yourPBX over your existing data network• Instantly re-route calls to alternativelocations in the event of a site outage
  9. 9. The Benefits of SIP TrunkingAdditional Features & Functionality• Call centre functionality• Advanced call routing options• Office Workers• Call Recording
  10. 10. The Benefits of SIP TrunkingReduce Costs• Reduce or completely remove the use of ISDN lines• Save up to 40% on call costs compared with typical ISDNlinesBased on a single ISDN30e with300 x DDIs and basic DR capabilityISDN30e Direct SIP SIP savingTotal Activation Cost £1500 £750 50%Service Setup £1280 £150 88.28%Total Channel / CircuitRental£5040 £1710 66.07%Failover Services £936 £25 97.33%Total 12 months £8756 £2635 £6121
  11. 11. LANnet – MPLS Network• UK wide coverage reaching 89% of UK businesses• 1000+ points of presence (POPs)• Built using world class technologies• Multiple connectivity options
  12. 12. Guaranteed Quality of Service• Different priorities for differentnetwork traffic• Guarantees performance of voiceover a data network
  13. 13. Not Just Making and Receiving Calls!Growth• Simple Cost Effective Expansion• Easily increase or decrease yourPBX’s call capacity via your datanetwork depending on seasonalityrequirements• No need for additional expensive ISDN lines
  14. 14. Not Just Making and Receiving Calls!Mobility & Home Working• Integrated communications for mobileand home workers• Add mobility to your existing PBX
  15. 15. Not Just Making and Receiving Calls!• Add unified communications to your existing usersUC Enable Your PBX
  16. 16. Why InTechnology?• Managed UK wide MPLS network built for voice• Delivered from geographically distributed resilient carrier gradevoice platforms• Currently manage over 14’000 network connections• Over 20’000 IP telephony users• Complete Control – online customer portal• Over £100million invested in infrastructure
  17. 17. Summary• Why SIP Trunking?• Business Continuity / DR• Deliver Additional Features and Functionality• Reduced cost• Why SIP Trunking from InTechnology?• Network designed for voice• ISO Accredited• New and Old World telephony experience
  18. 18. Thank you for your timeQUESTIONS?Email: 01423 077606