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PaySecure Connect: Introduction to PCI-certified payment routing infrastructure


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PaySecure Connect is a PCI complaint card processing infrastructure service. The solution offers a consolidated payment routing service with a scalable communication and managed services network. Our presentation covers our PaySecure Connect service and the business benefits.

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PaySecure Connect: Introduction to PCI-certified payment routing infrastructure

  1. 1. Powered by
  2. 2. Alan Stephenson-BrownChris NationStuart WilliamsonCOLLABORATIVE PAYMENT PLATFORMS:FULLY INTEGRATED, SECURECOMMUNICATIONS FOR RETAILERSOmni-channel Platforms SessionPowered by
  3. 3. Low levels of compliance leavingbusinesses vulnerableHigh fines, brand damage and mounting costs ifbreachedThe baffling array of vendors claiming to solve PCIcomplianceThe desire for an IP-connected world, greaterconvergence, faster transactions andreduced costsTHE INDUSTRY PROBLEM THAT LED TO THEPARTNERSHIP
  4. 4. An obligation to help retailersEnforcing merchant compliance to supportscheme obligationsClearly identify certified vs non-certified providersFoster business partnershipsTHE PAYMENT INDUSTRY’S RESPONSIBILITY
  5. 5. Powered byMako – Card data security, firewall, internet connectionPhoenix – Secure transaction network infrastructureInTechnology – Highly resilient MPLS core networkand Cloud-based managed servicesHOW PAYSECURE CONNECT WAS FORMEDWhy this collaboration works
  6. 6. We are experts in our own fieldWe offer a complete integrated solutionWe combine expertise to make it simple formerchants to be compliantWe worked closely together to bring the solutionto marketWHY PAYSECURE CONNECT WAS FORMED
  7. 7. Reduces complexity of complyingProvides advanced security against breachesProvides cost savings through performance/speed improvementsABOUT PAYSECURE CONNECT & THE ISSUESWE SOLVE FOR MERCHANTS
  9. 9. Seamless integration of multiple servicesScalability – adding more services is easyRemoves admin headache of dealing withmultiple suppliersTHE ULTIMATE ONE-STOP SHOP
  10. 10. Alan Stephenson-Brown+44 7957 527734Chris Nation+44 7702 693789Stuart Williamson+44 07985 217266THANK YOU