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Delivering services over the N3 Network


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For businesses wishing to deliver services over the N3 network, InTechnology’s presentation covers the N3 network in detail and the requirements needed to obtain access, and the connectivity options available.

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Delivering services over the N3 Network

  1. 1. DELIVERING SERVICES OVER THEN3 NETWORKN3 HOSTING & ACCESSOctober 24th2012Mark HallDivisional Director, Healthcare
  2. 2. Webcast Agenda•Introduction to InTechnology•What is N3?•The benefits of the N3 Network•Who uses the N3 Network?•Requirements to access the N3 Network•N3 Access•N3 Hosting•InTechnology N3 Accreditations•Summary•Questions and Answers
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO INTECHNOLOGY• Serving the UK IT market for over 26 years• Unique position in the managed IT services market place• Full range of managed IT services delivered to over800 UK businessesYour Webcast PresenterName: Mark HallPosition at InTechnology: Divisional Director,Healthcare
  4. 4. What is N3?N3 is a very large network with 1.3 million NHS endusers and over 40,000 connections within Englandand Scotland.A private and highly secure network that currentlysupports over 581,000 registered users for N3 accessto electronic patient records.* by default traffic is not encrypted across the N3 network** formal QoS is not applicable for non spine applications*** N3 is moving towards N4 which will more closely align with the Governments Public Sector Networkstrategy
  5. 5. The benefits of the N3 network?• Fast and secure access to patient records and visual images• Convenience of specialist care available locally through remote diagnosis• Secure clinical messaging• Every person in England having access to their own personal medical record• Helps speed up essential communications within the NHS, for example thedelivery of images. (A chest X-Ray originally had to be delivered by taxi, takinghours)• Regulated to ensure that only accredited / authorised organisations can gainaccess
  6. 6. Who uses the N3 network?• The NHS and primary care services (General Practice’s & PCT’s)• Pharmacy Providers• Secondary Healthcare Service Providers (Care Homes, Mental Health,Hospices, Social Care etc)• NHS periphery services (Dentists, Optometrists, Ambulance Service, etc)• Commercial 3rd Party Service Providers• Prison Health Service• Community health providers and Local Authorities• Voluntary Health Organisations
  7. 7. Requirements to access the N3 network• Information statement of compliance• IG Assurance Statement which includes: The right to audit by NHS CfH or a nominated 3rd party Requirement that no PID or other sensitive data be stored orprocessed offshore Change Control Notification Procedures and approvals process The requirement to achieve, or be working towards, ISO27001 The requirements for reporting security events & Incidents• Business Case for connecting to N3• Formal NHS sponsor• Completion of the full IGSoC Toolkit
  8. 8. N3 Access• Flexible / adaptable to accommodate changing business needs• Can be delivered using all current network technologies• Can be used as part of a multi-service solution (WWW, VPN, Voice/Video, Databackup)• Cost effective resilient configurations• Secure Multi-Factor Authentication to support mobile working
  9. 9. N3 Hosting• Cloud based virtual computing; leveraging cost, technical and resourceefficiencies• CfH accredited and compliant data centre hosting facilities• Offers flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements• Authorised to store Patient Data (PID)• Hosting facilities integrated resiliently directly into the NHS N3 network• Extensible to allow for the adoption of both emerging and future technologies(i.e. Telehealth)
  10. 10. InTechnology’s N3 Accreditations• An NHS Connecting for Health (IGSoC) compliant commercials third party• An NHS Connecting for Health (IGSoC) accredited N3 Service Provider• 7 Years N3 experience within Healthcare (2005)• Actively engaged within the N4 upgrade program• Only UK provider to currently hold Level 1 IGSoC accreditation for N3• 100% compliance across all 4 assurance levels• Only true UK N3 aggregator• Participate within various CfH committees• UK Rollout to support EPS versions 1 & 2• Success across multiple healthcare sectors• UNIQUE ‘N3 Connect Anywhere service for mobile workers• Adhere to PCI/DSS payment card standards• Accredited to both ISO9001 and 27001 standards• Accredited to connect and supply services over the JANET academic network• Authorised to process HM Government data protectively marked as “Restricted”
  11. 11. Summary• What actually is N3 ?• What is N3 used for ?• What are the benefits N3 brings ?• Gaining access to N3• What is the value of InTechnology’s service ?
  12. 12. Thank you for your timeAny questions?Twitter: 01423 850000Website: