An overview of Hybrid Hosting


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This presentation by InTechnology’s Stefan Haase gives an overview of Hybrid Hosting, exploring the need for flexible hosting solutions whilst looking at how this can reduce your business hosting footprint, data centre costs and capital expenditure.

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  • Colocation racks & private suites:Removes the expense of maintaining a 24/7 secure building with redundancy for serversState of the art data centres providing highly secure, geographically dispersed computing environments24/7/365 “hands and eyes” support by professional team of data and system specialistsImprovement of your computing environment for a fraction of the cost of developing your own
  • Both co-location and IaaS can deliver significant cost savings.Utilising latest cooling technology means rack density is significantly improved allowing more servers to be housed in a single rackExperience has shown a reduction in hosting footprint by 20-30%
  • Both co-location and IaaS can deliver significant cost savings.Utilising latest cooling technology means rack density is significantly improved allowing more servers to be housed in a single rackExperience has shown a reduction in hosting footprint by 20-30%
  • An overview of Hybrid Hosting

    1. 1. Hybrid Hosting - Is it right for you?An overview of Hybrid Hosting30/11/2012Stefan Haase – Divisional Product Director
    2. 2. Webcast Agenda•Introduction to InTechnology•A technical overview of Hybrid Hosting•Requirements and drivers for Hybrid Hosting•Why Colocation and IaaS•Why Hybrid and what it can mean for your business• What Hybrid Hosting involves•Summary•Questions and Answers
    3. 3. Introduction to InTechnology• Serving the UK IT market for nearly 30 years•Unique position in the managed IT services market•Full range of managed IT services delivered to over 800 UKbusinessesYour Webcast PresenterName: Stefan HaasePosition at InTechnology: Product DirectorTime at InTechnology: 10+ Years
    4. 4. What is Hybrid Hosting?
    5. 5. Raising the Concept of Hybrid Hosting– What is it?•The combination of physical co-location and Infrastructure as aService (Iaas)•Offering the flexibility of the cloud alongside traditional hostingsolutions•Colocation necessary for servers that can’t be virtualised•IaaS for cloud-ready servers•Accessible on the same network
    6. 6. Hybrid Hosting - DriversWhere does the requirement for Hybrid Hosting emerge from?•Budgetary pressures – making the move from capex to opex•Pressures to move to the cloud•Business agility and flexibility•The reduction of risk
    7. 7. Why Colocation?
    8. 8. Why IaaS?Storage virtualisation, Virtual Server Hosting and ManagedDedicated Servers:•Reduced operating costs•Unlimited capacity on demand•Retained management and control•Improved server and application availability•Enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery•Reduced carbon footprint and exposure to green taxes
    9. 9. IaaS – virtual machines can be provisioned instantly and thusallow business ultimate flexibility. The following scenarios aretypical for provisioning:•Planned new server installation for permanent•An existing server is modified to meet changing demand•Proof of concept•Test and developmentIaaS – Deployment options
    10. 10. Why Hybrid?•Best of both worlds - not pushed into one corner•Paced journey - tailored to customer requirements•Reduced risk•Reliability from data centres and networks monitored aroundthe clock allowing constant access to your data and applications•Scalability - the ability to add new servers or reconfigureexisting specs to increase capacity as needed•Operational and commercial flexibility
    11. 11. Hybrid – cost savingssavings
    12. 12. Hybrid – cost savings• Co-location: Server consolidation, removing inactive / legacyequipment and improved rack density can visibly reduce cost• IaaS: Consolidating under-utilised servers, virtualisingphysical servers and providing server and storageperformance where needed rather than over-allocatingresources all contribute to achieving cost savings
    13. 13. What does Hybrid Hosting involve?•Single network•Seamless migration•One provider = one SLA•Dedicated, tailored servers hosted in a managed cloud•Colocation in highly resilient data centres•24/7 monitored and managed firewall service
    14. 14. Hybrid Hosting – Deployment optionsCommon service combination that customers opt for are:• Colocation for production environment in DC 1 and IaaSfor DR environment in DC 2• IaaS for production environment in DC 1 and IaaS for DRenvironment in DC 2• Backup / replication of data between both data centres
    15. 15. Service Providers – who to choose?• Chose a provider with a proven track record and pedigree• Provision of 24/7 UK support• Who owns and manages the data centre?• Accreditation / certifications• What support services / SLAs are available?• Who provides and manages the customer network?• What auxiliary services can you subscribe to?
    16. 16. Summary•Hybrid Hosting is a hosting service tailored to your requirements•Budgetary and business pressures have lead to the requirementof Hybrid hosting•Benefits include a decrease in hosting costs through reducedrack footprint•Increases flexibility within your business whilst removing risk•Key to ensure you choose the right provider
    17. 17. Thank you for your time.Any Questions?