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SAP ERP Solutions - How It Evolved Over Time


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41 years and 251,000 customers – An unbeatable track record of SAP’s product innovation. A host of solutions that integrated processes to change human lives and revolutionize ways of doing business forever. Here’s the story of SAP ERP Solution – How it started and evolved over time, since the very beginning in 1972.

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SAP ERP Solutions - How It Evolved Over Time

  1. 1. ERP Solutions H O W I T S TA R T E D A N D E VO LV E D OV E R T I M E 1973 E V O LV E D F R O M RF Accounting System R/1 SAP R/1 SAP R/2 CUSTOMERS (BY 1978) R/2 2200 CUSTOMERS IN 31 Mainframe based real time data processing across accounting, manufacturing processes, supply chain logistics and human resources. COUNTRIES (BY 1991) S TA RT ED WI T H 1992 E V O LV E D F R O M 40 Financial Accounting system. Runs on IBM servers and the DOS operating system. 1979 E V O LV E D F R O M ACQUIRED 1089 NEW R/3 CUSTOMERS 9000+ INSTALL ATIONS (WORLDWIDE) Three tier architecture ERP solution, A S S O CI AT ED WI T H enabling SAP to be used by enterprises. 15000 CUSTOMERS & PARTNERS (MOST POPULAR) 1999 E V O LV E D F R O M SAP R/3 (BY 1998) my 41200 CLIENT SERVER/ my SAP my SAP PLM 2003 & my SAP SRM my SAP ERP CUSTOMERS (BY 2003) my SAP CRM my SAP SCM 2004 E V O LV E D F R O M SAP R/3 NE T WE AV E R 100,000 ERP CUSTOMERS A C R O S S SAP ERP constitutes the foundation of SAP's industry solutions and a springboard to enterprise SOA. It includes SAP ECC (successor of SAP R/3) and EhP. ALSO KNOWN AS 120 COUNTRIES SAP ERP 2004 SAP ECC 5.0 2006 SAP ECC 6.0 Manufacturing Industries SAP started focusing on Mid-sized enterprises and developed this product on the same code base of SAP R/3 on SAP Netweaver platform. Service Industries 2006 E V O LV E D F R O M SAP R/3 NE T WE AV E R IND US TRY V ERTIC AL S: Aerospace & Defense Automotive Chemicals Consumer Products Engineering, Construction & Operations High Tech Industrial Machinery & Components Life Sciences Mill Products Mining Oil & Gas Media Professional Services Telecommunications Utilities Waste and Recycling Travel and Logistics Services Financial Services 2009 E V O LV E D F R O M SAP R/3 with additional new dimensional products NE T WE AV E R Banking Insurance Business Suite 7 It is designed to help businesses optimize their performance and reduce IT costs. It comprises SRM, CRM, SCM, PLM, and ERP on one platform. 251,000 CUSTOMERS Public Services Public Sector Defense & Security Healthcare Higher Education & Research Trading Industries Retail Wholesale Distribution 188 COUNTRIES 41 - YEAR HISTORY OF INNOVATION AND GROWTH AS A TRUE INDUSTRY LEADER. Sources w w w.ins ync All third party logo and trademarks are acknowledged to their respective owners.