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Magento 2 Pricing and Inventory Management


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Magento 2.0 Inventory & Price Rule Management
Webinar - Organized by InSync

The webinar covered:

Introduction to Magento 2.0
Product Inventory Management Features in Magento 2.0
Discount Rules in Magento 2.0 – Catalog Price Rules, Shopping Cart Price Rules
Live Demo through Magento Demo Store

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Magento 2 Pricing and Inventory Management

  1. 1. Magento 2.0 is the next generation ecommerce platform. Its inventory management and pricing rule management capabilities are quite advanced and sets its apart from other ecommerce platforms in the market. Introduction:
  2. 2. Nature of your product line can be of one the following: • Make to Order • Make to Stock • Virtual products Inventory management
  3. 3. Make to Order • No need to manage stock • For B2B customers you can put a limit on the minimum number of units that has to be ordered • Define a value so that the product is only allowed to be ordered in multiples of that value Inventory Management
  4. 4. Make to Stock • Maintain inventory value for products • Configure to get a notification when inventory value falls below a point • Configure to not display out of stock products • Put up out of stock products in case of order cancellation or return Inventory Management
  5. 5. Inventory Management Virtual products • No need to manage stock • Set up limits on the maximum no. of units that can ordered
  6. 6. Pricing Rule Management What is the most proven way to motivate your online store visitors into buying more? What is the best way to reward your loyal customers? How can you get rid of old inventory fast? Answer : Promotional pricing
  7. 7. Pricing Rule Management Magento 2.0 is enabled with a good set of features that can help you configure almost any kind of promotional campaign you might want to plan. There are two ways in which you can set up discounts in Magento: • Catalogue Price Rule • Cart Rule
  8. 8. Catalogue Price Rule Allows you to define discount rules that get applied on products while they are showcased in a catalogue. Can be applied as: • A percentage of the original price • A fixed amount • A percentage value of the original price • A definite value Pricing Rule Management
  9. 9. Pricing Rule Management Cart Rule Allows defining discount rules that get applied on the cart.
  10. 10. Cart Rule Can be applied as: • A percentage of the original price • A fixed amount • A fixed value deduction from the cart total • Buy X get Y free Pricing Rule Management
  11. 11. Pricing Rule Management Generate a single code manually or auto generate a series of coupons which would be applicable based on conditions you can define - • Cart Subtotal value • Product Category • Products with specific attribute value • Payment method • Shipping method etc. * Unique capability of generating reports based on coupon usage
  12. 12. Read about the topics in more detail, please visit the following pages: Inventory Management in Magento 2.0 Click to read Promotional Pricing in Magento 2.0 Click to read
  13. 13. Thank you For more such webinars, visit: /appseconnect /company/insync