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In Sync Running Apps On Oracle


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In Sync Running Apps On Oracle

  1. 1. Innovations for Running Applications on Oracle Michael Charbonnier Oracle 16-Aug-2010 The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one roof
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. Contents • Challenges All App Users Face • New Oracle Innovations to these Issues • Real Applications Testing Innovations • Data Masking Innovations • Analyst Reviews & Case Studies • Conclusion
  4. 4. Operations & Infrastructure Top Concerns Managing change effectively is a strategic imperative!
  5. 5. Business Pain Points • Unexpected SQL statement errors often require long and tedious diagnosis by DBA’s (lower productivity) • Isolating the root cause of slow DB performance is difficult (poor service levels) • Untested applications either break or perform poorly in production (embarrassment) • Inability to manage changes and test their effectiveness slow down business requirements (reduced agility) • Most companies use production customer data for testing which often gets lost or stolen (compliance risk)
  6. 6. Moreover, many firms are cutting corners on data security • 89% of companies use production customer data - often exceeding 10M records - for testing, development, support, training, etc. • 74% use consumer data, 24% use credit card numbers!!! • Only 23% do anything to suppress sensitive information and 81% relied on contractual clauses to protect live data transferred to outsourcers and other third parties • 23% said live data used for development or testing had been lost or stolen and 50% had no way of knowing
  7. 7. Comprehensive Management Application Performance Management Lifecycle Management User Experience Dynamic Resource Management Java, SOA, Transactions Patching Diagnostics, Tuning Provisioning Compliance Dashboards Functional/Load Testing Application Configuration Mgmt Real Application Testing Collection, Tracking, History Data Masking Configuration Management Application Quality Management
  8. 8. Oracle’s Application Quality Management Suite High quality testing for all tiers of application stack Testing Application Changes Application • Application Testing Suite Layer Testing Infrastructure Changes • Real Application Testing • Designed and optimized for testing database tier infrastructure changes Infrastructure and DB-tiers • Reduce cost of testing by 50% while increasing application quality and becoming more agile Secure Test Data Management • Data Masking Pack • Achieve security & compliance objectives by obfuscating sensitive data in test environments • Enables secure, production-scale testing • Mitigate compliance & privacy risk
  9. 9. Testing Infrastructure Changes
  10. 10. Oracle Real Application Testing End-to-End Workflow Create Test Capture System Workload Replay Workload Deploy Replay Clients • SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) • SQL unit testing for response time tuning • Database Replay • Concurrent load testing using production workloads
  11. 11. Oracle Real Application Testing SQL Performance Analyzer SQL Plans + Stats Pre-Change Trial SQL Workload Analysis Report STS Compare SQL SQL Plans + Stats Performance Post-Change Trial • Test and predict impact of system changes on SQL query performance • Analyze performance changes for improvements or regression • Comprehensive performance analysis and reporting • Re-execute SQL queries in test environment • End-to-end solution: STS, SQL Plan Baselines, & SQL Tuning Advisor
  12. 12. SPA Enhancements • Analyze performance of two workloads thru STS comparison • Allows comparing two different STS and generate SPA report • Better SPA trial accuracy through multiple test execution • SPA provides “Alternate Plans” recommendation for individual regressed SQL in a SPA trial • SPA Active Reports
  13. 13. SPA: Common Usage Scenarios • Database upgrades and patch-set releases – 9.2/10.1 10.2 or 11g releases – 10.2.0.x 10.2.0.y or 11g releases • Optimizer statistics refresh • Database parameter changes • Database schema changes (e.g., add/drop indexes) SPA can be used for: • Implementation of tuning recommendations • I/O subsystem changesexecution plan Exadata)  any change that affects SQL (e.g., ASM, & performance  in production as well as test environments Backport information: ML Note: 560977.1
  14. 14. SPA Scenario
  15. 15. Spa Scenario • SPA & SPM – How are they used in an upgrade scenario to see what has regressed? • We are going to do the following – Generate some workload & capture this workload – Exp the schema & captured workload – Imp the schema & captured workload into 11g db – Extract the workload into the Sql Tuning Set (STS) on 11g db – Use SPA to test the difference between workload execution between the 2 versions – Identify the statement that has the most regression use Sql Plan Management (SPM) to keep the original execution plan. – Capture the original 10g plan & baseline it. – Re execute with 11g optimizer stats using the original 10g baseline plan.
  16. 16. Database Load Testing Today Test – 1-2 testers trying to be 1,000s of users • Infrastructure load testing not adequately performed • Many issues go undetected • Testing expensive in time and money with poor results • Changes such as db upgrades, platform migrations, etc., can produce issues uncovered during proper load testing only • Challenge is to generate a test workload that is representative of production environment PRODUCTION TEST
  17. 17. Oracle Real Application Testing • Reduce costs and risks of Database Replay database changes • Fully automated workflow Production Test Clients Replay Driver • Change Assurance for – Database and O/S upgrades, e.g. migration to Exadata V2 – Configuration changes, e.g., conversion from SI to RAC – Storage & hardware changes – O/S migrations, e.g., Storage Storage Windows to Linux Analysis & Capture Process Replay • Supports upgrades from Reporting Oracle 9iR2 to 10gR2 and 11g!
  18. 18. Database Replay 1 Capture 2 Replay 3 Analyze & Remediate • Capture Workload in Production – Capture full production workload with real load, timing & concurrency characteristics – Move the captured workload to test system • Replay Workload in Test – Make the desired changes in test system – Replay workload with full production characteristics • Analyze & Report – Capture and Replay Reports Analysis & Reporting – AWR, ASH, Replay Compare Period Reports
  19. 19. Supported Changes Client Client Client … Changes Unsupported Middle Tier Changes Supported •Database Upgrades, Patches •Schema, Parameters Recording of •RAC nodes, Interconnect External Client •OS Platforms, OS Upgrades Storage Requests •CPU, Memory •Storage •Etc. †Shared Server support from Oracle Database Release 11.2
  20. 20. Database Replay Enhancements • Replay Compare Period Report – Provides holistic view of the experiment – covers functional and performance aspects of testing – “Replay Divergence Summary” categorization indicates if further analysis is necessary • New reports available; Capture Vs Replay, Replay Vs Replay • Automatically runs ADDM • Enhanced Replay Divergence Analysis in Replay Progress/Summary Pages • Replay filters support – Usage similar to capture filters, used to target sub-set workload for replay – API support only in current release • Enhanced ASH performance data for more accurate performance analysis
  21. 21. DB Replay Scenario
  22. 22. DB Replay Scenario • DB Replay • We are going to do the following – Generate some workload & capture this workload through Enterprise Manager – Define the Capture Name & Location – Start the Capture process – Kick of the workload generation while the capturing is on – Stop the Capture process – Pre-process the workload – Start the replay – Restore the original environments – Replay the workflow – Start the Replay client
  23. 23. Traditional Testing Vs Real Application Testing Shorter Testing Cycles 80 80 Time Taken (Days) 60 24 40 20 20 20 5 Traditional Approach 0 4 0 0 2 5 Re al Application Te s ting Install & Setup Understand Identify Key Test Script Run Test Application Transactions Development Usage Total Testing Time Real Application Testing: 2 weeks Traditional Approach: 30 weeks
  24. 24. Traditional Testing Vs Real Application Testing Higher Quality Testing Traditional Testing Real Application Testing Artificial workloads Production workloads Partial workflows Complete workflows Months of development Days of development Manual intensive Automated High risk Low risk
  25. 25. Test Data Management
  26. 26. Test Data Management • Oracle Data Masking helps deploy test systems with best testing data – production data with sensitive information obfuscated • Production data cannot be used in testing without de-identification – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 6.3.4 – Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) • Non-production breaches must be disclosed – Database Security Breach Notification Act (California SB 1386) – $239/record – Up to $35M/breach
  27. 27. Secure Test System Deployment Oracle Data Masking Production Test LAST_NAME SSN SALARY LAST_NAME SSN SALARY AGUILAR 203-33-3234 40,000 HODGES 111—23-1111 60,000 BENSON 323-22-2943 60,000 JOHNSON 222-34-1345 40,000 • Deploy secure test system by masking sensitive data • Sensitive data never leaves the database • Extensible template library and policies for automation • Sophisticated masking: Condition-based, compound, deterministic • Integrated masking and cloning • Leverage masking templates for common data types • NEW: Command line (EMCLI) support for data masking actions
  28. 28. Data Masking End-to-End Management Production Non-Production LAST_NAME SSN SALARY LAST_NAME SSN SALARY AGUILAR 203-33-3234 40,000 HODGES 111—23-1111 40,000 BENSON 323-22-2943 60,000 JOHNSON 222-34-1345 60,000 • Complete test system • Separation of duties management • Provision test system • Application admin defines • Auto-mask sensitive data masks • Rich monitoring and • DBA executes masking management capabilities • Software maintenance support
  29. 29. Customer Successes
  30. 30. Case Study 1: Real Application Testing at a Large Global Hotel Chain • Upgrade critical customer-facing application providing rates for room reservations from Oracle Database to 11.1 Challenge • Highly volatile data where plan stability is critical • Unsuccessfully used synthetic queries to test previous upgrades • SQL Performance Analyzer to identify SQL regressions Solution • SQL Profiles to tune SQL transparently Approach • SQL Plan Baselines for plan stability • Very successful upgrade. No surprises! Benefit • Predictable performance and SLAs • Reduced testing time from 5 months to 10 days
  31. 31. Case Study 1: Large Global Hotel Chain • Issues Prior to Upgrade Problems Resolved – Volatile nature of data sometimes produced inefficient queries based on stale stats. – Impossible to maintain good statistics due to the nature of data load – frequent and widely changing – Bind variables didn't always help – Outlines hurt in some cases due to nature of the data values • After Oracle Database 11g Upgrade: – No performance problems noticed – Predictable query performance and plan stability due to Plan Baselines – Provided a history of plan changes – Allowed a more efficient usage of bind variables due to adaptive cursor sharing
  32. 32. Arup Nanda Senior Director Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide “The Database Replay and SQL Plan Management features alone are worth upgrading to Oracle Database 11g” 11g " Source: Oracle Real ApplicationTesting – business agility through superior testing, Jan 2008
  33. 33. Case Study 2: Australian Firm uses Data Masking Australian Project Management, Development and Civil Engineering company chooses Oracle Data Masking • Oracle was involved in the architectural design of customer’s next-gen Challenge Contract Business Transformation project • Customer needed to ensure complete integrity of its data during testing & migration stages • This was an uncomplicated deal: customer read the marketing literature on and asked his Oracle account manager to purchase Data Solution Masking immediately Approach • Oracle confirmed that data protection and integrity were the key value propositions of Data Masking – and the customer’s answer to securely migrating data between environments • Use of the only out-of-the box solution compliant to industry privacy policies and suited to a multi-vendor development environment where data Benefit integrity could be compromised • Assurance that confidential project information is not lost to competitors even when outsourcing
  34. 34. Conclusion • Most companies do not adequately test their Applications or protect sensitive data when testing • This leads to costly downtime, poor application quality and user experience, plus leakage of sensitive data • Recent innovations from Oracle let Apps Users easily, robustly, and inexpensively test Applications to achieve business agility • These new solutions – like Data Masking which allows meaningful data to be securely used in testing -- are not available elsewhere • Data Masking and Real Application Testing can be used by Oracle and non-Oracle Application users running on most databases* *RAT requires Oracle DBEE 9.x as source and 10gR2 as destination databases. Data Masking merely requires part of your test servers to run DBEE but can mask data from any vendor’s DB
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