Achieving a single view of customer


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Achieving a single view of customer using Siebel UCM.

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Achieving a single view of customer

  1. 1. Achieving a Single View of Customer © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 1
  2. 2. <Insert Picture Here> Achieving a Single View of Customer with Siebel Universal Customer Master Tony Boyle Director, MDM Oracle Asia Pacific Division
  3. 3. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 3
  4. 4. Single View of Customer Name & Contact Info Name & Contact Info Relationships Relationships • Identifiers Privacy Privacy • Employee of a Company • Names • Addresses • Communication Preferences • Customer of a Company • Contact Numbers • Privacy Option • Affiliations with Org • E-mail Addresses • Don’t e-mail • … • Don’t call • Member of a Household • Don’t mail • Advised by Financial Planner • …. • ….. Applications Processes Consumer Profile Consumer Profile • Applications • Demographics • Segmentation • Leads • Customer Value • Collections • …. Product & Services Products & Services Financial Profile Financial Profile • Customer Bundling Interactions Interactions • Annual Income • Employment • Internal Products • Tax Bracket • External Products • Consultations • Credit Score • Next Best Offer • Branch visits • Income Source • Interests • Customer service calls • Risk Assessment • Campaigns • Investment Goals • Balances & Transactions • Needs analysis • …. • Responses © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 4
  5. 5. But there are Challenges… Customer data is dispersed across ...leading to incorrect and duplicate multiple siloed systems… customer profiles and hierarchies… Channel Product Silos Silos Call Center Customer Customer Information Information Internet Customer Customer Field Information Information Sales Customer Customer Information Information Name Name Geographic Silos Organizational Silos Name Mary Smith Mary Evans Mary Smith Address1 1867 Pierce Address1 1867 Pierce Address1 2333 Harrison Customer Customer City San Francisco City San Francisco City Piedmont Information Information State State State CA 94110 CA 94110 CA 95810 Customer Customer Tel. 510-681-1399 Tel. 415-437-1790 Tel. 415-437-1790 Information Information SSN 117-78-1856 SSN 117-78-1856 SSN 117-78-1586 Customer Customer Information Information Custom-built solutions are …leaving companies with excessive expensive and difficult to change… costs and missed revenue Data Mgmt Customer Credit Missed Total Attrition Exposure Revenue © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 5
  6. 6. Traditional Approaches to Customer Master Data Management Custom-Built Core Banking / Data Warehouse as Customer Product System as Customer Master Information File (CIF) Customer Master • Requires • Inflexible data model • One-way information organisational flow to the • Weak support for consensus warehouse contact information • Expensive to build and • Does not allow real- • Weak support for maintain time matching and prospects, leads, etc. customer data • Limited flexibility to • Multiple deployments updates accommodate evolving of CBS systems requirements • Little to no • Expensive to operational benefit • Limited Functionality integrate • Batch updates after the event Organizations that lack a consistent, complete and accurate single view of the customer in a heterogeneous environment have the choice of building or buying a solution for managing customer master data. Since 2003, the trend has swung heavily toward buying. Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Integration Hubs, © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 6
  7. 7. The CRM approach …and the CRM followed by MDM approach CRM System Learn from others • Does not allow real- Old, established bank in APAC time matching and Implemented CRM first, then went back and merging implemented an MDM solution. • No Data Quality or Data Why: Older bank, existing CIS system in place. Governance capabilities Newer bank in APAC • Doesn’t provide a Implemented MDM first, then started CRM while MDM Single View of solution was being implemented. Customer while other systems have Why: Younger bank, few legacy systems, was able to customer data get it right from the start with no waste or re-work. • CDI “invented” to overcome problems The Lesson. with CRM implementations CRM will not provide a Single view of Customer but an MDM solution will deliver the foundation upon which to deploy your CRM system with quality data. © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 7
  8. 8. Single Customer View Imperatives • Grow revenues from existing customer base • Realise value of combined Increased customer base through up- Competition sell / cross-sell • Reduce cost of integrating customer data • Increase profitability by Commoditised moving from product to Mergers and Products and relationship based Acquisitions Services pricing Customer Comply with Customer • Meet regulatory Regulations Churn • Provide differentiated requirements, privacy laws, customer experience based etc. on value • Enforce security and permissions across value chain © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 8
  9. 9. How can we get a Single view of Customer …when our data is fragmented? Ever proliferating islands of information …in disparate applications covering multiple channels, divisions & functions …duplicated, incomplete, inaccurate, Call Web Fusion SFA Partner Center site App Key enterprise processes based on unclean / incomplete data Marketing, sales, service & customer retention processes, regulatory compliance, new product introduction,… Unclean data makes Analytics invalid Call Fusion Error prone integration ERP 1 ERP2 Legacy SCM App Slow enterprise agility and innovation © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 9
  10. 10. MDM: The source of clean data for the enterprise Nurture one of your most valuable asset Call Name Phone Contact Center ID Consolidate shared BO004 Tony 0294911877 Anthony.boyle information into one place Boyle ETL Cleanse data centrally Call Web Fusion Share data as a single point SFA Partner of truth as a service Center site App Middleware Application Integration Architecture MDM BI/ ID Name DW Call ERP1 Email Office Mobile Centre 123456 Anthony BO004 490111 Anthony.boyle Consistency siloed0294911877 041428 environments Boyle 8669 (Integrated Best of Breed) Lower data management costs Call Fusion ERP 1 ERP2 Legacy Better reporting ERP1 ID Name SCM Mobile App 490111 Anthony 0414288669 ETL Enterprise foundation for agility Boyle & innovation © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 10
  11. 11. Client Information Model • Key Identifying Information • Duplicated amongst CRM and multiple product systems • “Ownership” of core data Transactional in multiple systems • High potential for discrepancy Leads • Requires matching & Extended cross-reference for source linking Relationships Privacy Campaigns Core Preferences Identifiers Interactions Name Products and Addresses Consumer Services Contact Details Profile • Combination of data Transactions Financial Profile elements to create consolidated / derived view Orders / • Federated data – • Sourced from multiple mastered and accessed Applications systems at source • Clear master – slave • Requires cross- Balances roles “ownership” reference and real-time integration to source © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 11
  12. 12. Oracle Customer Hub: Key Components Siebel Siebel EBS EBS Trusted SAP SAP Customer Data Custom Apps Custom Apps Other BI Oracle Customer Hub Delivers • Consolidate shared customer information into a trusted, global," single source of truth” master - Global master for customer information repository - Consistent representation of shared data • Maintain a high quality customer profile using state - Clean, accurate, de-duplicated, and enriched data of the art data quality and governance tools - Compliance with governance legislation • Leverage pre-built integration with Oracle - 360º view of a customer’s products and services applications © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 12
  13. 13. Oracle Customer Hub: Master • Comprehensive Customer Profile Master Trusted Customer Data • Master Policies, Financial Accounts, Party Interactions, Notes, Campaigns, etc Roles & Relationships Related Data Entities Trusted • Complex hierarchies, roles & Vertical Variants Customer relationships Data • Provides industry-specific data attributes • Configuration of custom child entities • Data Model Extensibility while protecting Upgradeability © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 13
  14. 14. Model Complex Roles & Relationships • Manage Complex account hierarchies and relationships • Complete list of relationships – both professional and personal • Member of a household • Employee of a company • Member of company boards • Member of professional service organizations • Decision maker, influencer for specific purposes (e.g. procurement) • New types of relationships can be easily defined by business users Relationship • Advanced Hierarchy Mgmt with explorer Oracle DRM - Hierarchy/version comparison, blending and merging © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 14
  15. 15. Oracle Customer Hub : Consolidate • High Volume Batch & Real time Consolidate Integration Import Workbench • Enterprise-wide UUID Identification Trusted & Cross- • 1:M Cross-Referencing Reference Customer Data Source Data • Track all changes to Master Record History Survivorship • Provides data stewards the ability to restore customer profiles • Highly configurable and granular survivorship rules © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 15
  16. 16. Cross Referencing CRM • Stores all customer identifiers for Legacy Customer ID: the operational applications ERP GH78GH connected to UCM Customer ID: Customer ID: A31-32Z 23-3445 Customer ID: • Provides critical mappings used for B37-84U data synchronization, reporting, and analytics PLM Custom • Supports 1-to-many cases in which Universal ID: multiple customer records exist in 1ASCLSCC an application that map to one Partner Web master customer record UID App ID 1ASCLSCC Legacy A31-32Z OSS 1ASCLSCC Legacy SCM B37-84U 1ASCLSCC CRM GH78GH 1ASCLSCC ERP 23-3445 … … … © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 16
  17. 17. Oracle Customer Hub : Cleanse • Leading Embedded Data Quality Tools & integration to 3rd Party Data Sources Trusted • Universal Connector provides uniform Customer way for partners to integrate Data • Intelligent merge, Auto merge & unmerge capabilities Cleanse & Enrich • D&B and Acxiom Integration Standardize Cleanse Match & Merge / Unmerge • Data Steward UI to manage duplicate Parse suspects via queues © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 17
  18. 18. Oracle Data Quality Solutions Oracle Data Quality Servers Feature Functionality (IDQ) Profiling/Pattern Understand Data Status / Detection Patterns ODQ Profiling Server Parsing and Create structured records from unstructured data ODQ Parsing & Standardization Standardization Server Address Spot and correct data Validation / errors ODQ Address Cleansing ValidationServer Spot / eliminate Matching and duplicates & identify ODQ Matching Server Linking related entities Attach additional attributes and Universal DQ Connector + Enrichment D&B / Acxiom categorizations © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 18 18
  19. 19. Create “Best” Customer Record – Merge/Unmerge • Intelligent Merge – create best of breed surviving record by selecting fields from the duplicate records • Intelligent Update – selectively update fields for the master record based on confidence rules set for the source of the data • Automerge duplicates with very high match scores • Unmerge reverses an erroneous merge process © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 19
  20. 20. Oracle Customer Hub : Share • Provides commonly used functions as business services & web services Share Web Services Library • Real-time & batch publish Publish & Trusted Subscribe • Support MQ Series, MSMQ, and JMS Customer queues, outbound web services or Data Transports & other EAI technologies Connectors Authorization • Differentiated CRUD privileges based Registry on source • Leveraging AIA - Enterprise Business Objects, Services & PIP’s in FMW © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 20
  21. 21. Pre-built Business Services • Supports Rapid composite Siebel UCM Services application development Lookup Contact Update Contact Lookup Contact Insert Contact Product • An efficient and optimized approach Relationship for integrating with Siebel UCM Update Personal Address Update Contact Product Insert Household Lookup Household • 140+ pre-packaged services Update Contact Profile Insert Contact Profile Delete Contact Profile Insert Contact Activity • Deployed as Web Services, MQ, Update Contact Lookup Account Relationship HTTP/XML, JMS, etc. Insert Account Update Account Lookup Account Activity Update Account Activity • Supports “Out of the Box” functionality plus Self Built Update Account Address Delete Account Product Update Account Insert Account Relationship Relationship • Services defined declaratively, no Lookup Account Profile Insert Account Product code required Lookup Contact External etc… ID • Different Applications may have different service priviliges © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 21
  22. 22. Pre-Integrated with Siebel CRM / Oracle EBS Support diverse business requirements Push Mode Pull Mode 1. Consolidate from operational systems 1. Match Process: returns the list of candidates to a list of selection criteria 2. Cleanse & Enrich: in UCM 2. Fetch Process: Once candidate selected, returns 3. Dedup & build golden record: in UCM the entire profile of the customer / prospect 4. Publish to participating applications 3. Sync Process: Data is entered in the application and synchronised back to UCM • Asynchronous or Batch, Non intrusive • Real time interaction with the hub • Fast Implementation (<3-4 months) • The right data at the time of entry • Does not assume UCM is the data master (Authoring is • Out of the box integration with Siebel CRM and Oracle decentralized) EBS • Out of the box integration with Siebel CRM and Oracle EBS © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 22
  23. 23. Oracle Customer Hub : Govern Govern • Customer lifecycle management History Events & & Audit Policies Profile & Privacy Correct Mgmt • Data Profiling • DQ Dashboards leveraging Siebel Analytics Trusted • Maintain history & audit trail Customer Data • Enterprise-wide Policy Hub for privacy compliance • Best of Breed embedded business rules engine © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 23
  24. 24. Analytics – Data Profiling & Insight • Data Profiling Dashboards – Data completeness – Data accuracy and validity – Data duplication • Customer Insight Dashboards – Hierarchical rollups – Market and LOB segmentation – Customer value • Integration with Siebel Analytics – Dashboards for Data stewards and Business users © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 24
  25. 25. Single Customer View Imperatives Cross-organisational customer • Grow revenues from matching and merging, with links to source systems existing customer base • Realise value of combined Comprehensive and Accurate Increased Customer Profile available customer base through up- across Enterprise, providing up- Competition sell / cross-sell sell & cross-sell opportunity • Reduce cost of integrating customer data • Increase profitability by Commoditised moving from product to Mergers and Products and relationship based Acquisitions Services pricing • Maintain KYC information, hierarchies and affiliates • Trusted Enterprise Wide Manage Complex Relationships, source of Privacy Permissions Customer Hierarchies and House-holding – understand customer value Comply with Customer • Meet regulatory Regulations Churn • Provide differentiated requirements, privacy laws, customer experience based etc. on value • Enforce security and permissions across value Consistent and Accurate View of Customer, Products and Services chain across channels © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 25
  26. 26. Categories of MDM Benefits we have benchmarked from our customers’ implementations GROWTH EFFICIENCY IT AGILITY COMPLIANCE Improve CRM Operational Increase IT Reduce operational performance to efficiency across resiliency in a risk and improve increase revenue multi-functions of an changing business regulatory and market share enterprise landscape compliance CUSTOMERS ON AVERAGE EFFICIENCY OF OPERATIONS EFFICIENCY OF IT EFFICIENCY OF IT OPERATIONS GENERATED 2%-5% INCREASED INCREASE WITH IMPROVED OPERATIONS RESULTING IN RESULTING IN GREATER REVENUE FROM SALES WITH PROCESSES AND DATA GREATER AGILITY OF AGILITY OF BUSINESS MODELS MDM GOVERNANCE BUSINESS MODELS © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 26
  27. 27. Siebel UCM Offers Two Deployment Options Combined Instance Standalone instance UCM UCM CRM CRM Benefits • Leverage implementation work done for both CRM • CRM and UCM deployments have complete and UCM implementation autonomy • No need for synchronization between UCM and • Easier to ensure that master data is clean, unique, Siebel CRM data and correct • Simple topology: Easier to manage hardware and • Distributes performance load platform software • Easier to get broad participation Tradeoffs • Need to keep CRM and UCM on the same version • Need to synchronize data between UCM and CRM. of Siebel • Can require separate hardware and software • CRM users directly impact the quality of master data • Can be challenging politically Usage • Relatively simple IT topology with small number of • Complex IT environment with large number of applications => overhead of managing one more (specialized) applications. Turning one of these Scenario application outweighs the benefit of independent applications into a customer master is not feasible customer master for •Political reasons •Performance reasons © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 27
  28. 28. Start Fast & Gain Early Benefits Implement MDM over time • Understand current state of business • Maximize value • Know pain points • Reinvest in new opportunities • Determine future state of business Operate & • Continuous improvement • Develop MDM strategy Optimize • Align project goals w/ 4 companywide objectives • Deploy in phases • Keep it simple at first – manage the change Understand • Apply lessons learned Define, Build, Value Value & Envision • Confirm and validate processes, Confirm 3 flows, rules, practices, etc. • Confirm and validate production environment and operations 1 • Start fast • Gain benefits early • Improve organizational Build proficiencies 2 Foundation • Prove the solution works • Obtain valuable lessons learned Time © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 28
  29. 29. Formalize a Governance Framework The key to a successful MDM implementation • Central executive leadership • Enterprise steering committee Data Management Governance to arbitrate issues and enforce the rules Leadership • Coordination and compliance • Define & communicate data Compliance quality expectations Monitoring and Policy Definition Enforcement • Establish policies, procedures, Master Data success metrics and processes to maintain quality data • Identify all business and Execution and Planning and application stakeholders across Decision-Making Coordination the enterprise – data owners • Conduct audit and control • Communication and change management © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 29
  30. 30. UMB Financial Corporation COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE • One of the largest independent banks in America “It is easy to make fact-based UMB offers complete banking and related financial services to both individuals and business decisions when the facts are right in customers front of you. That is what ClientLink • UMB’s vision is to be recognized for the does, It puts the facts in front of you.” unparalleled customer experience Kevin Kramer, Senior Vice President, • Over 140 branch locations in 8 US States Enterprise Sales • Employees: 3,500 associates • Assets: US$ 8 Billion RESULTS CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES • A decrease in the research time • Multiple sources of customer information and required for associates to quantify multiple versions of the truth the customer relationship • Wanted a flexible platform on which to build • Improved cross sale opportunities • A need to empower their associates to fulfill UMB’s due to complete customer view mission: To know our customers and anticipate • Successful blending of nightly batch their needs; advocate and advise; innovate and surprise updates and real-time integration leveraging MQ Series SOLUTIONS • Customer Hub (UCM) • Customer Relationship Management • Trillium for Data Quality © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 30
  31. 31. Toyota Financial Services COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE • Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is the finance “We selected Siebel CDI because of its and insurance subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation in the U.S. TFS is the 7th largest out-of-the-box, rich customer master finance company in the US functionality, its industry-specific best • Industry: Financial Services practices, and its ability to integrate • Revenue: US$ 1 Billion many different applications” • Customers: 2.1 Million in the US Shaun Coyne, VP & CIO CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES RESULTS • Financing arm of Toyota Motor Corporation, • Achieve 360-degree view of the with 10M+ accounts customer across multiple systems • Need to increase loyalty with both dealers and consumers • Enhances customer service at all touch • Customer ask for one-and-done service points experience • Deepening customer loyalty • Compliance with privacy regulation SOLUTIONS mandated by Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act • Customer Hub (UCM) • Automotive Captive Finance © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 31
  32. 32. The Home Depot COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE • The Home Depot was founded in 1978 in Atlanta, “In less than 60 days, Home Depot was Georgia and has since become the world's largest home improvement retailer, operating convinced that Siebel’s CDI solution was the more than 1,800 stores across North America only solution that could give them a single • Industry: Retail view of their customers” • Employees: 234,000 Les Rechan, Senior VP & General Manager, • Revenue: US$ 90 Billion Manufacturing and Distribution CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES • Need to provide every store with a single view of RESULTS its 60M+ customers • Streamline their closed-loop marketing • 1,800 stores across the US and complex account management • Poor quality of customer data • Approximately 10M duplicate records processes • Achieve a single view of the customer SOLUTIONS across the enterprise • Customer Hub (UCM) • Reduce customer data management costs • Call Center • Solution is five times cheaper and faster • Order Management than the custom-built alternative • Partner Relationship Management © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 32
  33. 33. MDM Partner Program • Evangelize • Enablement • Joint go to market • Co-development © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 33
  34. 34. MDM Partner’s special offer…. © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 34
  35. 35. Tell us what you think… • © 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 35