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Belgian Advertising School Workshop


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Belgian Advertising School Workshop, presented by Hakim Zemni at our InSites Consulting HQ's in Ghent on October 7, 2013.

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Belgian Advertising School Workshop

  1. 1. New York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghent Nice to meet you, BAS! Meet InSites Consulting WIFI: InSitesVisitor Password: welcome2insites
  2. 2. Thanks for being here! Hakim Zemni, Managing Director InSites Consulting Belgium I have a passion for media, politics, music & movies. I am happily married, a proud dad, a mediocre soccerplayer and a great facebookfriend  I am often described as ‘an opinion on 2 legs’ I love my job because I’m fascinated by the question “why do people do what they do?” @hakimzemni
  3. 3. # insites # mrx WIFI: InSitesVisitor Password: welcome2insites
  4. 4. program Kick-Off The Consumer Consulting Board (by Tom De Ruyck, Head of CCB’s) Break Insights: the age of relevance Insights: let’s try Lunch Co-everything (by Thomas Troch, Research Innovation Manager) Briefing ‘Cuppa’ Workshop ‘Cuppa’ Break Pitches ‘Cuppa’ Wrap-up, Briefing Assignment Finish
  5. 5. Founded 1997 as a business school spin-off Structure Fully independent, 7 managing partners Growth Average yearly growth +25% Locations USA I ROM I UK I NL I BE Team 125 passionate & talented people Reach Global Consumer & Moderator Network Clients +35% of 2012 Best Global Brands (Interbrand) Awards ESOMAR I AMA I ARF I MRS I MOA I AMMA
  6. 6. We want to bring our clients to the future first
  7. 7. Helping world leading brands become locally relevant
  8. 8. Helping local brands become world leading famous
  9. 9. The power is in the mix
  10. 10. EXPERTISE Further building on our academic heritage, we deploy state-of-the-art methods & techniques that optimally support our vision on how marketing can make a real difference today. We are one of the world’s most awarded agencies and our best- selling management books are a continuous source of inspiration for our clients and consultants: We start from a deep understanding of the challenges of our customers via dedicated sector teams. In everything we do, we take a consultative approach. Smart
  11. 11. CREATIVITY Our genuine interest in how consumers think, behave and evolve, goes beyond research. We inspire our clients to engage and collaborate with consumers in creative ways to shape the future of their brands. Our ForwaR&D Lab has kept us ahead of the curve by developing fresh and powerful methods over the last 10 years. Through co-creation with clients and academic partners, we are redefining the nature of the market research industry. Cookies
  12. 12. Crazy Gamers Me Toos Safe Havens Smart Cookies academic backbone sector expertise marketing consulting innovative methods change agent engagement & activation Creative Solid
  13. 13. the most effective consultants for any company Consumers are
  14. 14. ALL About...? What is this
  15. 15. is as important as What we do with people what we ask them
  16. 16. We offer a full and integrated suite of methods, optimally suited to the needs of your challenges and objectives. We uniquely focus on digital methods as the main gateway to connect and collaborate with consumer, but activate consumers to integrate and share their offline experiences with us. The methods we deploy are all geared towards making research an engaging and activating experience. We allow participants to engage with us anytime, anywhere, breaking the boundaries of time and place (online, mobile, asynchronous discussions). Digital Surveys Online Group Discussions Consumer-led Ethnography 1on1 Online Interviews Social Media Listening & Netnography Engage METHODSAsynchronous Synchronous Individual Group Research Communities Customer Consulting Boards
  17. 17. Engage Consumer-led Ethnography • The final frontier • Observe & learn • Role players vs builders
  18. 18. Social Media Listening & Netnography Engage • Go back in time • Mine large number of conversations • Make a pre- en post analysis
  19. 19. Engage Online Group Discussions • Co-write mission statement
  20. 20. EngageDigital Surveys • Benchmark & Compare • Track • Likeability
  21. 21. Engage 1on1 Online Interviews • Branding & Positioning • High income profiles
  23. 23. @tomderuyck
  24. 24. @tomderuyck
  25. 25. @tomderuyck
  26. 26. @tomderuyck
  27. 27. @tomderuyck
  28. 28. @tomderuyck
  29. 29. @tomderuyck
  30. 30. @tomderuyck
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  32. 32. @tomderuyck
  33. 33. @tomderuyck
  34. 34. @tomderuyck
  35. 35. @tomderuyck
  36. 36. @tomderuyck
  37. 37. @tomderuyck
  38. 38. @tomderuyck
  39. 39. @tomderuyck
  40. 40. @tomderuyck
  41. 41. @tomderuyck Insighting Developing Optimizing Implementing Business Objectives
  42. 42. @tomderuyck
  43. 43. @tomderuyck
  44. 44. @tomderuyck
  45. 45. @tomderuyck
  46. 46. @tomderuyck
  47. 47. @tomderuyck
  48. 48. @tomderuyck
  49. 49. @tomderuyck
  50. 50. @tomderuyck
  51. 51. @tomderuyck
  52. 52. @tomderuyck
  53. 53. @tomderuyck
  54. 54. @tomderuyck CHOOSING YOUR Pilot Project
  55. 55. @tomderuyck
  56. 56. @tomderuyck Conversations from external stakeholders Conversationsfrominternalstakeholders Proud company Conversation company Boring company Adored company Communication is key!
  57. 57. @tomderuyck Internal
  58. 58. @tomderuyck Internal
  59. 59. @tomderuyck Internal
  60. 60. @tomderuyck Internal
  61. 61. @tomderuyck
  62. 62. @tomderuyck External
  63. 63. @tomderuyck
  64. 64. @tomderuyck
  65. 65. @tomderuyck
  66. 66. @tomderuyck
  67. 67. @tomderuyck
  68. 68. It’s an EVOLUTION, not a REVOLUTION! @tomderuyck
  69. 69. Sharing IS caring @tomderuyck
  70. 70. @tomderuyck
  71. 71. @tomderuyck
  72. 72. New York – London – Ghent – Rotterdam – Timisoara Consumer Consulting Boards @tomderuyck
  73. 73. Hakim Zemni
  74. 74. DOES THE future OF YOUR BUSINESS DEPEND ON luck? @InSites
  75. 75. When was the last time... @InSites
  76. 76. “It’s easier to copy than to innovate” @InSites
  77. 77. Everybody is a competitor @InSites
  78. 78. @InSites
  79. 79. @InSites Let’s play Last Man Standing
  80. 80. @InSites Let’s play Last Man Standing
  81. 81. @InSites Who in the room owns a smartphone?
  82. 82. 28% of Belgian internet users have a smartphone. 1 in 2 of these smartphones has a data/internet subscription. (may 2012) @InSites
  83. 83. You are NOT your consumer @InSites
  84. 84. @InSites
  85. 85. @InSites Consumer insights are key
  86. 86. @InSites Let’s get started
  87. 87. Size is important, but personality goes a (longer) way. Be different The brand behind... @InSites
  88. 88. The brand behind... @InSites
  89. 89. Children love what they instinctively discover for themselves @InSites The brand behind...
  90. 90. @InSites The brand behind...
  91. 91. Life is not about what you buy, but about the relationships you have with the people you care about The brand behind... @InSites
  92. 92. The brand behind... @InSites
  93. 93. Babies are happier when they are able to play, learn and develop The brand behind... @InSites
  94. 94. The brand behind... @InSites
  95. 95. People no longer have to consume content like the artist/producer/management want them to consume it. They create playlists and compilations based on individual songs rather than complete cd’s. The brand behind... @InSites
  96. 96. The brand behind... @InSites
  97. 97. I want to escape the limitations of my past life and enjoy the activity of fantasizing about alternative identities, lives, or positions The brand behind... @InSites
  98. 98. The brand behind... @InSites
  99. 99. Insight ≠ (big) data @InSites
  100. 100. 2005 2013 @InSites 1 insight, several ideas
  101. 101. In-sight |’in.sit| @InSites A definition…
  102. 102. @InSites In-sight |’in.sit|
  103. 103. In-sight |’in.sit| @InSites
  104. 104. “Men aged 25 to 40 are consuming less beer than 5 years ago” FACT/TREND (research) “As I have grown older, I like to display more sophisticated food and drink tastes. I used to drink it quite regularly but feel that beer doesn’t offer as many sophisticated options as compared to wine/spirits” “When men and women drink together with an evening meal at home they often share a bottle of wine” OBSERVATION CONSUMER INSIGHT
  105. 105. It’s me! @InSites
  106. 106. Why insights are like refrigerators
  107. 107. It’s emotional! @InSites
  108. 108. Without activation, an Insight is useless @InSites
  109. 109. In-sight |’in.sit| @InSites How to get there?
  110. 110. You don’t know what you don’t know @InSites
  111. 111. Digging for gold @InSites
  112. 112. @InSites Don’t jump to conclusions
  113. 113. @InSites Context is key The postmodern consumer
  114. 114. The power of the crowd @InSites
  115. 115. Insights is about people @InSites
  116. 116. It’s what you do with people @InSites
  117. 117. Activation @InSites Deprivation
  118. 118. @InSites Use Different Perspectives Crowd Interpretation
  119. 119. The advantage of inconsistency @InSites Don’t always believe them
  120. 120. @InSites Do something With It
  121. 121. @InSites Send them On Safari
  122. 122. @InSites Project Project
  123. 123. @InSites Person(a)ify Tiago Ferreira
  124. 124. Is it you? @InSites
  125. 125. I have noticed @InSites
  126. 126. Spread the insight @InSites
  127. 127. The magic starts at the end of your comfort zone @InSites Go out
  128. 128. Where are your daily rituals? @InSites The Consumer Reflex
  129. 129. There is no on & off button @InSites
  130. 130. It is the DNA of your product @InSites
  131. 131. Are you up for a challenge? @InSites
  132. 132. 1. Go to YouTube 2. Look for 2 commercials you like 3. Brainstorm about the insight @InSites
  133. 133. 1. Short, sharp sentences work better 2. Needs or frustrations should be as category-specific as possible 3. Avoid the hard-sell 4. Avoid using absolutes such as ‘always’ or ‘everytime’ 5. Don’t patronise or invite the consumer to patronise others 6. Look for tonal balance (e.g. use of emotional language) 7. Starting statements with ‘I’ or ‘we’ places yourself in the shoes of the consumer 8. Aim for single-minded statements TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL INSIGHT WRITING @InSites
  134. 134. Are you up for a real challenge? @InSites
  135. 135. 139 Background Information  You are the marketing & communications team of Cuppa – a coffee brand for in-home consumption.  The brand has a rich tradition in fresh ground coffee, but quickly followed the trend to offer more convenient coffee pads although it has been hard to offer the same coffee quality.  In many ways the future looks bright for Cuppa : – In-home coffee consumption is on the rise in BE – The fresh ground coffee is winning volume over instant coffee which still dominates the market with a +50% share  However, Cuppa’s market share among 18-30 yr olds has been declining for a few years now.  Previous qualitative research has indicated that the bitter taste of coffee is an important barrier for coffee drinking with youngsters.  The monthly brand tracker proves that the Cuppa brand is perceived as high quality, but rather old-fashioned.
  136. 136. 140 Your Challenge  While the Chief Marketing Officer recognizes your team is facing tough competition from Nespresso and the energy drinks category, he believes a big marketing push is urgently needed to increase the market share in the segment of 18-30 yr olds – ‘our consumers of the next 50 years’ as he puts it.  He is convinced this can work as the most recent coffee industry reports show that out-of-home coffee consumption is on the rise among 18-30 yr olds.  You have been tasked to come back with: – A potent insight involving coffee & youngsters – Potential solutions and actions, campaigns (elements) which will be presented to the board.  The company is open to any initiatives that might help to attract 18-30 yr olds but it has to be based on strong insights.
  137. 137. 141 Tips & Tricks to uncover insights  Reframe: What would life be without X?  Observe: What do you do? What do others do? Notice something.  WhyWhyWhy: Try and answer 3 times the Why question?  Complete ‘open’ sentences: Without x I feel…, My life with X is…  Read: Analyse online groups & communities  Activate: Use X and see what happens  Deprivate: Stop using X for a period and see what you miss  History: Remember the first time you used X. How was that?  Compete: What are X’s competitor’s doing successfully?  Ask: Talk to users of X and ask them how come they use it?  Safari: Go to a shop that sells X and see what’s out there?  Personify: If X would be a person who would it be?  Compare: If X would be in another category, which brand would it be?
  138. 138. 1. Short, sharp sentences work better 2. Needs or frustrations should be as category-specific as possible 3. Avoid the hard-sell 4. Avoid using absolutes such as ‘always’ or ‘everytime’ 5. Don’t patronise or invite the consumer to patronise others 6. Look for tonal balance (e.g. use of emotional language) 7. Starting statements with ‘I’ or ‘we’ places yourself in the shoes of the consumer 8. Aim for single-minded statements TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL INSIGHT WRITING @InSites
  140. 140. Thanks for being here! Hakim Zemni, Managing Director InSites Consulting Belgium Questions Feedback Remarks Suggestions More than welcome! @hakimzemni