Power to the Patient (by Sofie Bruggeman)


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Power to the patient: a new challenge for the pharma industry (by Sofie Bruggeman), presented at the STIMA Healthcare Congress in Brussels on October 10, 2012.

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Power to the Patient (by Sofie Bruggeman)

  1. 1. Power to the People // PatientSofie BruggemanResearch Manager Life Sciences & HealthcareInSites Consulting The power Sofie@insites-consulting.com tools of the E4 @SofieBruggeman patient http://be.linkedin.com/in/sofiebruggeman www.insites-consulting.com Ghent I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York
  2. 2. Nice to meet you! I am Sofie BruggemanEmpowered patientResearch Manager Life Sciences and HealthcareI am 28 years old, working in Ghent area (InSites HQ) & living sofie@insites-consulting.comin the city centre. I like to explore cities & to be overwhelmedby nature’s beauty! @SofieBruggemanAs a researcher, I soon was intrigued by the fascinating & richtriangle patient – physician – pharmaco! http://be.linkedin.com/in/sofiebruggemanAfter 6 years, this fascination has only grown, especially in thedirection of the patient revolution.This movement will change the industry & even more… the world!
  3. 3. Power to the patient has IMPACT
  4. 4. 4 Driving forcebehind patientengagement?
  5. 5. Conversations are out there
  6. 6. 1 2 3 A third globally impactful movement in history
  7. 7. e-Patient Dave @ePatientDave “Gimme my damn data” Diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer 2007 Took an active role in his treatment & survived Inspiration for Novartis Current job: healthcare consultant! Who is this guy?
  8. 8. Physicians feel their power is weakening Power to the patient has Source: IMS data 2011 IMPACT
  9. 9. Treato collects patientconversations
  10. 10. Treato collects patientconversations
  11. 11. Healthcare marketeers engage in conversation management Local marketers Empowered patients start interacting are a FACT today
  12. 12. How do marketing managers manage the world of conversations? Enter the Empowered patients conversation are a FACT today challenge!
  13. 13. Patients connect with other patients … a big impact! Patients help each Empowered patients other! are a FACT today
  14. 14. Facebook supports donor campaign of Belgian government with app …. government follows
  15. 15. Moetiknaardedokter app? Explosion Empowered patients of are a FACT today apps
  16. 16. Towards the E 4-patientE ENGAGEDMPOW EQUIPPEDERED ENABLED Empowered patients The E4 patient are a FACT today
  17. 17. What about … your own personaldefibrillator? Speaking of Empowered patients powerful are a FACT today equipment…
  18. 18. Manual Automaticlogbook logbook Internet Logbook app logbook Evolution of health Empowered patients management are a FACT today
  19. 19. EQUIPPED ENABLEDThe IBG star, a tool for patient engagement bySanofi Aventis Evolution of health Empowered patients management are a FACT today
  20. 20. #WhatsInIt4HealthCareProviders “Pharma companies would do well to provide tools that help patients help themselves. Even if they’re not promoting your product, they can offer it as a service of their company. Then people who are swimming around in the current talking to each other say good things about the company because “ it helped them.” E-Patient Dave Healthcare consultant Boosting patient conversation
  21. 21. #WhatsInIt4HealthCareProvidersApps: think B2B2C Life Sciences & health- care industry Patients Physicians
  22. 22. #WhatsInIt4HealthCareProviders Apps thatboost sales directly (through compliance) Maximizing compliance
  23. 23. Higher or Lower than % ? What is the % of smartphone owners in EU?
  24. 24. % What is the % of Source: “Social media around the world” smartphone by InSites Consulting - 2011 owners in EU?
  25. 25. 24installed 8(!) in use (weekly) Apps are Source: “Social media around the world” selected by InSites Consulting - 2011 carefully
  26. 26. 1. Apps for practical purposes2. Apps for entertainment3. Apps for connecting with othersRoom for healthcare apps: 18% in 2012  30% in 2015! 18% today uses Source: “Social media around the world” by InSites Consulting - 2011 health apps
  27. 27. Appsthroughout thepatient journeyFrom prevention to insulin remindersApps are definitely not restricted tomedication reminders.Different apps have already beendeveloped for patients in differentdisease stages.Let’s take a look at different apps in thediabetes patient journey.
  28. 28. Case studyApps in diabetes TA… equipment which is enabling &empowering the engaged chronicpatient!to calculate the risk for a disease (prevention)to find info about a diseaseto keep track of what one consumesto support in changing lifestyleto create logbooks… Equipped diabetic patients
  29. 29. “Health apps represent a technological inform & tool to helpsupport citizens in the self- management of their health & wellbeing. They can bring health information to our fingertips. enable The best of these appsus to act swiftly and decisively on self- care issues.” Robert Madelin, Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission EU support for apps
  30. 30. Rule 1_Successfull apps are part of a digital health ecosystemGlucose buddy – free app Health ecosystem
  31. 31. Rule 2_Successfull apps are reliable & effective Apps influence patient behaviour
  32. 32. Rule 3_Successfull apps require sustainable business modelsExample: risk assessment calculator 3 2 1 Long-term thinking
  33. 33. Rule 4_Successfull apps target behaviour changeBant – blood value measurement app Bant (app) included a reward program. Once they leveled up, they were able to buy apps & music with the points redeemed. The rewards were quite the hit. Over a 3-month period they increased their frequency of measurement by 49.5%. Return on app investment?
  34. 34. Rule 5_Successfull apps maximize the power of the data it generatesVree – by MerckLeads to an integratedoverview of the healthstatus of a person –combined with potentialactions to be taken.e.g. progress charts,supporting interaction withphysician (e.g. follow-up ofweight control) Giving (feed)back
  35. 35. “A very well designed idea. It combines lifestyle and mental health and is expandable to broader groups. We love the idea to embed this game in a care group. Interesting that it uses a proven concept.” The Future of Health JuryHeartVilleWinner of 2012 Future ofHealth Award Apps for mental health as well
  36. 36. AppdevelopmentDifferent potential players /stakeholders• Pharma companies• Patient organisations• Governments• Hospitals• Health insurers• HCPs• Social Media companies• …
  37. 37. Start creating your own app is NOT the take away of this presentation Let’s not go too fast!
  38. 38. Just 1 example,many more, so let’s not go too fast!
  39. 39. Listening to whatthe patient needsApps for patients are only successful if they fill inan existing need of a patient & if they take intoaccount existing barriers (practical, emotional,physical…).Connecting with the patient in an ongoing wayis the key to success. Observe, get inspired & then act
  40. 40. People are out thereMaking conversationsPatients are just like peopleMaking use of social mediaAs a healthcare sectorLet’s not ignore but supportthe empowered patient
  41. 41. E ENGAGEDMPOW EQUIPPEDERED ENABLED Structural partnerships
  42. 42. +32 497 06 19 49Sofie@insites-consulting.com@SofieBruggemanhttp://be.linkedin.com/in/sofiebruggeman Ask for our latest papers!
  43. 43. +32 497 06 19 49Sofie@insites-consulting.com@SofieBruggemanhttp://be.linkedin.com/in/sofiebruggeman Ask for our latest papers!