Gamification: an interactive introduction (by Anneleen Boullart & Timo Vandemaele)


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Gamification: an interactive introduction by Anneleen Boullart & Timo Vandemaele, presented to the Hogeschool Gent Marketing Alumni on October 18, 2012 in Ghent (BE).

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Gamification: an interactive introduction (by Anneleen Boullart & Timo Vandemaele)

  1. 1. Gamification An interactive introduction Anneleen Boullart Research Consultant, InSites Consulting Timo VandemaeleResearch Consultant, InSites Consulting
  2. 2. #MktAlumni
  3. 3. Who we are?Some things you need toknow about us. #MktAlumni
  4. 4. Nice to meet youAnneleen Boullart, Research ConsultantI am 25 years old, and happy to be part of the InSitesteam for more than a year now. Before that I havebeen studying Communication Sciences at theUniversity of Ghent and afterwards, I obtained aMaster in Marketing Management at VlerickManagement School. I believe in the power of opencommunication, innovation and engagement. LikeTimo, I’m also part of the Media & Entertainmentteam. @AnneleenBoullar
  5. 5. Nice to meet youTimo Vandemaele, Research ConsultantI am 24 years old, giving everything of myself forInSites Consulting for just more than a year now.Before that I have been studying Applied Economicsin Ghent and afterwards, I obtained a Master inMarketing Management at Vlerick ManagementSchool. I am passionate about making consumersgenerate value for companies, with a specific focus onsupporting growth of Media & Entertainment brands. @TimoVandemaele
  6. 6. Fact sheet Market research agency 15 years of experience and know-how Pioneer and innovator in online methods Covering any marketing domain Fully independent Ghent, Rotterdam, London, Timisoara, New York 125 passionate employees Proprietary research panel in +25 countries Most awarded agency by ESOMAR #MktAlumni
  7. 7. Today’s buzzword? Gamification #MktAlumni
  8. 8. Source:’s play a game! #MktAlumni
  9. 9. The average age of a gamer is 34 #MktAlumni
  10. 10. The average age of a gamer is 30 #MktAlumni
  11. 11. 26% of the gamers are above 50 years old #MktAlumni
  12. 12. 26% of the gamers are above 50 years old #MktAlumni
  13. 13. 40% of the gamers is female #MktAlumni
  14. 14. 47% of the gamers is female #MktAlumni
  15. 15. 62% of gamers play with other gamers in person #MktAlumni
  16. 16. 62% of gamers play with other gamers in person #MktAlumni
  17. 17. Games are part of our lives… … everyone plays! #MktAlumni
  18. 18. GamificationWhat is it and why wouldyou use it? #MktAlumni
  19. 19. #MktAlumni
  20. 20. Gamification Using game elements in adifferent context #MktAlumni
  21. 21. “Weve gone from being exposed to about500 ads a day back in the 1970s to as manyas 5,000 a day today.” (2009) Jay Walker-Smith, Yankelovich Consumer Research #MktAlumni
  22. 22. Objective The process of using game thinking and game mechanics to ENGAGE users ! #MktAlumni
  23. 23. MotivationsWhy does Gamificationwork? #MktAlumni
  24. 24. #1 AchievementYou challenge yourself by settingachievable deadlines, you strive forsuccess and you like to master askill . You value positive feedbackin order to feel accomplished. Youhave a need to finish things youstarted. #MktAlumni
  25. 25. Achieve your financial goals! People need to set themselves a specific financial goal for which they want to save. They can add money to their account by themselves, by asking & sharing with friends or by collecting deals. #MktAlumni
  26. 26. #2 PowerYou like to influence peopleand events, you want to beseen as a leader, you areconscious about your image.You are attached to yourstatus. #MktAlumni
  27. 27. Leaderboards People attach status to be in first place. They are constantly competing with their friends and family to achieve the highest rank! #MktAlumni
  28. 28. Leaderboards People attach status to be in first place. They are constantly competing with their friends and family to achieve the highest rank! #MktAlumni
  29. 29. #3 Social You have a strong desire to belong to a group or family, you seek relationships and approval. You like sharing with others and listen well. #MktAlumni
  30. 30. City MarketingBy working together in teams, youreach a higher goal. Social mediamake it possible to see how othersare performing. #MktAlumni
  31. 31. #4 Grow You love to gain knowledge and sharpen your mind. You want to develop yourself to the maximum. You like feedback because it gives you the opportunity to improve. #MktAlumni
  32. 32. Nike+ Running AppSet personal goals and keeptrack of your improvements. #MktAlumni
  33. 33. #5 StructureYou like safe and predictableenvironments, you seek orderand certainty and you don’t likesurprises. And you aresometimes a bit compulsive. #MktAlumni
  34. 34. #MktAlumni
  35. 35. Live action puzzle Everyone wants to complete a puzzle. No one wants to make half the puzzle and then quit. Coca Cola Zero was aware of people’s need for structure and achieved great viewer results with this insight. #MktAlumni
  36. 36. #6 Explore You like change and adventure, you enjoy new experiences. Stimulation and changing environments are your key drivers. #MktAlumni
  37. 37. #MktAlumni
  38. 38. Unique fan experience BING cooperated with Jay-Z to develop a game where fans could collect Jay-Z’s biography ‘Decoded’ before release date by searching every single page all over the world. #MktAlumni
  39. 39. You have a soft spot for charity, youare altruistic and you like to make adifference. You like to give your lifemeaning. You believe in a highercause. #7 Purpose #MktAlumni
  40. 40. Q-Music stimulates its listeners The listeners of Q-Music collect money for charity based on a game to travel as much kilometers as possible. (combination of the need for purpose and the need to explore) #MktAlumni
  41. 41. #1 Achievement Main motivators#2 Power for playing games.#3 Social#4 Grow#5 Structure#6 Explore#7 Purpose #MktAlumni
  42. 42. But Timo & Anneleen…You work in a market research agency? #MktAlumni
  43. 43. Shouldn’t you…do market research?! #MktAlumni
  44. 44. Gamification and Market ResearchWhat is a community? How can we use gamification in a community? #MktAlumni
  45. 45. Gamification and Market Research// Communities#1 Badges #MktAlumni
  46. 46. Gamification and Market Research// Communities#2 Riddles #MktAlumni
  47. 47. Gamification and Market Research … it works! #MktAlumni 47
  48. 48. Gamification and Market Research// Communities#3 Ideation* Based on insight platforms retrieved from earlierresearch or in an earlier stage of the same project,the Ideation Tool challenges participants to comeup with new ideas for problems or needs.** To match the iterative and non-linear nature ofidea generation, the Ideation Tool allowsparticipants to post multiple ideas to the ideationchallenges. Participants can comment to improvethe idea, resulting in a change of status, frommining to rough diamond, polished diamond andeventually a diamond ring… #MktAlumni
  49. 49. Times more insights #MktAlumni
  50. 50. Gamification and Market Research// Surveys Imagine you need to fill in this kind of survey… #MktAlumni
  51. 51. BORING !But you also can do it in another way. Here are some tactics to gamify your survey… #MktAlumni
  52. 52. #1 Non linearity #MktAlumni
  53. 53. #2 Instant share results #MktAlumni
  54. 54. #3 Type feedback at the end #MktAlumni
  55. 55. Gamification in surveys leads to a better user experience! All of the below: 7,9 Non linearity (7,7) Type feedback @ end (7,6) Instant share results (7,4)Average satisfaction 7,0 #MktAlumni
  56. 56. Key learningsWhat you should rememberabout Gamification! #MktAlumni
  57. 57. #1 Keep it simple #MktAlumni
  58. 58. #2 Be relevant #MktAlumni
  59. 59. #3 Make it shareable #MktAlumni Ideation Tool
  60. 60. #4 Include a reward #MktAlumni
  61. 61. #5 Keep updating #MktAlumni
  62. 62. © SAP 2009 / Page 62 #MktAlumni
  63. 63. Let’s keep in touch! @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York
  64. 64. Let’s keep in touch! @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York