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Engaging Generation Y Smartees Seminar 2012 (Rotterdam-NL)


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On December 6 2012, InSites Consulting organized an 'Engaging Generation Y' Smartees Seminar in our office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The main focus is on how to engage with the most marketing savvy generation ever, Generation Y. The main theme is elaborated, followed by an interesting case study of Randstad.

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Engaging Generation Y Smartees Seminar 2012 (Rotterdam-NL)

  1. 1. Engaging Generation YSmartees SeminarThis is the full slidedeck of our „EngagingGeneration Y‟ Smartees Sebinar inRotterdam. The main focus is on how toengage with the most marketing savvygeneration ever, Generation Y. Themain theme is elaborated, followed by aninteresting case study of Randstad.
  2. 2. # insites# mrx
  3. 3. GEN Y Conversation starters• When I was a child I used to cry because of…• When I was 16 my mom used to say…• The first time I was drunk I …• When I was 17 I wanted to become a…• At age 18 my main hobby was…
  4. 4. 14:10 Creating engaging brands
  5. 5. #146
  6. 6. R2=.57 R2=.62 R2=.74InSites Consulting Brand Model tested by path analysis
  7. 7. //Authenticity forGeneration Y Real
  8. 8. Real
  9. 9. Real
  10. 10. //Template 1• Tekst
  11. 11. //Template 1• Tekst
  12. 12. Page 36
  13. 13. Page 37
  14. 14. Page 38
  15. 15. Page 39
  16. 16. Results • The bank doubled its Gen Y customer base from 2011 • The daily rate of cards sale increased by 58% in the first 6 months from the launch (the double vs 2009) • 12 times more ST loan approval procedures initiated than weekly average 2010 • 10% more cross selling than in 2011
  17. 17. Page 42
  18. 18. strategy: engage – sell – build loyalty Engage through their Relevance passion for Music Exclusive access Trial through Youth products Loyalty Capture more everyday spend Page 44
  19. 19. 4 key partners to deliver sustainable engagement Exclusive experiences Tier 1 Exclusive access Tier 2Exclusive content Tier 3 Page 45
  20. 20. And enable constant social content and conversation CALENDARIO "YOUTH PLATFORM" 2012 2013 Experiencia JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST 123 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Mastercard 30th Hospitalities KEANE TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 17th Pocket shows Leon Larregui Paty Cantu Moderatto 4th College shows Enjambre/Sofi Enjambre/Sofi Enjambre/Sofi Enjambre/Sofi Mayen Mayen Mayen Mayen 18th VIP Parties Paty Cantu Hello Seahorse Panda Moderatto Music Lessons with an artist Sofi Mayen y Ha-Ash Miró Benny Attend to band rehearsal Enjambre Sofi Mayen Miró Zoé Be at an album 4th recording Belinda Zoé Be Part of a 6th Video Mike Zanetti Enjambre Panda Los Claxons Interview an Artist (Press León Larregui Eiza Belinda Enjambre Conference) Meet & Greets Paty Cantu Miró Zoé y Zanetti Backstage Pases in Mexico for 23rd concert Ha-ash Paty Cantú Los Claxons Mike Zanetti Travel with an 20th artist Ha-Ash Miró Enjambre Sofi Mayen Trip to concert outside Mexico 16th 9th Coldplay Coldplay Evanescence TBD Nervo Belinda y Zoé Panda, Anahi, Zanetti, Memorabilia Moderatto, Sofi Mayen, Paty Cantu, Miró Enjambre, PreSales KISS Smashing Pumpkins 16th 14th agosto 27, 2012 Giveaway Tickets Maroon 5 Linkin Park TBD Page 46
  21. 21. Breadth and variety of artists to establishcredibility among YouthBelinda Enjambre Zanetti Panda Sofi Mayen Alex SyntekColdplay Eiza Moderatto Anahí ZoeHello seahorse Paty Cantú Miro Benny Ha-ash Page 47
  22. 22. Variety of benefits activated to address different objectives Experiences Content/ Presales with artists downloads Ticketing Offers Purchase Access w/o card Access w/o card Purchase Access w/ card Access w/ card Access w/o card Access w/ card Page 48
  23. 23. Creating a dynamic social community Page 49
  24. 24. Priceless Music launch event in Mexico Cityto create buzz and momentum 4,000 university student and 300 customers experienced the launch of Priceless Music at an exlusive concert with Moderatto Page 50
  25. 25. Real① Stay true to your roots, but don’t shout② Close is the new cool① Be transparent and respectful, listen (like friends would do)
  26. 26. // I WILL NEVER FORGET THE DAY… Extreme experience (e.g. When I was Graduated skydiving, mount climbing) dumped by my partner Meeting the love of my life Becoming a Surprise Death of a person sport champion N = 40 close to me Happiness Anger My first kiss N = 156 N = 13 Got my driving license When I got in a fight Fear Disgust N = 30 N = 14 New school Discovered I had no Sadness real friends when I N = 93 Moved needed them most Encountered aggression Was Being dumped by my diagnosed with boy/girl friend Parents got a serious divorced illnessSource; InSites Consulting 16 country study January 2011 – 4,065 respondents aged 15-25 in USA, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy,Romania, Poland, Brazil, India, and China.
  27. 27. Happy①Deliver gratifications, not just pleasures①Don’t use negative emotions①Happiness is about connecting youth in a playful way
  28. 28. 15:00 Coffee break
  29. 29. 15:30 Randstad Student Community
  30. 30. Student Community Randstad Student: Engaging generation YNew York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghent
  31. 31. Nice to meet you! Karen Hoogendam, Senior Research Consultant I‟m Karen 28 years old and Joined Insites Consulting 1 year ago, after working for Wageningen UR. I‟m working in the Rotterdam office and my main focus is qualitative In my free time I spend a lot of times with friends, I can be a total nerd when playing computer games and love to travel and visit festivals.
  32. 32. Nice to meet you! Robin Keeris, marketing manager I‟m Robin, 35 years old. I‟m marketing manager at Randstad Netherlands. Last year I developed Randstad Student together with a small team. I‟m working in the head office in Diemen, and my main focus is business development of new concepts. Off work, I enjoy drinking a good glass of wine friends, going on trips, reading books and watching the latest TV-series.
  34. 34. Randstad Student is bornRecruitment for the younger generation! Robin, is er misschien een poster of aankondeging van de start van randstad Student.
  35. 35. With a new positioning in the marketTo deliver better solutions and services
  36. 36. (Re)connecting with & increasing relevance towards Students
  37. 37. THE APPROACH
  38. 38. 1. Immersion in the daily live of students2. Student motivation & needs during orientation3. Optimise the proposition of Randstad Student.4. Generate a clear vision about how Randstad can become (more) relevant for student.
  39. 39. Why:Community Research Under the skin , Stimulate Empower
  40. 40. Engage
  41. 41. communityAge 18- 24Male and femalesWith different personalitiesFrom different citiesHBO & WOLiving with their parents & living in astudent room
  42. 42. 1 Your student life Your study Your school week Your income
  43. 43. 2 Study and Work Your (current) part-time job Your future full-time job Orientation and applying for a job
  44. 44. 3 Your opinion.. ..of recruitment agencies ..of Randstad Student ..of the solicitation process
  45. 45. 4 Let’s talk about… .. Government regulations .. Stress from social media .. How to improve the community website ;)
  46. 46. THE OUTCOME
  47. 47. Today’s students10 general trends
  48. 48. 1 My study is my main focus Everything else should be planned around this“dit kwartaal is mijn rooster elke weekanders, het enige wat wel zeker is: tussen7.45 en 9 sta ik op, ik ben tussen 13 en 17klaar op school en tussen 23 en 1 ga ikslapen. ” door Marten
  49. 49. 2 Explore The time is now“Toen ik studie moest kiezen wist ik nietwat ik later als beroep wou, dat ik voor tnheb gekozen omdat je zoveel kanten opkan. Natuurlijk ook omdat ik natuurkundeinteressant vind en aanleg voor heb.” doorDaniel Delft
  50. 50. 3 Cultural capital Content and skills are crucial“Een baan die ik nooit zou willen isvakkenvuller, dit werk zou ik niet uitdagendgenoeg vinden.” door Grimbo64
  51. 51. 4 Perform under pressure Achievements have to be accomplished now!“Ik maak me misschien nog wel drukkerom het heden dan om het toekomst. Wantzoals @[tessaschrama] al zei, je moet nuje tentamens halen, presteren dus.” doorSinasappel
  52. 52. 5 Technology is part of their live .. but is a mean to a cause“Tja, de mobiele telefoon. In mijn ogen eenvan de meest overgewaardeerdetechnologische snufjes van de afgelopenjaren (naja het aspect dan wat je naastbellen/smsen er tegenwoordig allemaalmee kan).” Door Roaldvanb
  53. 53. 6 Their brands Don’t have to be student brands, but have to be recognized“Rabobank: Zet zichzelf neer als eenrustige bank zonder fratsen. Ikherken mezelf hierin.” Dooryuchuchu
  54. 54. 7 They know the value of money .. but have difficulty finding the balance“Ik koop haast niks behalve mn studie(alleen het hoogst nodige aan kleding),toch maak ik verlies. Baal ervan dat studiezo duur is want ik moet nog lang.” DoorMelamini
  55. 55. 8 Nothing is taken for granted .. But if they work hard, they will reach their goals“Echter is het volgens mij denkwijze niksanders dan de gevolgen accepteren en jebest doen. Hoe kun je het probleemomzeilen? hoe kunnen we het oplossen? Ikzie kansen, opties en mogelijkheden of gaer naar opzoek. Ik ben dus eerdernieuwsgierig naar het verloop van hetheden en de toekomst en hoe kan ik metde middelen die ik tot mijn beschikking hebhet optimale eruit halen?” Door Mootje
  56. 56. 9 I believe in myself Yes I can!“Ik denk dat het vooral belangrijk is dat jemoet doen waar je goed in bent en wat jeleuk vindt; want dan volgt die leuke job ookvanzelf. Als jij een enthousiaste specialistbent kunnen ze niet om je heen!” doorMarit
  57. 57. 10 They worry about their future .. Not about the future“Eerst dacht ik nooit na over de toekomst,vooral omdat ik niet iets heb waarvan ikdenk dat wil ik echt doen later. Aangezienik nu al in mn tweede jaar zit van mnstudie en ik al een stage moet gaanregelen, zitten ze op school al vaak tepraten over later. Daar maak ik me dan welzorgen over. Ik heb nog helemaal niet hetgevoel dat ik al genoeg weet en kan om alecht het bedrijfsleven in te gaan enbedrijven te adviseren.” Door Kayla
  58. 58. But there is not 1 type of studentDifferent students are looking for different work environments 6 personalia
  59. 59. Work life balance Suzanna ‘9 tot 5 is voor mij ideaal, maar ik zou niet fulltime willen werken. Het liefst 3 dagen per week van 9 tot 5. ‘ “
  60. 60. The ‘career tiger’ Rodamo “ “Wel vind ik dat de hoge cijfers wel heel makkelijk worden gegeven. Dit lijkt natuurlijk heel chill, maar er is weinig eer aan te behalen als de helft dan de klas dit “ heeft.”
  61. 61. The ‘idealist’ Annia “ ‘Ik geloof veel hongersnoden voorkomen kunnen worden, simpelweg door goede watersystemen aan te leggen en de grond zodanig te bewerken ‘
  62. 62. The ‘connector’ Chinco “ ‘Het lijkt me interessant om te werken op het snijvlak van business en ICT en daarmee een brug te slaan tussen ‘klant en techniek?’
  63. 63. The ‘team worker’ Lille “ ‘Ik zou er niet aan moeten denken om een sollicitatiegesprek te moeten voeren via Skype. Je mist dan de hele sfeer.’
  64. 64. ‘spontaneous and flexible’ DaphneS “ ‘Natuurlijk wil ik zelfstandig kunnen werken, maar ik wil bij mijn eerste baan ook juist veel leren. Dus geen project maar echt een baan voor minstens een paar jaar. Een duidelijke functieomschrijving hoeft van mij niet persé, het lijkt me leuk als je juist heel veel flexibiliteit hebt in je baan. Daardoor kun je ook meer leren.’
  66. 66. Ideation workshop
  67. 67. Our most important insightHelp students do it themselves!
  68. 68. New mission statementMore emphasis on personal growth and independence Growth in practice Together with you, Randstad Student works on your personal growth by offering suitable work experience and advise in every phase of your studies. We offer options and assist you in making the right job choices. This offers you the opportunity to discover and further develop your talents. This way you create your own turbo entrance to the labour market.
  69. 69. New campaign ‘A nice moment for Randstad Student’ More activation, more clarity, more visuals
  70. 70. And further? We asked the students Crowd sourcing platform Crowd sourcing platform Initiated a crowdsourcing platform for students together with ABN AMRO Offering student to work their minds and share their ideas with companies Winning idea: • Competence based matching • Personalisation of Randstad Student
  71. 71. Working on added valueExpanding our career center, more relevant contact
  72. 72. Our BHAG:The most relevant job agency for students
  73. 73. Let’s talk!Karen Hoogendam Robin KeerisSenior Research Consultant, InSites Consulting Marketing Manager, Randstad m
  74. 74. 16:00 How to adapt to Generation Y?
  75. 75. Nice to meet you! Martijn van Bijnen,OR place your photo here Sr. Research Manager I am 32 years old, living in Tilburg (yeah, yeah I know ). Working for over 6 years in the industry, of which 3 years for InSites Consulting. Passionate about getting consumers in boardrooms, specific focus on supporting growth of FMCG brands via further enhancing @mvbijnen consumer centric decision making. Responsible for international accounts such as bijnen/14/80b/b04 PepsiCo, Red Bull, Leaf / Cloetta, Bavaria, eBay and more
  76. 76. Nice to meet you! Martijn van Bijnen,OR place your photo here Sr. Research Manager I am 32 years old, living in Tilburg (yeah, yeah I know ). Working for over 6 years in the industry, of which 3 years for InSites Consulting. Passionate about getting consumers in boardrooms, specific focus on supporting growth of FMCG brands via further enhancing @mvbijnen consumer centric decision making. Responsible for international accounts such as bijnen/14/80b/b04 PepsiCo, Red Bull, Leaf / Cloetta, Orangina/Schweppes and more.
  77. 77. MROC’sA research community is a carefullyscreened group of people, who arejoining an online closed platform andhaving engaging interactions with allparties involved (among themselves,with the research agency and with allrelevant internal and external clientstakeholders).
  78. 78. • Bold• Pragmatic• Eclectic
  79. 79. Be where they are !!Your voice
  80. 80. Alternative recruitment
  81. 81. Research to Generation Y //Template 1①Be where they are = online • Tekst②Online can be mobile too ③Alternative recruitment channels needed
  82. 82. • Screen shot mega grid
  83. 83. Challenges
  84. 84. Example task Contextual surveys Your 4th of July party Upload 6 pictures of you drinking and or eating at the party. And describe your decision on what you are drinking or eating at that moment with as much detail as possible: - Why this food/drink? - Why this moment? How did/do you feel? - Why this brand? - What are your thoughts when eating/drinking? Good luck!
  85. 85. You work in research buddy!Not in the game industry 
  86. 86. Richer input !! // example posts from Cloetta Candy Community
  87. 87. Example posts candy community NL // Cloetta (Leaf) More input !! Cloetta Candy community 4 countries, 3 weeks ……….. …….257 participants ……….. ……. wrote 8.875 posts …….. .. containing 621.137 words
  88. 88. Research to Generation Y //Template 1①Who said research can’t be fun? • Tekst②Challenges vs. questions③But remember it’s a means to an end
  89. 89. Ideation ToolTo match the iterative and non-linearnature of idea generation, the IdeationTool allows participants to postmultiple ideas to the ideationchallenges. Participants can commentto improve the idea, resulting in achange of status, from mining to roughdiamond, polished diamond andeventually a diamond ring…
  90. 90. • PepsiCo voorbeeld chat sessie
  91. 91. • Ideation tool
  92. 92. A new research paradigm:(Structural) collaboration: new role researchers Researchers Consumers Client
  93. 93. Intermediate chat sessions !
  94. 94. Research to Generation Y //Template 1①Focus on autonomy, mastery & purpose • Tekst②From respondents to participants③The client is part of our team too!
  95. 95. Source: InSites Consulting 16 country study January 2011 – 4,065 respondents aged 15-25 in USA, UK, Russia, Germany, France,Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Brazil, India, and China.
  96. 96. 16:30 Wrap-up and Q&A
  97. 97. 17:00 Networking with food and drinks