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Co-everything: The itch of users in innovation


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Making things is part of who we are. With the possibilities provided by digital media, we’re shifting from random acts of creativity by everyday people to organized initiatives like crowd funding. As innovation challenges are evolving from product attributes to holistic brand design, service design and the experience environment, there’s a need to collaborate with users beyond co-creation. By involving them earlier in the process through observational research and also in the back end of innovation by testing beta products, users can become your partner in innovation.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Co-everything: The itch of users in innovation

  1. 1. I made itmyself
  2. 2. The IKEA effectLabor enhances affection for its results,when it is fruitful.
  3. 3. A world ofCrowd-Everything
  4. 4. BroadcastingOliver records songs in his home studio and publishes them on his YouTube channel.
  5. 5. ImprovingKalifa improves the engine of his 1972 Citroën SM and uses online instructions to do so.
  6. 6. CrowdfundingIan raises money to produce the film he’s featuring in.
  7. 7. The crowd’s got talentUser-generated Muji products outperform their designer-generated counterparts.
  8. 8. Watch out for aparallel universe
  9. 9. Be AgileBe Open
  10. 10. DNA of collaboration methods
  11. 11. Innovation beyond the product
  12. 12. Holistic brand designBare Escentuals embeds a simple "swirl, tap, buff" ritualinto every brand experience.
  13. 13. Product service systemBMW plans to offer i3 owners use of longer-range BMWvehicles for out-of-town journeys.
  14. 14. Experience environmentAmazon Kindle highlights passages that were highlightedby others.
  15. 15. Join forces. From crowd-everything to structural collaboration.
  16. 16. EthnographyJoin forces. From crowd-everything to structural collaboration.
  17. 17. The Heineken concept clubThe stories of 120 clubbers inspire the creation of a visionary pop-up club.
  18. 18. From insight to experienceOrder a beer by tapping the bottle-shaped icon on the interactive bar surface.
  19. 19. Co-creationJoin forces. From crowd-everything to structural collaboration.
  20. 20. Air France & KLM transfer journeyEngaging frequent flyers in the creation of a positive transfer experience.
  21. 21. Offer them the tools to collaborateTimed challenges and gamification stimulate a collaborative and creative setting.
  22. 22. What has changed since 1986?
  23. 23. Innovation in a Conversation NationInternet users(per 100 people)International TelecommunicationUnion, World Telecommunication/ICTDevelopment Report and database,and World Bank estimates.
  24. 24. Highinvolve-mentLowinvolve-mentSocialindepen-denceInter-personalinfluenceIndependentinnovatorsSocialinfluencersLaggards Followers
  25. 25. Not only can they collaborate, they want to
  26. 26. And Gen Y?They demand to
  27. 27. Find them in their natural habitatPeople with similar interests have a tendency to unite in (virtual) communities.
  28. 28. Back end of innovationJoin forces. From crowd-everything to structural collaboration.
  29. 29. Vodafone smartphone applicationsUsers get access to beta versions of Vodafone services to fine-tune them together.
  30. 30. Co- isn’t short for consumer
  31. 31. Let’s get started
  32. 32. Ready It starts with you.
  33. 33. Set It’s a marathon. Not a sprint.
  34. 34. Go The world is your playground.
  35. 35. Takeaways