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Remindem is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to set up a list of tips, reminders, alerts, and advice that people can subscribe to via text messages. Remindem sends important text reminders just when your subscribers need them, based on a schedule you define.

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  1. 1. platform.instedd.orgKeep peopleinformedof important things going on intheir life and workRemindem is a free and easy-to-use tool that allowsyou to set up a list of tips, reminders, and advice thatpeople can subscribe to via text messages.Remindem sends important text reminders just whenyour subscribers need them, based on a schedule youdefine. Get started: Create an acount can I use it for? BenefitsRemindem is great for any kind of reminder youd like to send. Here area few ways you might use it, but youre limited only by your imagination: Helps your community of usersExpecting Mothers feel supported and connected Mothers-to-be have a lot on their plates, and its easy to forget details like taking vitamin supplements or showing up for scheduled checkups. Then theres the Sends reminders when variety of little changes that might alarm a brand-new subscribers need them mother who doesnt know quite what to expect -- or most when to expect it. Why not make the road motherhooda little easier with Remindem? Whether youre a health care practitioner,an insurance professional, or just a worried mother-in-law, you can set Allowsup a series of timed reminders to help Mom make it through her you to tailor advicepregnancy with flying colors. based on when it will be receivedBusy Students Schedule and edit Got a classroom full of students juggling school, work, your messages from any family, friends, mandatory goof-off time, etc.? Help internet connection them get assignments in on time and make the grade with Remindem. Tests, meeting times, study objectives, Free even scheduled pep talks -- when it comes to for anyone to use to help education, Remindem gets an A+. increase their social impact Open Source code for developers to use to improve its design and functionality continue
  2. 2. Diabetics Features Properly managed, diabetes doesnt have to keep patients from doing all the things they love. Send Send messages to any text disease management tips, dietary reminders, insulin messaging-enabled phone dosing schedules, and more with Remindem. Manage your reminders through Remindem even makes it easy to create separate any Internet connection, at any messaging projects based on disease staging, timepatient age, and other criteria. Create an unlimited number of reminder lists, each with its own keywordChild immunizations Easily create an unlimited number of unique reminders Properly scheduled immunizations are critical to a childs continuing well-being and development. Help Schedule reminders in advance parents keep their children healthy with immunization over a timeline that you define reminders from Remindem. Once parents register using a keyword you specify, theyll begin receiving text reminders tailored to their childs age, minimizingmissed or late vaccinations and preventable illnesses that can keepchildren from reaching their full potential. Where do I start? Contact us with your need and we will help you get started.How does it work? Step 1: Create an account and log in Step 2: Create a new reminders list and choose a keyword that people will text to subscribe to your list Step 3: Create your messages and assign a time interval for each Step 4: Download the free Nuntium app and connect your Android phone to your account How can I support it? Remindem suscriptionBegin by creating your list of messages and choosing a custom If you have ideas, needs orkeyword that people will text to your number to subscribe. If desired, suggestionsyou can assign a time interval to each of the messages in your list. Join our discussion listWhen a user subscribes, the clock starts ticking, and he or she will each message at the specified time. If your messages are notlinked to a specific timeline, such as helpful tips for managing achronic illness, Remindem can send them randomly. If you are a developer, contribute with some of the featuresRemindem requires a mobile phone to receive signup texts and send Visit our backlogout reminders, though the Web app is used to create messages and remidem.uservoice.comschedule their delivery. To begin sending reminders, just download thefree Nuntium application to your Android-powered phone (or to yourcomputer, if you dont have an Android phone), making sure yourphone has credit, Internet access, and mobile reception. Once yourphone is connected to our server wirelessly or via your computer,Remindem automatically sends text messages to subscribers on yourschedule. Take a tour