MBDS Newsletter May to August 2009


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MBDS Newsletter May to August 2009

  1. 1. MBDS Disease Surveillance Mekong Basin Newsletter May to August 2009 MBDS Executive Board Meeting Kunming, China (13 August 2009)Executive Board members and Country China Country Coordinator Ms. LuCoordinators or their representatives from Guoping presented a comprehensiveall six MBDS countries participated in the report regarding to follow-up from themeeting, along with the MBDS special CC meeting in Vientiane (JuneCoordinating Office and observers from a 2009), detailed progress reports fromnumber of development and technical countries, by strategy, using the newpartner organizations. MBDS monitoring indicators, results of a The Executive Board meeting special study of early MBDS countrycommenced with remarks from Prof. Sann responses to novel influenza A/H1N1,Chan Soeung, Executive Board Chair from conducted by CCs in June-July 2009 andCambodia, who described progress in each other presentations from the Regionalstrategy area over the past year and noted Forum (from Guangxi Province, Globalhis overall satisfaction with progress made. Health and Security Initiative [NTI], Google and INSTEDD)He then handed over the Executive Boardchairmanship to China’s Dr. Wang Liying. Country coordinators are requested toDr. Wang reviewed the proposed agenda, develop a new Master Plan for 2011-2016made modifications to it, and then solicited and Operational Plan for the first 2-yearand obtained endorsement by Executive operational period 2011-2012, to beBoard members. presented to the next EB meeting in August 2010. MBDS Newsletter www.mbdsoffice.com 1
  2. 2. Lao PDR offered to host the next Regional Forum and Executive Board meeting inLung Prabang, in August 2010. The next Country Coordinator meeting will be inBeijing in late February or early March 2010. The main task of the CC meeting is todevelop the Master Plan for 2011-2016 and Operational Plan for the first 2-yearoperational period 2011-2012, to be submitted to the EB meeting to be held in Laos inAugust 2010.Each country representative shared their experiences concern with disease surveillancein their countries. Dr. Li Qiongfen of Yunnan CDC presented a report on response toemergency public health events in Yunnan Province, describing the system forsurveillance and response to a broad range of emergency events. Dr. KumnuanUngchusak, Executive Board member from Thailand then presented lessons learnedfrom Thailand’s experience to date in responding to the new influenza A/H1N1pandemic. He described lessons learned in the areas of surveillance, communicationswith other countries, relations with the media, and crisis management and encouragedother MBDS countries to also learn from what he described as Thailand’sshortcomings in these areas. MBDS Newsletter www.mbdsoffice.com 2
  3. 3. MBDS Regional Forum Kunming, China (10-12 August 2009)MBDS Regional Forum was organized on 10-12.Aug.2009 at Kunming, China.MBDS Executive Boards, MBDS Country Coordinators, MBDS Strategy Coordinators andDevelopment partners are participated.The main objectives of the forum are to revisit 2008 MBDS Regional Forum summary andMBDS 7 strategies implementation progress and challenges, to monitoring and evaluationprogram for MBDS strategies and to share experiences of A-H1N1 in six member countriesThe agreements on response from development partner on emerging infectious diseases inthis region. Content MBDS EB Meeting 1, 2 MBDS Yunnan activities 5 MBDS Regional Forum 3 MBDS Guangxi activities 5 Mukdahan ICT activities 4 MBDS Lao PDR activities 6 MBDS Vietnam progress 4 MBDS CC Meeting, Vientiane 6 MBDS Newsletter www.mbdsoffice.com 3
  4. 4. SMS FOR DISEASE SURVEILLANCE PROGRESS BY MBDS VIETNAM PILOT PROJECT IN MUKDAHAN MBDS An Giang conducted 3 traning coursesOn 6-7 August, 2009, Change Fusion and from 31 July and 1st and 2nd August 2009.Open Dream together with InSTEDD’s The first training course is on communityengineers went to Mukdahan for follow up based surveillance for village health workers,the usage of GeoChat project with Khun total participants is 30; they have learnt aboutPunchawee and Mukdahan’s SRRT. The case definition of priority diseases and how toresult of field visit is the Mukdahan’s SRRT report to higher level. The second and thirdprefer to use GeoChat as a communication training course is for health workers atand reporting tool, but with a much greater district and commune health centersemphasis on follow up. regarding epidemiology, surveillance andIn the meeting, Mukdahan team also epidemic investigation, how to analyze andmentioned about how to set up the cross present data (total participants is 20 and 30,border communication and send report via respectively). An Giang health quarantineGeoChat between Mukdahan and center also had a meeting to strengthen theSavannakhet because it will be of helpful to capacity at the Tinh Bien International borderthe surveillance system under MBDS. gate to review strengs and weakness of theFor organizing the effective SMS quarantine activities and how to solve it.communication system, they are going totrain each chief of staff in district’s hospitalsas the provincial teams and lead their teamin district’s public health center so they cantrain and support themselves in districtlevel. Current is time to demonstrateGeoChat’s value as a communication tool. Mr. Klaikong Vaidhayakarn Dr. Nguyen Dang Vung MBDS Newsletter www.mbdsoffice.com 4
  5. 5. MBDS YUNNAN MBDS GUANGXIMBDS Yunnan Organization MechanismBuilt on April following by project launchmeeting in Guilin in March. Leading by April 15-18,2009 held in Dongxing City,Yunnan Health Bureau, Mr. Fu Xin’an, the monitoring cholera in Vietnam border areasproject will implement by Yunnan CDC, and of technical training courses, training a totalcoordination office was set up in CDC. Dr. of 88 participants. Including those fromLu Lin, the Director General of YNCDC, is Quang Ninh province and the Mong Cai CDC professionals.the team leader.Yunnan Coordination Office allocated projectbudget to cross border sites, total amount is47,000USD for them to carry out XBactivities in 2009.Cross Border meeting was held between August 5-7, 2009, MBDS GuangxiMengla County and Louang Namtha, Laos on Coordinator Dr. Li Huiyang unofficial visit1st April in Mengla County. 30 participants to Vietnam, Quang Ninh province andfrom both side attended the meeting. The two Mong Cai city, the establishment of cross-sides reviewed the project in 2005-2007, and border co-point communication channel.discussed the future cooperation on core Dr. Li Huiyangdiseases surveillance, information sharing andexchange, emergency response and XBtraining. Dr. Cheng Chun MBDS Newsletter www.mbdsoffice.com 5
  6. 6. MBDS LAO PDR MBDS CC MEETING Vientiane (25-25 June 2009)18-19 June 2009 , Xayabouly MBDS Teamconducted training on border diseasesurveillance at Kenthao District especiallyIHR 2005 . The participants attended fromDistrict health office, District Hospital andKenthao border checkpoint staffs. Thisactivities was one of capacity building ofXayabouly province.Cross border Meeting between Louang ©MBDS 2009. All rights reservedNamtha province and Meung La District Compile and created by: Hnin Pwint Phyu @ SnowChina to discussion on A/H1N1 and H5N1 Produced by: Dr. Moe Ko Oooutbreak control. This meeting wasorganized in Meung La dirstrict , China. MBDS Regional Coordinating Office c/o Ministry of Public Health Department of Disease Control Dr. Nyponh Tiwanond Road, Nonthaburi,11000, Thailand http://www.mbdsoffice.com MBDS Newsletter www.mbdsoffice.com 6