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InSTEDD Technologies


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updated as of 2/2/12

Published in: Technology
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InSTEDD Technologies

  1. 1. technologies Based on years of experience around the world, we have created a modern toolkit to help improve collaboration, innovation and resiliency among communities everywhere. The InSTEDD Toolkit All InSTEDD tools are all open source, and available for anyone Nuntium is a tool that allows anyone to Riff is a tool that helps groups analyze and build robust and scalable messaging visualize multiple streams of information. wanting to use them to improve applications. the social impact and scale of their work. These tools can used individually or integrated Pollit Pollit helps you collect opinions, feedback Seentags is a service that helps extract together as building blocks for accurate information from text reports. and status updates from people, wherever larger solutions. We are actively they roam. engaged with our users and continue to evolve and scale the Task Me Up Remindem tool capabilities in order to Remindem helps you keep people Task Me Up helps you collaborate around maximize positive social impact. informed of important things going on in unorganized data to better process their life and work. information. Veeglio GeoChat is a collaboration tool that allows The Reporting Wheel is a non-electronic Veegilo aggregates disease indicator anyone to chat, report, and get alerts device that simplifies data reporting for the numbers from national databases into a offline on their mobile phones or online on most remote workers, including those with common space. their computers. literacy challenges. Verboice Mesh4X is a set of libraries, services and Resource Map helps people track their work, Verboice is a highly customizable application applications that allow data to be resources and results geographically in a that empowers users and developers to build synchronized across multiple collaborative environment accessible from their own interactive voice response systems. applications, databases and files. anywhere.ab iLab Our goal is to find a solution that is efficient, effective and appropriate for your unique Contact us at situation. Whether you need help Latina América refining your idea, doing human-centered field design or Boris Krygel building software, our experience can help you achieve your goals. for more information. Gerente de Programas Boris Krygel Gerente de Programas +54 (911) 5701 7159 S California Ave, Suite 104 +54 (911) 5701 7159 +1-650-326-5000 @instedd boris.krygel 94306, 1818, 1° PaloBartolomé Cruz USA Alto, CA Vicente López, B1638BHR boris.krygel