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focus areas         InSTEDD focuses on the four key areas of maternal/child health, infectious diseases, emergency      ma...
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InSTEDD Focus Areas


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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InSTEDD Focus Areas

  1. 1. focus areas InSTEDD focuses on the four key areas of maternal/child health, infectious diseases, emergency management and local innovation / leadership to improve health, safety and development worldwide. At InSTEDD, we are inspired by our With a shared set of values and InSTEDD’s innovative approach is interconnected world because we desired outcomes, we work with being successfully applied around believe that by combining the others all over the world to develop the world — from pioneering ingenuity of society with the power of technology Using a human-centered process of software design efforts to integrate disease we can overcome our and development, InSTEDD uses a “social-technical” surveillance and response collective health, safety approach to solve humanitys most pressing health, systems in Southeast Asia to implementation of a and development issues at safety and development challenges. nationwide communications an unprecedented rate. system to aid victims of the long term sustainable solutions that catastrophic earthquake that struck From Asia to Africa to Europe and empower locals to drive the the Americas, the InSTEDD team Haiti in January 2010. development of solutions to their has come face-to-face with the most most important problems. pressing global issues of our time.focus areas maternal / child infectious emergency local health diseases management innovation / leadership
  2. 2. technologies modern Designed for low resource settings, all of our tools were created to take advantage of existing technologies such as simple mobile phones and computers with limited capabilities. Each tool was designed, tested, and improved by communities they serve toolkit who often have limited access to electricity, internet or expensive hardware. Whether its coordinating an emergency response to a natural disaster in Haiti, preventing the spread of dengue in Cambodia, improving HIV/AIDS care in Rwanda or organizing crisis rst responders in the USA, our tools are here to help. Remindem GeoChat is a collaboration tool that allows Remindem helps you keep people informed of Seentags is a service that helps anyone to chat, report, and get alerts offline on important things going on in their life and work. extract accurate information from their mobile phones or online on their computers. text reports. Task Me Up Mesh4X is a set of libraries, services and The Reporting Wheel is a non-electronic device Task Me Up helps you collaborate applications that allow data to be synchronized that simplifies data reporting for the most remote around unorganized data to better across multiple applications, databases and files. workers, including those with literacy challenges. process information. Veeglio Nuntium is a tool that allows anyone to build Resource Map helps people track their Veegilo aggregates disease indicator robust and scalable messaging applications. work, resources and results numbers from national databases into geographically in a collaborative a common space. environment accessible from anywhere. Pollit Verboice Pollit helps you collect opinions, feedback Riff is a tool that helps groups analyze Verboice is an application that and status updates from people, wherever and visualize multiple streams of empowers people to build their own they roam. information. interactive voice response systems. tools in action Remindem, our text messaging tool, sends simple texts with to educate, advise, and remind parents and caregivers worldwide about childhood immunizations. Verboice, our voice-based messaging tool, creates a way to verbally communicate with communities by building voice-based educational campaigns with tailored messages from local opinion leaders to educate and engage parents and caregivers. Resource Map, our collaborative mapping tool, lets resource coordinators see who has sufficient vaccination supplies and where they are as well as get alerts when supplies are too high or too low. GeoChat, our team collaboration tool, lets health workers to stay in close contact through group SMS, allowing them to immediately report possible disease outbreaks and coordinate an immediate response. Pollit, our mobile data collection tool, allows project leaders to instantly assess community attitudes and behaviors by conducting SMS-based polls that allow patients to evaluate their care them in a private and confidential way. Reporting Wheel, our data simplification tool, helps health workers overcome literacy challenges by assigning numerical values to disease reports so they can text in a number code that contains information from their health clinics.ab iLab No two places, problems, or cultures are exactly alike. Our goal is to find a solution that is Contact us at América Latina efficient, effective and appropriate for each situation. Whether you need help refining Boris Krygelhuman-centered field design, or building a tool, our experience can help your idea, doing Gerente de Programas you achieve your goals. Boris Krygel for more information. Gerente de Programas +54 (911) 5701 7159 S California Ave, Suite 104 +54 (911) 5701 7159 +1-650-326-5000 @instedd boris.krygel 94306, 1818, 1° PaloBartolomé Cruz USA Alto, CA Vicente López, B1638BHR boris.krygel Buenos Aires, Argentina