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mHealth tech and implementation


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A presentation for 14 members from Cambodian eHealth Information Network

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mHealth tech and implementation

  1. 1. mHealth tech and implementation HEALTH | TECHNOLOGY | SUSTAINABILITY Tharum Bun Communications Lead, InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia August 14, 2014
  2. 2. overview We design and use open source technology tools to help partners enhance collaboration, share knowledge and improve information flow so partners can better deliver critical services in their communities. ourniche
  3. 3. projects Our approach facilitates collective action by local partners, and is being successfully applied globally. Argentina Bangladesh Cambodia China Haiti Indonesia Kenya Laos Mexico Mozambique Rwanda Ghana Thailand USA Vietnam Zimbabwe
  4. 4. Mobile phone penetration in Cambodia “It is estimated that there are 19 million mobile phones in Cambodia – 1.3 phones for each of the country’s 15 million people. Currently, only more than two million Cambodians are connected to the internet.” Source: Southeastern Globe magazine, November 11, 2013
  5. 5. Many existing tools & open source tools
  6. 6. InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia mHealth experiences Mobile tools for health team
  7. 7. Simplicity of real time and low cost of infectious disease reporting from Health Center Kean Svay Operationa District, MoH Routine Infectious Disease Reporting: Reporting Wheel + SMS Cambodia
  8. 8. Strengthening Malaria Surveillance in Cambodia. Reporting malaria cases from the community Malaria Consortium – Malaria Surveillance and Alert Tool Malaria Day0 – grassroots malaria case reporting tool via SMS Cambodia
  9. 9. Web-based application that enable private providers to message information about each referred patient into an online database. Malaria Consortium – Private Provider Referral System Malaria case referral from private clinic to public facility via SMS Cambodia
  10. 10. A bi-weekly update on their stock levels through SMS is a window into the current stock situations throughout the health centers. Inventory Alert Tool for Malaria Stock – National Center for Malaria Control & CHAI Malaria inventory alert tool via SMS or Smartphone Cambodia
  11. 11. Real time update of the critical malaria stocks from the health center over the SMS to the national level Malaria drug stock reporting – CMPE Malaria aggregate case and stock reporting via SMS Lao, PDR
  12. 12. InSTEDD iLab SEA mHealth experiences Mobile tools for ordinary people
  13. 13. I am going to the forest, how can I protect myself from malaria infection? I am just back from the forest and have abnormal symptom fever … how can I get malaria test? what are the signs of malaria infection? For population without internet access + literacy barrier
  14. 14. Mobile Technology for Family Planning phone-based intervention to support post- abortion contraception for clients at four Marie Stopes clinics in Cambodia. Maries Stopes International Cambodia - MOTIF
  15. 15. National Election Hotline The basic information about the 2013 National Assembly election with a simple phone call to toll free number. Open Institute – NEC – National Election Hotline
  16. 16. Health and working condition line for factory workers Phone line quiz, which allow garment factory workers to call in to the system to answer several questions related to salaries, work safety and personal health.
  17. 17. Baby health follow up after the delivery Voice messaging/ Hotline system for mothers of newborns in Kampong Chhnang Province People In Need Cambodia
  18. 18. Reproductive health hotline Provide health education, counseling for Cambodia people. Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia
  19. 19. Mobile Reminder System for Cambodian Diabetics provide patients tips and advices through interactive voice calls. MoPoTsyo Patient Information Center
  20. 20. Solid waste collection reporting Image courtesy of ILO BFC Real time waste reporting by people with photo and geo-location information
  21. 21. For population has smartphone + internet access Image courtesy of ILO BFC Smart application Real time data submission with geo location Information library
  22. 22. Email : Interested in our works? Please contact us to explore how we can collaborate:
  23. 23.