Economic Development: the 2nd Pillar of In-SHUCK-ch's Nation Building Plan:


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February 2016 presentation given at In-SHUCK-ch's monthly regional gatherings.

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  • As we spoke of earlier there are four pillars of our nation building plan. As we work on the plans in each pillar and carry out each plan we become a stronger, more independent and capable Nation.

    Economic Development is the second pillar we will be talking about
  • This is another look of the Nation Building plan we talked about in November.
  • As we discussed in November, we will start implementing the Nation Building Plan once we ratify Treaty
    Remember, Nation building is the process of rebuilding our government, our institutions, and our society to reflect the vision we want for our Nation.

  • The Golden Apple is the state where we have all the things we need to have happy, healthy lives and communities.
    It is made up of all the aspects that people identified during the community sessions in whistler, where people talked about what was important to them.

    Some of these aspects of our vision for a better life relate to Economic Development and Building a sustainable local economy (shown in red)
  • Each will be needed to be a real Nation so we will discuss them as the only(main?) topic at a meeting.
  • The first pillar will be Gov’t and Administration. As you can see there are many parts to it.
  • The Plan drives the budget, the budget doesn’t drive the plan (Different than under the Indian Act where you cannot plan that way)
  • Financial Transparency and Accountability will be central to everythingg
  • Economic Development: the 2nd Pillar of In-SHUCK-ch's Nation Building Plan:

    1. 1. In-SHUCK-ch Nation The 2nd Pillar of the Nation Building Plan: Economic Development February 2016 Gatherings
    2. 2. Nation Building • Agenda: – Overview -The Nation Building Plan – A Better Life – The 4 Pillars of the Nation Building Plan – Focus today on Economic Development Pillar – 4 Building Blocks that make up the Economic Development Pillar – Summary & Conclusion
    3. 3. The Nation Building Plan Overview • Treaty is a tool for us to achieve self-government so we can be in charge of our own destinies. • Once we ratify the Treaty we will have to start Nation Building – forming and planning our self government and building a better life To do this we implement the Nation Building Plan A BETTER LIFE Life Under the Indian Act Self Government Treaty
    4. 4. Building a Better Life Sustainable Economy Self Government Assuming authority over our lives and lands A BETTER LIFE Healthy Communities Strong Culture Jobs Our own LawsHealthy Lands and Sustainable Resources Education Housing Fair and equitable society Language Protocols Our own Institutions Entrepreneurs Generate revenue Invest in future
    5. 5. The 4 Pillars of the Nation Building Plan • The Nation Building Plan covers four categories: – Government and Administration – Economic Development – Land, Resources and Capital Infrastructure – Social Development These are the pillars for rebuilding our Nation
    6. 6. The 2nd Pillar • Economic Development Plan has 4 components: 1) Economic Development Plan 2) Asset and Investment Management Plan 3) 10 year Financial Plan 4) Financial Policy and Process 1 2 3 4
    7. 7. 1) Economic Development Plan • This plan will identify where economic opportunity can be used to bridge the gap between government transfers and Nation expenses. – identifies how and when the Nation should take advantage of economic opportunities – Prioritize opportunities based on community fit and financial return
    8. 8. 1) Economic Development Plan • Will build on our work we are already doing: – The Wealth Creation Plan – The Business Governance Structure • Economic Development Plan must be consistent with: – Constitution – Economic Development Act – Land Use Plans
    9. 9. 2) Asset and Investment Management Plan • At Treaty effective date In-SHUCK-ch will also need to manage wealth. – Appropriately manage and invest large capital transfers – Save: Responsibility to put funds aside over time – Invest: short-term and long-term investments so money can grow • create income for the Nation
    10. 10. 2) Asset and Investment Management Plan • Develop the plan in a manner that is inclusive of membership and leadership feedback. – Transparency • Provide assurance to membership that large capital transfers are being responsibly managed. – Money is protected $
    11. 11. 3) 10 year Financial Plan • A 10 Year Budget: – Show all the funding inputs and expenditures the Nation expects to occur over the ten years following the Treaty effective date • Sources of funding: – Income from ec dev and investment – Gov transfers and other funding sources • Expenditures: – Gov operations – Investment in capital and infrastructure
    12. 12. 3) 10 year Financial Plan • Other Plans will Drive the Budget – Operations Plan – Economic Development Plan – Social Development Plan – Health Plan – Education Plan – Land Use Plan – Capital Plan
    13. 13. 4) Financial Policy and Process • Combine and streamline In-SHUCK-ch Nation, Samahquam and Skatin’s financial processes – So they can function as coordinated entities in a single government. • harmonized financial policies – Result in a more efficient administration, greater accountability and improved provision of programs and services to citizens
    14. 14. 4) Financial Policy and Process • A Financial Administration Law will be developed to provide a legal framework which this collection of policies can operate under – Policies are translated into action in the financial process Financial Administration Law Financial Policy A Financial Policy B Financial Policy C Process Process Process Process Process
    15. 15. Summary $ Protection of Land & Resources Social & Cultural Programs Operation & Administration of Gov $ $ $
    16. 16. Conclusion • 1) Economic Development Plan: to take advantage of opportunities and generate own-source revenue • 2) Asset & Investment Plan: to protect and grow our capital • 3) 10 year Financial Plan: to spend our money wisely through budgeting • 4) Financial Policy and Process: to streamline and create efficiency in the way we administer our finances