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In Rev Seo And Smo Services


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Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services from InRev. We provide quality service at decent cost.

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In Rev Seo And Smo Services

  1. 1. Scope of Work : Social Media Services Description: The Social Media Services provided by the InRev consists of whole range of operations which will enable a company or any organization to mark its presence in the new internet platform governed by search engine and social media. The work has been divided into three parts: 1. SEO Service This will contain services which will allow your web-site’s link to come at the top of the search results in the search engine. 2. Social Media service This will contain services which will allow your business to make its presence in the online social networks and allow you to communicate with your customer directly. 3. Advance Research and Analysis This will allow advance analysis of your business status and comparison with other services competing with yours. This will contain an advance report which will allow you to make good decisions. © InRev Systems (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd rd # 56 3 Main, K R Garden, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore 560 017
  2. 2. Breakdown of the Services: SEO Services 1. Keyword Research a. Find top 100 related Keywords for Google b. Suggest Keywords for the pages (10 pages) c. Suggest Meta description for the site d. Suggest best 20 keywords for Google Adwords 2. Review Design Concepts and Usability a. Study of the site and prepare a review b. Provide some suggestions to better the site c. E.g. as in 3. Web Analytics Reporting a. Setting up Google Analytics Account b. Weekly study of the Google Analytics and prepare a high level report c. Provide findings and suggestions based on the report on weekly basis. This is based on Business goals defined by the Business Manager. 4. Traffic Potential Examination (study of up to 100 sites) a. Study of various competing sites and collecting data on ongoing basis b. Defining the realistic targets and finding traffic potential c. Identifying areas to improve and provide suggestions to focus to catch the desired traffic d. Traffic volume for all sites to be taken from 5. Link Analysis a. Proper 301 and other redirects b. Identification and removal Broken Links c. Resubmitting Links to Google d. Inbound Links and outbound links study 6. Competitor Comparison a. Performance of competing sites using Google Page Rank, Alexa Ranking b. Inbound Links, Social Bookmarking, RSS Feed, Digg, Technorati Blog Rank etc c. Location wise traffic study 7. Conversion Analysis a. Defining goals in Google Analytics 8. On-Page Optimization (10 pages) a. Writing content for the web page b. Providing meta keywords and meta description © InRev Systems (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd rd # 56 3 Main, K R Garden, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore 560 017
  3. 3. Social Media Services 1. Wordpress Blog Set-up a. With free templates and with custom ones 2. Twitter Account Creation and Management a. Create Twitter Account b. Follow/unfollow to increase no. Of followers c. Tweeting relevant stuffs d. Reporting Twitter Account Performance every week e. Reporting major events 3. Submission to Social Bookmarking sites a. Submission to Digg, Delicious, HotKlix etc 4. Establish websites connection to different social media platform a. Share to Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook etc b. Post in Blogger, Wordpress etc 5. Community Based Marketing a. Find and target certain community i. Find people from certain geographic area in Twitter ii. Find people with interests in certain domain based on Tweets iii. Matching people’s profile Bio in Twitter b. Writing targeted articles in localized and targeted blogs c. Bringing similar people together to market in various social media services and help in cross marketing of products/services. 6. Twitter Update BOT a. Automated Follow/Unfollow b. Automated Tweets from certain areas of interest c. Location based and interest based follow 7. Ad Facility in Blogs/Sites a. GlobalThoughtz b. FCube c. Buzzom 8. Social Media Consulting a. Twitter Tips for increasing followers and remain connected b. Using Facebook for Business c. Using LinkedIn efficiently to find relevant people d. Using Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, SlideShare, YouTube etc © InRev Systems (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd rd # 56 3 Main, K R Garden, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore 560 017
  4. 4. Analysis and Research 1. Customer segmentation (using K Means) a. Data Collection from Web and Non-Web Sources b. Defining parameters based on the raw information c. Clustering based on the parameters d. Profiling the clusters to give business meaning 2. Sensitivity Analysis a. Data collection from web and non-web sources b. Evaluate sensitivity of pricing/targeting to performance c. Build marketing strategies based on the result 3. Competitor Analysis a. Identify major competitors and their services b. Collect data from various third parties (like Alexa, Technorati, Digg etc) c. Evaluate performance over a period and build reports d. Build strategies to build the competition 4. Market Analysis a. Identify a market and study it b. Finding major players in the industry and the competing industries c. Evaluate industry performance over the period of time d. Prepare a strategic report on Market Analysis 5. Industry Performance Report a. Study of industry and its players b. Prepare a industry performance report c. Will be more like a case study 6. Marketing ROI Report a. Examine the marketing spend for a period of time b. Collect data on performance from Alexa, Google Analytics, and other possible sources etc c. Collect data from Google Adwords and other online marketing campaigns d. Prepare a marketing report e. Build strategy for future use 7. Web Buzz Report a. Crawl the web and collect data for the brand b. Collect data from Twitter on talk about the brand c. Find people and blogs taking about the brand d. Examine its competitors on the same services e. Prepare a Buzz Report © InRev Systems (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd rd # 56 3 Main, K R Garden, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore 560 017
  5. 5. 8. Content Generation (SEO Optimized) a. Case studies b. Web Site Review c. Product/Service Marketing Document d. Blog Articles e. White papers Contact Details: Sweta Sharma Head of Analytics Deep Sherchan Head of Web Research © InRev Systems (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd rd # 56 3 Main, K R Garden, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore 560 017