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On the successful completion of the second quarter, we‟d like to present our second issue of “Virtuoso”. We are glad to receive good reviews from our reader for our previous Newsletter. We are thankful to our readers and hope that we continue to bring quality news. Guided by inspiration and support from all the friends and readers, this time we have worked to improve the quality articles for the public reading. We‟d love to get your comments and suggestion to improve ourselves. If you have anything you‟d like to share with us, please email us at Once again, we thank you all for supporting us. 1|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2

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In Rev Newsletter Q2 2009

  1. 1. Virtuoso Harness Your Social Network Decision Services Defined. -By James Taylor Market Trend - Twitter for Business IT/ITeS Trends in India InRev Quarterly Newsletter
  2. 2. Editor’s Desk Mission Statement On the successful completion of the second quarter, we‟d like to present our second issue of “Virtuoso”. We are glad to receive good reviews from our reader for our previous Newsletter. We are thankful to our readers and hope that we continue to bring quality news. Guided by inspiration and support from all the friends and readers, this time we have worked to improve the quality articles for the public reading. We‟d love to get your comments and suggestion to improve ourselves. If you have anything you‟d like to share with us, please email us at Once again, we thank you all for supporting us. 1|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2
  3. 3. Message from CEO First quarter gave a good start, and second quarter was a better follow up. There were numerous achievements in this quarter including establishing Buzzom as one of the best Twitter Application Globally (most voted in It was nice to see well established blogs like „Start-up Meme‟, „Killer Start-ups‟ and „Think and Succeed‟ covering us. The other product Fcube is well on its way to become one of the best Economic Information Systems. This quarter went on covering the United States, and now the third quarter will be spent on presenting a true international face. The competition has increased with Google joining the fray in the area of public data visualization, and it‟s a test for us. I am sure with the Team‟s dedication and hard work; we will be able to establish ourselves as a trusted player in Economic Reporting. Coming months ahead would be interesting. There were few updates on GlobalThoughtz; now it comes with a new Business Model and a quality look. The technical challenges have been solved, and now the challenge remains in operations. With few established bloggers with us, and few other professional bloggers joining in, I am confident that GlobalThoughtz will make it to the top of the blogosphere soon. Last six months have been exciting and challenging too. I am happy about the financial achievements of the company amid the Economic Recession. This quarter saw the rise in number of the clients and the client leads. The other achievement was to have a new partner, ResCon, Research and Consulting Firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal. In short, I see past quarter as a successful period for the company and am hopeful to have better time ahead. I thank all friends for making this happen. Thank you. Bhupendra Khanal 2|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2
  4. 4. Decision Services Defined - James Taylor Organizations adopting Decision Management improve day to day business results by supporting, automating and improving operational decisions. Decision Management is a business discipline that builds on existing enterprise applications and IT infrastructure to put data to work, manage uncertainty, increase transparency and give the business control of their systems. It focuses on implementing core decisioning technologies such as business rules, data mining and predictive analytics, and optimization and defines how you can effectively incorporate these technologies into your business applications. It results in systems that support your business objectives, are flexible and business-led, are compliant and easy to change and are data-driven and constantly improve. There are five core concepts in Decision Management – operational decisions, business rules, business analytics, decision analysis and adaptive control. Operational Decisions At the core of Decision Management is a focus on Operational Decisions. These decisions are not the big, high- value decisions beloved of management consultants and CEOs. These decisions are those required to make day to day operations run effectively. They ensure that Business Rules customers are treated consistently, that the right price is offered, that the Business rules are the core building block of most effective offer is made. While the operational decisions. Business rules are value of each individual decision is atomic, declarative statements of business small, the cumulative effect is very intent. Business rules implement the large because organizations make policies, regulations, know-how and these decisions often. expertise critical to decisions. 3|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2
  5. 5. Business Analytics One of the most powerful features of Decision Management is the ability to bring analytics into About the Author play. Business analytics includes data mining – used to investigate data and derive trends and characteristics that can be represented as business James Taylor is the CEO of Decision rules – and predictive analytics- used to create Management Solutions and the leading expert on the business and models that predict how customers might behave in technology of decision management. the future. Decision Management allows these insights to be applied not just to broad statements Decision Management helps or corporate strategies, but deep down into day to companies maximize the value of their day operations. existing systems and improve business processes transaction by Decision Analysis transaction. Organizations use performance management Providing consulting and advice techniques and technologies to continually evaluate business rules, business process, their performance against metrics and monitor business intelligence and predictive processes. Decision Analysis applies these same analytics, Decision Management techniques to constantly monitor and evaluate Solutions helps companies adopt decision performance so that the impact of decision management. decisions on the business can be assessed and used to improve decision making. Adaptive Control The things that determine if a particular decision is a good one are often out of your control. It can also take time to determine if a decision has a positive outcome. A decision must therefore constantly be challenged with new approaches to see if a better approach is possible or if an existing approach has ceased to be effective. This test-and-learn approach is known as adaptive control. 4|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2
  6. 6. Twitter for Business - InRev Online Social Network has many faces, among them Twitter stands as the most unconventional. There are many blogs written on whether Twitter is a social network or not. Even the CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams have said in one of his interview: “It looks like Social Network but is actually fundamentally different, in how the relationship structure work. Facebook is about finding and encapsulating the real world connections where if we know each other, we say we are friends and then communicate. Twitter is asynchronous relationship model where I may be following your updates but you may not care about mine.” So, what is Twitter? RANK Site Feb 08 Feb 09 % growth 1 475,000 7,038,000 1382% Trying to categories Twitter will never work 2 Zimbio 809,000 2,752,000 240% because the fact is its one of its kind. Instead, we must give time in understanding how things work 3 Facebook 20,043,000 65,704,000 228% in Twitter and use it to benefit our business. This 4 Multiply 821,000 2,394,000 192% article is mainly going to demonstrate the potential 5 Wikia 1,381,000 3,758,000 172% of Twitter as a business tool. source: Nielsen NetView, 2/09, U.S., Home and Work Fastest Growing Member Community Destinations Trend in the Market Above table shows the %growth of There was time when no one thought that having a Twitter astoundingly high. The company‟s website is going to be a fruitful popularity that it is gaining through not investment. Well, looking around now we see it‟s as only internet but also through other one of the top priority to be visible in the market. traditional media is very high. The graph Then, there was BLOG. Everyone thought, it‟s for below shows the rise in the unique self-expressionistic and unprofessional people. visitors on Twitter‟s Site. We can see a Well, again it‟s a must for any big organization. sharp rise after January 2009 and right Blogging and Web-Site Designing has become a now the unique visitors have almost part of business development. Now it‟s Twitter. As increased to 20 million per month. always, we have our doubts and fear of its These data shows how rapidly Twitter is sustainability. making its presence in Internet. 5|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2
  7. 7. How are Organizations using Twitter? Unique Visitors to in At this time of recession and economic Millions downfall, DELL makes $1 Million in revenue 25 through Twitter. 20 Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) says Twitter has produced $1 million in revenue over the 15 past year and a half through sale alerts. People who sign up to follow Dell on 10 Twitter receive messages when discounted products are available the 5 company’s Home Outlet Store. They can 0 click over to purchase the product or forward the information to others. Source: InternetNews Source: Dell has one of the most interesting and innovative, sales and business model. No wonder they were first few to get hold of the Many are calling this as a cheap marketing Twitter‟s potential as a good channel. So it‟s technique, but the truth is not all of them sure to be followed by many. have become successful through twitter. The reason is “Twitter is not a magic wand” that Path Ahead everyone is thinking it to be. To get full success from Twitter, it needs to be used Twitter is has become an inevitable part of the intelligently and thoughtfully like any other internet. It has transformed the way company media. tracks customer‟s opinion and the way they communicate with them. It is the ultimate PR Make your-self one. platform for any business hub from a Twitter has many aspects to it. This article Household business to the Multi-National demonstrates that business is one of them. Company. Further, it is also important to Twitter has tremendous potential to boost understand the relationship between the blog, your sales and your brand to the consumers. webpage and twitter page. These three are the Twitter provides a magic mirror through essential ingredients which must not be which you can track your brand and act missed by any business organization. accordingly. Now it’s your turn So, do not delay and make yourself one, if Every day, hundreds of articles and Medias are you haven‟t. generated on “How to use Twitter as Read more about it on blog: Marketing Tool?” Many businesses even have { } their business model based on assisting company grow their sales through twitter. 6|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2
  8. 8. IT/ITeS Trends in India A sector Report -Krishnadas.N IT & ITES Sector has been one of the hotshots of Indian economy. India has leveraged upon this opportunity and spread its IT Presence worldwide. This report covers a detailed analysis of the Indian IT/ITeS Sector along with a detailed profile of top players in the industry with their financials. It starts with defining the industry which includes the activities performed by the companies which come under the purview of the IT sector and the proportion of the companies which are involved in the corresponding activity. A light is thrown on the evolution of Indian IT/ITeS industry describing about the three stages/phases of Indian IT/ITeS Sector, including detailed information about the policies and events. The report clearly demonstrates the growth track of Indian IT/ITeS industry updated till 2009 estimate and elaborates the reasons for India-Advantage. A deep insight is given into Indian BPO Sector, with details of its growth and revenue from different service lines of BPO. It gives a detail description of the shift in trend of the industry moving from the Back-end Services location to the Global Innovation hub. Most important part of any sector report is to understand the entry-exit barrier and the factors that affect the sector like economic, political etc, thus have been covered for the IT Sector as well. It gives a detailed analysis of IT Sector Growth in terms of STP Parks, Workforce etc. Also touching upon the regulatory environment in the industry, it gives the details of India in Business. The top players in IT/ITeS Sector have been analyzed in detail with the current trends and financials. Thus, the report can be used an effective tool by foreign investors to look upon investment options in Indian IT/ITeS sector. It can also be used by potential entrant in the sector to study and learn from the existing trends. For complete Case Study Visit :{} 7|Page July 2009, ISSUE #2
  9. 9. | InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd. #56, 3rd Main, K R Garden, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore 560017 Telephone: +91-80-40971130 Email: Contact Person: Deep Sherchan Chief Marketing Officer Telephone: +91-96-111-22994 Email: