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In Rev Newsletter 4 Q2010


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This issue of “Virtuoso” marks the journey of InRev to the second year. We are thankful to our readers and hope that we continue to bring quality products and services. In this issue of Virtuoso, we are featuring our new social media product Premium Buzzom. Buzzom has been taken very positively in the social networks which has given us the motivation to bring out the premium version of the product at affordable price. We also have a trend analysis on the future of technology for the year 2010. Also, we would like to thank Anunay Gupta for sharing his thoughts on the Innovation in India. We‟d love to get your comments and suggestion to improve ourselves. If you have anything you‟d like to share with us, please email us at Once again, we thank you all for supporting us. 1|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4

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In Rev Newsletter 4 Q2010

  1. 1. Virtuoso Nov 2009 ISSUE #4 Innovation in 2010 Disruptive Innovation Guest Writer in India Anunay Gupta PhD 10 Technologies That Will Rock 2010 Tablet to Net Neutrality Enterprise Solution for Product Feature Twitter InRev Buzzom Premium Quarterly Newsletter
  2. 2. Editor’s Desk This issue of “Virtuoso” marks the journey of InRev to the second year. We are thankful to our readers and hope that we continue to bring quality products and services. In this issue of Virtuoso, we are featuring our new social media product Premium Buzzom. Buzzom has been taken very positively in the social networks which has given us the motivation to bring out the premium version of the product at affordable price. We also have a trend analysis on the future of technology for the year 2010. Also, we would like to thank Anunay Gupta for sharing his thoughts on the Innovation in India. We‟d love to get your comments and suggestion to improve ourselves. If you have anything you‟d like to share with us, please email us at Once again, we thank you all for supporting us. 1|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  3. 3. Message from CEO InRev has completed the first year of operations and it has been done with mixed results. We have established Buzzom, GlobalThoughtz and NXY in terms of gaining market share and brand value. Now is the time, we are focusing on making money from them. We just launched Buzzom Premium on Jan 5th and NXY Corporate Dashboard today. Buzzom Premium is focused on making a complete solution to a business Twitter needs while NXY Corporate Dashboard aims to become gateway to Internet Marketers and Marketing Firms. We have priced reasonably well below any of our competition and will continue doing so. InRev will want to earn little money from huge customer base than focusing on few and charging more. This will however not mean compromising in customer service. We will provide customer service 24x7. We thank all our friends and partners for bringing up here. Do remain with us in days ahead. We will be serving with better product and service innovations. Happy New Year 2010. Bhupendra 2|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  4. 4. Disruptive Innovation I think, it boils down to economics. More in India specifically the incentive systems that - Anunay Gupta PhD exist across the talent value chain in Co-founder & COO Marketelligent India. Right from schooling - to higher education - to their first job - to a I have often wondered why Indians in seasoned team lead – to a business head, India have traditionally been laggards in incentive structures in India are largely terms of their contributions to globally misplaced and mispriced: disruptive technologies. - Family, schools and evaluation Talent is definitely available and there is systems that award perfection. no scarcity of ideas. Also entrepreneurs Getting a perfect 10 is rewarded and related VC funding are in no more than getting a firm grasp of shortage. fundamentals and being creative in approach. And disruptive innovation is And many of the often the result of disruptive lateral - not linear - technologies that thinking. evolved in the West most likely - Lack of a had an Indian „creative ecosystem‟ at flavor – either in Universities and their founding Institutes of higher team; or in their learning. There is very technical leads; or little monetary incentive their mentors. for bright Undergraduate students This is not to say to pursue a career in that innovation is Research and Teaching not thriving in within India. India. In fact, India has in a As a result there is no relatively short substantial ecosystem of span of time since innovation that has Independence created an impact on a built up over the years. global scale; all this on the back of a democratically-elected government and a Components of such ecosystems wildly multi-cultural secular society. have been built in piece-meal approaches, but without the glue But we have not been able to create that can bind it all together and disruptive innovation. The likes of Apple give it the impetus to become a or Amazon or Google. So where is the sustainable living entity. missing link? 3|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  5. 5. - Businesses that reward breadth vs. depth of knowledge. The youth-led demographics of India and the high growth rate of the Indian economy mean that managers that display a breadth of expertise are more valued than their counterparts that have a deep understanding of a particular area. - I wouldn‟t be surprised to learn that India is producing a disproportionally higher number of MBA‟s vs technical Masters/Doctorate graduates. - Business leaders that are execution-focused. High growth rates and process inefficiencies means that business leaders spend a disproportionate amount of their time on operational matters. With less bandwidth remaining for strategic thinking and for nurturing centers of innovation and excellence. - A largely dysfunctional Which has resulted in a vibrant Government. A necessary but not economy; but not the kind that can sufficient condition. challenge the best, and produce disruptive innovation. As a result of the above, India thrives in At least not yet. mediocrity and in the relentless pursuit of the middle class dream. 4|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  6. 6. Enterprise Solution Getting rid of Spam Message for Twitter -InRev The year 2009 started with an over hyped potential of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. It immediately occurred to everyone that it was the best way to promote their ideas and products at the times of economic downturn. But instead of being the best Twitter has been tagged as a portal of solution, people used it because it was spam a lot of time. But it must be free. understood that Twitter as a service is very raw and untamed, that is why an Marketers rushed to the sites with no extra layer of application is required to idea about the usability of the tool. This bring the best out of it. occurred especially with Twitter rather than Facebook. Facebook was then more Getting rid of the redundant information closed among friends and family. and bringing the best information from the twitter stream is the first priority Twitter API played a very important role which will make Twitter move to main is creating the Twitter eco-system, it stream. encouraged many entrepreneurs and startups to take social media platforms Removing spam from the stream will seriously. bring people‟s trust back to the service and increase its user base. Twitter have These were the true leaders of social worked hard to clean the stream from the media frontier who showed the way to spamming sites but it still needs another other marketers. But the social media level of treatment. still has not entered into the enterprise sector providing solutions for business. Status Scheduler So what makes an application an appropriate solution to the users who are using Twitter as a way to leverage their professional career? Here are the basic ways in which social media can be leveraged. There are lot of apprehension regarding the automatic status update, but we need to understand that reaching to your 5|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  7. 7. target audience requires you to update also measures the number of the information at the nick of time. replies and ReTweets. Reaching out to people at the time when 2. Follower‟s Growth they are most likely to receive your This measures the size of your message is the right time to update your network. The larger the number of status. followers, the greater the number. Finding this time is very critical and at 3. Network‟s Activity the same time very difficult. This This is very important, as this requires understanding the activity of measures the strength of you your network and its responsiveness. Network. The number of clicks on the links shared and their The rate of information flow in Twitter is ReTweet count is very important. very high, that is why most valuable If this number is less then no information do not reach to the target matter how large your size is, the audience and die out due to a very low value of the network is null. signal to noise ratio in Twitter Channel. 4. Profile‟s Activity That is why the best way to reach to your This is the activity of your profile, network is to time your status update your tweeting rate and you and repeat them in appropriate numbers. responses to other. Monitoring Profile Both of these parameters are important to measure your involvement in the network and make sure that you are a part of the network. All the things mentioned above are the vital part of the social media enterprise solution. Once we find all these packaged in one application, that application can In any kinds of business the presence of truly be called the best business quantifiable variable is very important. application solution for Twitter. This allows professionals to measure and approximate their growth and profit in InRev has more than a year of experience the channel. In case of Twitter there are in the social media from connecting to few things that are very important to people, to creating a content. Hence as a measure, creator and distributor of content InRev stands strong. Recently, InRev launched its premium solution for Twitter users. 1. Influence Score This is an step towards leveraging Twitter and this process will go on in This measures the number of future. clicks from the link you shared. It Visit : 6|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  8. 8. that people are looking for then that‟s it 10 Technologies That – We have our new iPOD. It is not a biased statement, but a truth in some Will Rock 2010 way. -InRev The reason that I say is because Online Looking back at 2009, we can say that it Reading is something that every Internet was the most interesting time in the web users do and Tablet provides the best technology ( despite the harsh economy). way to consume the Internet content. The year 2009 boosted the potential of mobile gadgets and its value in today‟s Though we might still be working on a networked society. We can call it the rise Laptop, Tablet will be the way to of social awareness of networking and consume digital content. communicating. 2. NetPhone So when we look ahead in 2010, we will see that the innovation has just begun. We are already seeing the importance of So here are the lists of technologies, Google Voice, which many Americans which I think, will rock the year 2010. have enjoyed. We already have a software Most of the technologies that will be like Skype which allows you to mentioned are related to online media communicate through the internet data and the Internet. line. 1. Apple’s Tablet This demonstrates that people are still comfortable with voice The noises and communication and it is speculations are too high not going to die. We to ignore the presence of would still want to call Apple‟s Tablet. If all the our friends and families rumors are authentic and, and communicate. if by all means, Apple Hence, we might see launches the iSlate on more advancement in 25th January, then it‟s VOIP technology. going to be the thing to talk about in 2010. Though mobile network providers would have to We must admit that a play a hard battle with tablet is a concept that has the VOIP services, the been around us for a very long time. But conflict between these two models will it is still not the consumer device that end once we have more and more VOIP people would die for. But after the services running in our mobile devices. increase in sales and demands of Amazon Kindle and Nook, the market is 3. Net Neutrality pretty sure that a tablet is soon to be the device to have. So at this time, if Apple The rise of Smartphone have suddenly can bring the device with the interface put a lot of pressure on the mobile network providers. The online content 7|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  9. 9. consumption and communication have distributed online and consumed by stressed out the network providers. people. One of the prominent example is the Online networking will see more than failure of At&T to meet the iPhone‟s just sharing information. 2009 had an demand. This have forced the content overwhelming reaction towards social providers and distributors into two media which created a lot of junk in the opposite poles. Internet. Content providers like Google (YouTube Currently, information and contents go for video content) consumes a to waste and don‟t make their lot of bandwidth. This is not way toward the targeted good for the network audiences. providers because they have to face the burden 2010 will see a of handling the revolution towards requests. On the other social profile hand, content management with providers don‟t have advance analytics. to pay anything to the This will be applying distributors. spam control over your networks and As a result, Network strengthening the providers would have to efficiency of your network increased their fees. Now, this connections. brings a great conflict between the consumers, the providers and the As sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and distributors. Facebook are used in professional hiring, Profile search will also be a big thing. Net neutrality is all about giving full Social network provides a best way to access to the Internet without any reach out to potential businesses. restrictions. But we still need to see some agreement between the providers and Hence search (not for content) but for the distributors. Hence, we might be able people should be big. Social profile to see some breakthroughs on Net management with advance analytics will Neutrality in 2010 which would solve the be the next big thing for social networks current problems. 5. Virtualization 4. Social Profile Management(Advanced Analytics) Client desktop computing is surely the new way towards connecting people to offices. Virtual desktops or Virtual Online Social Networking sites have machines will soon be employed in many blasted the news channel on each offices providing better flexibility to opportunities in 2009 and it will hardware and software selection. continue to do so in 2010. More and more real time contents would be 8|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  10. 10. This will reduce the hardware cost of servers and desktops and CPU maintenance in office. This will also reduce the cost of softwares as most will be deployed in the virtual machines. This is a key to cutting costs, lowering complexity, as well as increasing agility as needs shift. 6. Online TV YouTube and other online video sharing sites have almost killed Television. The new generations prefer Internet over TV channels. As with the music industry, TV channels be more of virtual resources have understood that going online is the management, where company can only way towards future and they have to optimize his/her resources according to jump into this bandwagon before it‟s too needs and dynamic adaption to changes. late. This will allow companies to greatly There are already many commercial enhance their products and services. channels shifting their attention from TV Cloud computing will also leverage the to Youtube or other sites like Hulu. potential of web applications in the Further, Google have already announced Internet and we might be seeing some its paid content over Youtube and the great online applications for users and new video advertising technology. also enterprise solutions. Along with TV, advertising also has to make its way to the eco-system and we 8. Augmented Reality already know of many rumors over Apple and Google coming with ways to prevent Augmented Reality is going to blow viewers from skipping the ads. This people‟s mind in 2010. With the help of provides great opportunity for TV mobile computing, GPS technology, Channels to enter into the Internet. mobile camera and Google maps, mobile applications are going to have much Hence 2010 will certainly see hand and more power to bring the experience to hand cooperation of the Internet the user than in past. providers and the Online TV channels. Further, the core of the technology will 7. Cloud Computing be the mobile camera and the placement of processed information on top of live Cloud computing will be the new way of streaming contents from the camera. doing business over the internet. It will We are already seeing some of it with mobile GPS applications, but 2010 will clearly put these applications on the top 9|P ag e Jan 2010,Issue#4
  11. 11. shelf of mobile apps. This will allow users to get information by integrating physical 10. Mobile Transaction (Mobile reality and virtual world. Banking) 9. Online Microsoft Office We surely need to get rid of credit cards and debit cards. They have already Microsoft did face a lot of failures in become less attractive in terms of 2009, starting with its slow rise of Bing monetary transaction. and failure of Windows Mobile 6.5. So 2009 was not the year for Microsoft, but Once mobile phones start handling our we could expect more from Microsoft in financial details, we will see a huge 2010. It‟s Windows 7 have received good potential for mobile transactions and reviews, hence in 2010 we may get to mobile banking. read more about it. Windows Mobile 7 is also on its way, it might help Microsoft Mobile application builders have already gain over their Smartphone market started making applications for share. enterprise solution by adopting enterprise protocol. For mobile banking But above all, we might get to read about and transactions to be successful we need Microsoft‟s online OS. With the strength an enterprise solution over the mobile of today‟s computing power over the network, similar to RIM‟s Blackberry, Internet, the time is right for Online which will confirm security over the Office Suite. mobile transaction. We have already seen the success of the The year 2010 will certainly see the Google Docs, so the speculation is high glimpse of future‟s monetary transaction. for Online Office. Hopefully this will reduce their cost and avoid nagging updates. The new competition is obviously on the Internet. 10 | P a g e Jan 2010,Issue#4
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