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Use Your Full Potential in the Digital World - Virtual Workshop Slides


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Are you using your full potential in the digital world?

The world is becoming increasingly digital. That means obvious changes for everyday life - both work and otherwise. Everything you want to do becomes more and more location independent - for both you and your customer. Digitalisation opens up a whole world full of possibilities that our parents never had. It also opens up a new set of needs and demands for services that need to be fulfilled, new markets to operate on. Are you taking full advantage of it?

Are you making the most of your skills - could there be some untapped markets you could expand your business into? The pace of change is so rapid, the opportunities will pass you by if you don’t pay attention and take stock regularly.

The first step in utilising your full potential is for you to realise your full potential. All of us know and can do things others can’t - and those can be the very ones you can use to expand your business and make you stand out to your customers.

This webinar workshop is meant for travel professionals, who are interested in making the most of their skills in the digital world and want to explore expanding their business in a unique, location independent way. After this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of your particular skill-set and new ideas on how to turn that into new business for you.

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Use Your Full Potential in the Digital World - Virtual Workshop Slides

  1. 1. Use Your Full Potential In The Digital World
  2. 2. Welcome Thank you for attending.
  3. 3. Agenda Goal: possibilities that digitalisation has for you. Introduction Travelling The Digital World Exercises Summary
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION In Marketing We Trust & The People Engine
  5. 5. Meet Nicole Le Maire People Ops, In Marketing We Trust / Director, The People Engine Short Bio Expertise & Skills I help people and companies to navigate the digitalisation of work places. Global People Ops Business Strategy Blogger
  6. 6. Introduction Speed of change… New Business Models New Services New Apps IoT, VR, AR
  8. 8. Digitalisation In The Travel Industry Floppy Disk ? Telephone ? Cassette ? The travel industry is one of the first ones to get digitalised.
  9. 9. Everyone Can Do Anything From Anywhere A threat or opportunity? Online agents, websites, search engines, apps, aggregators... Paper-free travel.
  10. 10. Now They Know… Big data. High-street Paper free Personalisation
  11. 11. Businesses And Customers How has digitalisation changed the travel industry? Customer Customer Business Business Customer Business What has digitalisation done to work- life?
  12. 12. It Is A Big Deal What will be your cut? 305 Billion 100 Billion 700 Billion
  13. 13. 2030 Growth Are you serving those markets now?
  14. 14. Room For New Players People travel more than ever. 7.2 Number of passengers in 2035. 3.7 % Annual growth rate of passengers.
  15. 15. Where Is The Money? Localised and personalised options… Where to stay… What to do… How to get around…
  16. 16. Mixing Business And Pleasure How to recognise your customers’ changing needs? It is in your pocket! 66%
  17. 17. How To Deliver New, Unique ExperiencesDecision-making process. Creating the experiences we crave. Personalisation of the customer journey.
  18. 18. “To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen
  19. 19. Connecting To The Sharing Economy Travel and Tourism sector MAIN source of growth! $15 Billion $335 Billion
  20. 20. The Evolution The old customer journey to digitalisation… 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 New ‘players’ YOU Old ‘players’
  21. 21. Re-Skilling Meet the demands of the new economy! Artificial Intelligence Chat bots, Virtual Reality (Bit)-coins Robotics 3D Printing Advanced data analytics
  22. 22. Infinite Possibilities Ahead New business opportunities… YOU! $
  23. 23. Are You Up For The Challenge?
  24. 24. I RULE! Exercise
  25. 25. Exercise – I Rule! Start thinking about your abilities and expertise in a different, broader way! Realise your full potential. 3 Minutes.
  26. 26. Think About What You Are Good At Write down what you can do… …………….. …………………….. One thing per line. Be as specific as you can!
  27. 27. What can I (Nicole) do…
  28. 28. Let’s Review How many skills did you come up with? Long-term Short-term What - ‘I Rule’ skill – is surprising? Share it with us ☺
  29. 29. What can you do…
  30. 30. NEW OFFERINGS Exercise
  31. 31. New Offerings Monetising the skills. 01 02 03 04 05 06
  32. 32. Take The List Of Things And Pick 1 Skill Any skill! Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money Skill into money On it’s own. Incorporate into existing business.
  33. 33. Take Another Skill And Do Another List List
  34. 34. Let’s Review Do you have any questions? New Offering 1 New Offering 2
  35. 35. What did you come up with?
  36. 36. SUMMARY Closing
  37. 37. Summary The process has started…
  38. 38. Homework Masterplan Go to -your-full-potential-in-the-digital- world-virtual-workshop-homework for the roadmap. A B C
  40. 40. Use Your Full Potential in the Digital WorldReferences & Research new-tourism-trend/technology-redefine- tourism-industry https://www.simon- industry tourism-sector-impact-of-digitalization- de3d4a67aeae ium/cfa/Pages/Tourism-business-(Session-17- 22).aspx etail/477/embracing-iot-in-the-travel-industry-- -wns-article digital-frot-travel-industry/ pers/digitisation-travel-hospitality-industry- imperative-change/ transformation-in-the-tourism-and-travel- sector--the-challenge-of-mobile-devices network/2016/feb/29/technology-internet- transformed-travel-industry-airbnb technology-is-changing-the-travel-industry