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How Asia-Pacific Consumers Search for Cruises


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With a steady incline in the searches for cruise throughout the Asia-Pacific, we thought it would be interesting to explore the online cruise market and gain key insights into the industry. We took a close look at some of the major trends in the online cruise space.

We've delved into global events and analysed their impact on the market, we took a look at year on year trends and the 'cruise' search forecast throughout the Asia-Pacific.

We determined what Asia-Pacific consumers are searching for within the confines of the cruise industry and took a look at demographics and linguistics.

We also took a close look at the niche markets within the cruise industry and analysed the big brand names in the space.

We inspected peoples preferred devices and explored seasonality trends, identifying the best possible time for marketers to launch their next cruise campaign.

Take a look at the full whitepaper:

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