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In Mind Cloud - Product Release - 1811


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Release Notes for 1811.

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In Mind Cloud - Product Release - 1811

  1. 1. Manufacturing X Release Notes Key Features and Enhancements 1811
  2. 2. Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. Contents |Pg 1. Customizing - Lookup Table | 01 2. Customizing - MX Script Module | 01 - 02 3. Customizing - Script (i.e. Groovy) Based Extension Points | 02 4. Order Split | 03 5. Quote Life Cycle Enhancement | 03 6. The Guided Selling New Design | 04 7. Product Substitution | 04 8. Organization Unit Access Control | 05 9. Pre-Submit Check for Quotation | 06 10. Product Group and its Recommendations | 06 11. Product Bundle (Beta Version) | 07 12. Product List based on Sales Team/ | 07 - 08 Sales Office 13. Other Enhancements | 08
  3. 3. | 01 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 1811 focused on building in-depth customizing capabilities, sales platform features and performance improvements. With the new release users can program and inject custom coding in various steps of the quotation operation which includes approval, attribute range values from ERP/Lookup Tables, custom calculations, quotation creation etc. In addition, there are significant improvements on usability and tool support. In Mind Cloud team strives to develop a system which is capable of scripting complex calculations in a standard editor with MX (Manufacturing X) scripting language. The In Mind Cloud Team is proud to announce the results in the 1811 release. 1. Customizing - Lookup Table Customizing – Lookup Table is designed for customers who own different customized tables with different business logics residing within In Mind Cloud’s Manufacturing Sales Platform (MSP), or on external systems i.e. SAP. Customizing - Lookup Table provides the capability to maintain database tables which can support a variety of applications, including but not limited to Internal Price Engine, Configuration Engine, and system customization. The tables can be created using application interface i.e. from SAP or from Excel upload. The business logic can be built on top of data from the tables through MX script or Groovy scripts, which enables the implementation team to have in-depth customizing capabilities to cater for different business needs and different customers’ requirements. 2. Customizing – MX Script Module To further support complex product configurations and pricing scenarios within the MSP, In Mind Cloud developed an MX Script Module. The module comes with an MX Script editor which guides users on MX scripting. The editor supports syntactic and, to a certain extent, semantic check on the script language. The editor also supports a built-in executor to test scripts. This release of the MX Script is primarily designed to enhance the configuration module to perform operations within sales items, on configuration dynamic attributes and elaborated calculations. For future releases, the capability of the MX script will be extended to the Internal Price Engine. 1.1. Customizing - Lookup Table
  4. 4. | 02 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 2.1. Customizing – MX Script Module 3. Customizing - Script (Groovy Script) Based Extension Points Customizing – Script supports highly customized business process and logic needs from different customers that are not supported by out-of-the-box configuration, settings and pricing engine. In Mind Cloud developed the capability for customized scripting (i.e. Groovy Scripting) for below extension points: • Price Data Push to ERP • Sales Order creation in ERP • Credit Limit Check from ERP • Retrieving BRA (Business Relation Attribute) Range Values Groovy service • Custom calculation • External system integration • Sales Order simulation in ERP (in next iterations) • Defaulting partner functions at quotation creation 3.1. Customizing - Script (Groovy Script) Based Extension Points
  5. 5. | 03 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 4. Order Split A quotation generally contains line items from multiple product lines or product categories. Consequently, to fulfill the order, it entails multiple product processes, inputs from various departments and several parties to assemble and deliver. The conventional method requires manual splitting of a quotation into multiple sales order during order creation in ERP. This is often tedious and time-consuming. MSP simplifies the process with an Order Splitting Scheme that assesses the number of sales orders to be spilt from a quotation by performing business logic and look up on quotation data and/or custom tables data. This can include both sales items and the quotation header price items. All resultant sales orders can be released to ERP separately with different requested dates, and thus, helps to improve the efficiency of production planning. 5. Quote Life Cycle Enhancement Quote Life Cycle Enhancement is an extension of Order Split and to handle the event when customers change sales orders after information is synced to ERP. With 1811, a user is able to withdraw/update a quote whose status is flagged as “Sent to ERP”. The new status of the quotation will be reflected as “Partially Sent to ERP”. 4.1. Order Split 5.1. Quote Life Cycle Enhancement
  6. 6. | 04 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 7.1. Product Substitution 7. Product Substitution In the age of Industry 4.0, where manufacturers and high-tech engineering industries are facing stiff competition, and the need to keep abreast with the fast-changing trends, manufacturers often find themselves in situations where latest products co-exist with their predecessors in the market and knowledges gaps exist where sales representatives do not have sufficient information to sell the right product. In response to such situations, In Mind Cloud developed a feature that enables users to substitute the older incumbent product with the latest product automatically or manually. The old & new relations and auto & manual updates are fed from ERP or manually maintained in MSP. For automatic substitution, the system will replace the product automatically (in the event a substitute exists) and the product is added to the quotation as a line item. For manual substitution, the user is prompted to approve or reject the substitution. A separate trigger point (a button on quotation view) is also provided to trigger product substitution check at the user’s discretion. 6.1. The Guided Selling New Design 6. The Guided Selling New Design UI for Guided Selling has been refreshed. The updated UI incorporates images for “Question Set”, “Question” and “Answers”, making it more interactive and visually appealing when the sales representative traverses questions and the result set. In addition, a snapshot of questions and historical correspondences will be displayed. Users will be able to modify historical data within a single screen view.
  7. 7. | 05 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 8. Organization Unit Access Control With the newly introduced concept of Organization unit (Org Unit) in MSP, we now supported hierarchy-tree structure-based access control. Each Org Unit has a hierarchical parent and child relation. Employees can be assigned to a specific Org Unit by the admin. In addition, as the Org Unit is one of the data points within the quotation, whenever the function is triggered, MSP will check the Org Unit of the user against the respective Org Unit data point in the quotation and grants access to the quotation if information matches. Furthermore, existing Sales Organizations, Sales Offices and of Sales Group (newly introduced in MSP) are also handled as Org Unit in MSP with a different attribute. For future releases, our customers can look forward to access control that supports multiple-dimension data points across the organization. 8.2. Organization Unit Access Control 8.1. Organization Unit Access Control
  8. 8. | 06 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 9. Pre-Submit Check for Quotation Inaccuracy presented when sales representatives select wrong products, overlook certain steps, or products added to the quotation become obsolete over time. To make sure the products added in the quotation are accurate and updated, MSP has a mechanism that enforces checks upon quotation submission. 9.1. Pre-Submit Check for Quotation Available checks include: • Inactive product • Configurable to classified product • Product substitution • Old knowledgebase to new knowledgebase If any of the above checks fails, the submission process is put on pause, and an appropriate response to rectify the quotation will be displayed to the sales representative. 10. Product Group and its Recommendations To reduce the time to market MSP helps sales representatives locate products easily by grouping products within the platform. These group-to-product relations data resides in the Product Group lookup table. MSP allows users to search products by their product group in UPC. Within each group level or product level (regardless of groups), a customer has the option to indicate a recommended products. Recommended products will be flagged with a thumbs up icon on the upper right-hand corner of the unified product catalogue. 10.1. Product Group and its Recommendations
  9. 9. | 07 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 11.1. Product Bundle 12. Product List based on Sales Team/Sales Office It is very common for a company to offer different products in different countries/regions due to reasons such as local legislation, company strategy and competition. To prevent errors and to reinforce guidelines, sales representatives are only allowed to choose the products which are available to their region instead of being able 11. Product Bundle (Beta Version) Product bundling is a popular marketing strategy in competitive product and service markets. It allows an organization to increase revenue and profit by offering customers bundled discounts. Each product bundle can be associated with multiple product entries with their respective quantities. Besides, business admins can also define discounts and other “price relevant” items on bundle or product entry level. to choose from the entire product catalogue. Sales Platform supports this through the newly introduced sales team/sales office concept. Once a product bundle is added in the quotation, the price items on bundle level are applied to the quotation automatically. In addition, price items on the product entry level are applied to the items respectively. From a validation point of view, the system does not allow: Change of the bundle created item’s quantity the bundle. If line item/s from the bundle is/are deleted, the entire bundle will be invalided and removed from the quote.
  10. 10. | 08 Copyright © In Mind Cloud Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. ABOUT US In Mind Cloud ( is an independent provider of innovative manufacturing sales platform with the vision to make the sales successful and profitable for manufacturing and engineering industries. Our cutting-edge sales platform that turns CRM and CPQ into a true manufacturing sales platform, is based on the SAP Cloud Platform to be deeply integrated into manufacturing processes and front-end sales operations. Headquartered in Singapore, In Mind Cloud is operating globally through its sales office in Europe and China and a high-value partner network. HQ SINGAPORE 35 Ann Siang Road | Singapore 069714 | +65 6908 4350 GERMAN BRANCH Theresienstr. 1 | 80333 München | +49 89 2050 0853 40 CHINA BRANCH Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park | Suite 4C07 Science and Technology South 12 Road | Shenzhen 518000 | China • Supported Business Case 1: In sales office A, all employees have the same access to products. Data structure setup: • Supported Business Case 2: In sales office A, there are multiple team of peoples, each team has limited access to only certain products. Data structure setup: Step 1: Step 2: THE PROCESSING LOGIC OF SYSTEM: During users’ logins, checks are performed to validate if he/she is under any team, - In the condition of “yes”, MSP will ONLY show the products that link to the team. He/She can be from multiple teams. - In the condition of “no” no, then it will go to step 2. Based on the Sales Office data point selected in the quotation, system will show the products that link to the Sales Office. 13. Other Enhancements • Configuration Engine enhancement • Significant performance improvement • Process enhancement on routing •-• Allow only routed users to edit a quotation •-• Defaulting of sales org, sales office and org unit on a new quotation creation • In Mind product model using ERP pricing • Tool support •-• Automatic deploy of the MSP system into cloud •-• Excel based modelling environment/data entry •-•-•Dynamic Attributes •-•-•Products •-•-•Product Bill of Material (BOM) •-•-•Product Knowledge base including assignment of Dynamic Attribute, Group/Subgroups, BOM Triggers, Range Restriction Triggers and Conditional Triggers •-• Audit query service • Application of user profile based on Org Unit of the quote on the quotation proposal text page • Bug fixes and clean up • Others