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Twitter Data Analysis Unveils Vast Opportunities in Singapore


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We are excited to claim that Twitter data analysis do provide insights that help to pinpoint the next best place for your business to expand.
First results of our research answer the question that many customer-oriented companies face: where to locate their next store, banking office, cinema, restaurant etc. What is the more exciting news is that we have found those places and discovered vast opportunities in the cozy Singapore islands! As everyone knows Singapore is famous for its developed infrastructure. That’s great for the Singaporeans and tourists but from the other side it creates a big problem for businesses to decide on the next best place for expansion in the city. We’ve chosen the extremely difficult case to prove that there is an elegant solution for every problem! The presentation is all about it.

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Twitter Data Analysis Unveils Vast Opportunities in Singapore

  1. 1. Singapore: Cozy Island - Vast Opportunities by InData Labs
  2. 2. Our revolutionary approach enables any company to discover vast growth opportunities when all sweet spaces seem to be occupied. The innovative method we provide guarantees success for every new point of sale and limelights the secure path to market leadership. Roots of InData Labs research on Singapore Retailers, bankers and other customer-oriented businesses are constantly looking for the best place to locate their next store/ banking office/ ATM etc. InData Labs R&D team have conducted a research and received amazing results.
  3. 3. InData Labs insights on Singapore InData Labs R&D Lab have looked into availability of infrastructure in Singapore and have identified the exact locations with unsatisfied demand for: • Supermarkets • Convenience stores • Bank offices • ATMs • Restaurants & Cafes • What • Where people tweet • When The research is based on a deep analysis of social media data (twitter), official statistics of Singapore and geo-location data. • Demographic • Economic • Traffic & Transportation
  4. 4. The research has been accelerated by our internal product MoneyGraph • SaaS product, which provides access to analytics of social media data on 1 bln+ of users • Multiple social media analyzed (twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, Sina Weibo, etc.) with respect to ability of one person to have accounts in many social media at the same time • Contains information including but not limited to contacts, demographics, interests, income estimation, and influencers • Helps marketers take decision on who, where and when to target in order to achieve efficient marketing campaigns
  5. 5. We’ve used MoneyGraph to slice and dice social data for more accurate insights Sentiment analysis Negative tweets zones Trending topics Daily activity analysis
  6. 6. So where are these hot spots? To identify the exact locations, InData Labs data scientists have analyzed a vast amount of data applying sophisticated mathematical algorithms like: • k-means clustering • kernel clustering • GIS • semantic and sentiment analysis Now, any retailer and banker can identify its best place in a second with the help of extremely user- friendly interactive maps.
  7. 7. Analyse supply Analyse demand Pinpoint next best locations3 1 2 Next best location in 3 simple steps
  8. 8. Keep in touch with InData Labs!