Reducing release cycles with Visual Studio: a DevOps perspective


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Reduce the time to release and simplify your Build-deploy-test-release process! Learn how Release Management practices and tools can significantly reduce the risks and costs related to release. Application Release is often complex, brittle and error-prone resulting in delays and many frustrations along the way. Thanks to new tools and approaches, the release process can now be successfully automated and managed.
• Source Control, Build & Packaging
• Provisioning for Testing on Azure
• Provisioning for Testing on Premise
• Automated Deployments
• Releasing to Operations

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  • InCycle has been helping organization improving their ALM practices since 2002. We offer services and solutions around Microsoft ALM toolset and are an ALM gold partner with 6 locations in NA with dedicated consultants (3 being MVP). We, (I) ‘ve been involved with MS ALM solution since the beginning (VSTS 2005).(Click)
  • This is the modern app lifecycle. We define, we develop, we operate and we measure.All of this with the tightest loop as possible.But there are impediment in this lifecycle. We don’t start from scratch. We need to modernize our lifecycle to adjust our infrastructure to our new normal.And improving the Develop only is not enough.We want continuous feedback, quality, and deliveryWe want to shorten the LOOONG cycle to the shortest one possibleAll these might sounds like rainbow and unicorn. And for some organization it will be a big challenge.Let’s take a look at the impediments behind the modern app lifecycle<click>
  • Reducing release cycles with Visual Studio: a DevOps perspective

    1. 1. Reducing release cycles with VS2013: a DevOps perspective Neil Moffatt, Senior Consultant InCycle Software
    2. 2. We help organizations go to the next level InRelease A continuous delivery solution that automates the deployment from TFS up to production BluePrint An Agile tool for ALM improvement 3 ALM MVPs and 20 ALM consultants in six locations
    3. 3. The Modern App Lifecycle Waste elimination | Cycle time reduction | Integration & visibility Error-prone Chaotic Complex Continuous feedback | Continuous quality | Continuous delivery
    4. 4. Release Process
    5. 5. Release Process
    6. 6. Different Requirements Interruption of Service Low Impact High Impact Data Temporary Conservation Error Recovery Re-create Rollback/ Recover Infrastructure Re-create Configure
    7. 7. Release Cycle
    8. 8. The Reverse Frequency Corollary Complexity Frequency
    9. 9. Release Mapping
    10. 10. Optimizing the Release Cycle TFS DEV INT QA PROD
    11. 11. The Test Deployment Stack
    12. 12. The Test Deployment Stack
    13. 13. The Test Deployment Stack
    14. 14. Native Microsoft Tools
    15. 15. Go to Production Patterns
    16. 16. Release Process Goals Automated Deployment Configuration (per server) Build Once Approvals Release Governance Tools Standardization Rollbacks Production Deployments Audit Trail
    17. 17. Webinar Series Overview of continuous delivery and DevOps with VS2012