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A newsletter published for KRATORQ'11 , a symposium by mechanical department of SRM University, Chennai, India.

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Kratorq Newsletter

  1. 1. makers of THE FIRST EVER RADIO ON PRINT sponsorsa virtual nation in the state of mind
  2. 2. You can never be FIT without a FIGHT by Cap10 Con Fessori S o Practise to FIGHT,than to just FIT of abundance reaching your campus site, so you can graze easily.   But you also stand the risk of over eating and face difficulty in digesting. the habit of emailing to their own self, so as to make the email comeback in time.   Gmail Calendar is an excellent tool, where it can make our own message come to us on a weekly / Knowledge Application is as monthly/ yearly basis.  Any idea I t normally does not occur to us to pronounce the wordsFIT and FIGHT the same way.  It important as Gaining Knowledge. More avenues must be created to apply and try as little or as much or a cute thought which you feel that you can’t act on immediately, can be made to come back as knowledge gained.  also does not occur to us to realize email reminder on a monthlythat the word pronounced has / yearly basis using googlethe word pronoun in it.  But these KRATORQ is such an avenue to calendar.    Start your combinedwere the techniques adapted gain the MIND fitness and I hope studies using Googlegroups andby our Forefathers to engineer all participants put up a fight to you can compile a FAQ and evenwords and languages, for it to the best of their ability. go on to publish it for juniors.occur to us in future. All of in10city books were made M ind or Soul too requires N ew ideas, New Avenues, New Perspectives the same fitness like that are born only during these using Google group. In10city will be most happy to publish such group discussions emerging outof physical fitness.   To survive, fights.  Nature allows nothing to of young minds.both Mind and Body requires be born without a fight.  But theto keep fighting in nature, and sad part is that, most of us do On behalf of In10city, I wishFitness is a compliment that nothing about such ideas born in KRATORQ’11 a great success andcomes along.   There are no us. expecting to witness great fightsshortcuts to gain this fitness from participants.without a fight. Once we think Computers and Internet havethat we have learnt or qualified, come a long way and are here Good Heavening.we start settling and start living to stay.   But alas it has becomewith assumptions.  Like the body, a menace due to lop sided Yours LovinglyMind too starts accumulating fat development especially after the Cap10 Con Fessori.and starts getting obese.   This advent of www.   There are manyis where we as Human beings, great features that computersbelittle ourselves as “Time and Internet offer, but grosslyBeings”. under utilized. To gain and shed is a continuous One Such IDEA that I wish tocycle.  As students of the modern offer during the KRATORQ’11 isworld, you get the privilege that students can start cultivating
  3. 3. 16 yrs old Paul Lazarus, a home study student, reviews 33.3 IM Readio booksWISDOM & WITHERING WISDOM & WITHERING Wisdom ithe Has education numbed our to this book a lot, since A Swirling spin down the spiral of childhood and the naiveté years is where “Wisdom and Withering” shall take you. We weigh the volume of bona fide life experience againsthigher senses? Has knowledge I’ve seen people exhausting the sheer weightlessness of innocence in this soul exploration. Join us as we float down the river on petals of the past and adorn the veneers that only children aretrapped us instead of setting us themselves on education. so blessed to have. Discover what you have known since you were conceived and dig deep into what you failed to For what? a good job? for ring These are the questions good money? and what doeswe unlock as we proceed it lead to, in the end?...The following quotation are the A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mindinto this book of epiphanies. exact words a landlord of Here we discover how mine once told me ”Onlyeducation has been a gift Studies is important”on one hand and a trap on opener on the fallacies of BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 10 7/22/10 4:24 PMthe other, for it enslaves the Looking back on it, I pity education. Most peoplepursuer into a never ending the misconceptions that seem to find education acycle of acquiring more and people have on the priorities boon but in all actuality its athus spending his life ignoring of life. double edged sword.everything else. I connect This book is really an eye Highly recommended. the ? Who owns the world? Quite a serious matterfor a hot debate. This who owns worldbook is packed with SMOKERS OR Smokingstrong convictions of The constant battle between those who seek gratification and those who persecute them. This is explored inthe various writers who this thought provoking conversation between smokers and nonsmokers alike. We question the sincerity of authoritative “big brother” organizationshave vehemently stressed such as the government well as the in-faux-mation we are forcefed on a daily basis. as NON SMOKERStheir points with statistics and The most ingenious A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mindpart of this book like this being the title, is Smokers Orall the others from all about social and Nonsmokersin10city, is that its not 978-981-08-5765-3 traditional views, expressedjust subjected to one by various writers thus making purple... Thus BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 7 7/22/10 4:24 PMsingle opinion, its a for and against smoking. making a new opinion.splash of opinions, Red In one particular passage,falls on blue and blue “Who owns the world? one of the Rjs writesin turn mixes with red, Smokers or nonsmokers” “Why is it that female
  4. 4. smokers or drinkers Shocking as it may On the whole, it is are seen as defaulters?” seem to some, one of the a very interesting read, Which shows the very Rjs has also written that really thought provoking, prevalent gender bias in smoking in fact improves as we delve into this India which conforms memory, substantiating steaming debate between women to follow only his statement with a the two factions of set rules of tradition. researched study. smokers and non-smokers. BLIND BELIEFS ! cut in two meet, but BLIND BELIEFS their frayed edges remain intimidating and hostile to ! each other. Religion is an oppressive ”Blind Beliefs” is similar institution” avows one writer in such a way, with two even as another reiterates opinions that have been that a world without religion stressed, but have never been would be in total anarchy. diplomatic enough to shake Here is a book that will hands. leave you cynical, thought This book deals with the provoked, and most of all age old question of Believing will set your mind free. Even “Blind Beliefs” deals with or Not Believing. before you put it down, you’ll 7/22/10 4:24 PM how the indoctrination of Packed with candid find yourself governed by an religious ideas affects young dissertations on questions alternate wave of thinking. minds. that people harbour in their A new awareness. In fact in this book the minds; but never dare to ask very legitimacy of religion or discuss. Each side throws is questioned. Here a rope in their opinions and the rest is self explanatory.” TROUBLED PARENTING Pa ed r u bl en o tin Tr g Childhood is filled with occur between parent and memories and experiences. child and how it can change During this crucial time of our lives forever. The our lives, we are influenced R.J’s open their hearts tremendously, and obviously to you sharing their own the main source of this childhood experiences. influence is our parents. As we read this moving Here we uncover the book, we can understand-981-08-5766-0 sensitive interaction that and realize how childhood 7/19/10 8:18 PM
  5. 5. FIDELITY writers writing, indirectly of fidelity and honestly few throwing some insight on books do that, which makes how unfathomable the mind this book a must read. of a person is. This book is down toearth, and straight forward, One of the writersdealing with the different mention a very prominentperceptions of fidelity, from and meaningful point statingphysical relationships to the that fidelity is earned andmore important emotional not demanded.and mental ones. You learn that fidelity Fidelity to your Employer comes with trust and love.or to your partner, this But others maintain that it isbook delves right to the a sort of repayment of yourheart of it to explore from love like a “Tit for tat”.within. Personal experiences At the end, it makes youare shared from the many question your own definition and social and traditional can ruin its foundation.SEPaR TION A views, this book outlines the demanding circumstances This makes for a book which is hot and alive while of marriage and how the being bombarded by the inability to weather the enthusiastic writers throwing storms can lead to inevitable in their frank opinions with separation. stunning sincerity. Consisting of writing SEPARATION that revolves around crumbling traditional views to the slowly emerging free thinking in a country bound by traditions, we get to From the heated debate openly analyse the bindingabout polygamy and challenges of marriage wheremonogamy to parenting complacency or stagnationhurts can make a permanent lest we mar their lives forever.impact, acting like a slowpoison in the abyss of thesubconscious. It’s a helpfulbook urging us to be carefulof our actions and our verywords before our children, www
  6. 6. This particular book related marriages, the stability. deals with the age old passions involved, and the One of the main debate of “arranged tragedy of divorce ensuing sentiments expressed was marriage” as opposed to from troubled marriages. the interference of parents “love marriage”, With utter Some even question why and how it influenced straight forwardness. marriage and divorce should one’s decisions, not only in It ropes in matters like even exist. It gives you a marriages but in all walks of child marriage, adoption clear “unadulterated” view life. Indeed, this book is very point on all the vagaries of informative and moving ARRANGED marriage, with some of the as we receive a firsthand writers presenting examples review of this phenomenon MARRIAGE from their own marriages to called marriage and all its substantiate their statements. intricacies. I found the book to be pretty captivating as I’ve always had my own doubts about arranged marriages and their-981-08-5759-2 7/19/10 8:18 PM ARRANGED MARRIAGE When we think of “habits” Well... Habit goes more HABIT what comes to our mind? than that. Here we explore Answering a phone call the real meaning of in a particular way? Having “Habit”, from Education our morning coffee while to Marriage, Parenting turn out to be secret vices. reading the paper? to Creativity. Once read we realize that We jump right into the habits are indeed integrated heart of it and learn that threads in the fabric of habits control us more than our everyday life. This we think. For example one of automatically casts us into an the points stressed was how introspective mood when we parents push their children begin to analyse ourselves, to be as competent as their prompting us to shed our neighbors’ or relatives’ own unwanted habits. children. This is actually a Habit, a very dangerous Refreshingly thought- 978-981-08-5761-5 HABIT habit to be precise. As you delve into this provoking. 7/19/10 8:18 PM book you realize that even common character traits
  7. 7. A brief interview with Paul LazarusHow I got to know of In10city ? name of “drastic changes” we would go Well it was a complete accident cause I on eccentric sprees and throw out half thewas on craigslist and I saw this ad— I didn’t furniture. I feel the whole atmosphere ofthink much of it then but thought why not my home has played a very important partgive it a go…It was only when I saw the in everything I do.“in10city” website did I realize what kind ofjob this was. I was partly awed and shocked, Schooling‘cause you normally don’t find ads about I left school around four years ago. Fourintellectual nirvana everyday—and well walls cannot constrain me. I live in a worldhere I am writing reviews on the creative of nothingness and hence school life meansoutput generated by creative minds. nothing. I have not progressed. I consider allSome thing About me knowledge and achievement as inanities Well I find the whole concept of bubbling in the void to end up as lost vapour.achievement and ambition futile since myideal in life is- Do I manage with Private tutors? “What is there to achieve other than what No I don’t have private tutors, in fact nois there?” form of “tutors” at all. I learn by myself. I may come off as a nihilist at times (except Like I said my upbringing is all there isfor the fact that I am religious) but I live in to it, I was raised by a family that uphelda world of nothingness and in this whole “free speech and thought”. So there wasworld of nothingness—my whole life. never any restriction for open discussion. We were always encouraged to read, soHow I was raised ? that obviously played a significant part on Well I was raised in a very open, free my style of writing and expression. In factand philosophically rich environment, and I write poetry now and then but only inwe discussed subjects such as Religion, sudden spurts of creativity.Existence or the matter of things. Thisdoesn’t mean we were a serious lot. We After listening to 33.3 IM Readiotook a light hearted approach to anything Living in India, I must say this is theand everything. first time I’ve come across something that focuses attention to matters like “OpenLifestyle minded discussions or “Inspired thoughts “. Ours was a buoyant lifestyle, we changed So I was obviously attracted to it and washouses as we pleased and have never been pleased when I saw the Title of the web sitein one house for more than a year. In the “To free the caged minds of people”
  8. 8. I immediately knew that this was learnt that covers were actually meant tosomething more different than “everyday provoke the thoughts of writers & artistsdifference”. who are to come aboard the vessel as As for the books, the topics are good and “Readio Jockeys” and also be the selectionI do like them, but they sometimes felt a bit criteria for upcoming “009 License to think“In your face” (including covers) Club”. All the more awed when I learnt that the titles will be debated afresh with A bit of toning down would make newer Readio Jockeys amazing though. But then again, ifspontaneous outbursts are what youencourage then there’s no need at all for My email addressany toning down. After some interaction thestorm67@yahoo.comwith Cap10, I was more surprised when ILaunching of Referral Program @ KRATORQ’11. Good heavening listeners. join the program, usingThis is Rj Fox and I take EARN UPTO which you can introduceimmense pleasure in RS.78,000/- (MAX) your contacts.announcing the soft-launch Earn as much as Rs.78,000of the referral program (max) by simply referring LIMITATIONSfor our books, during your contacts to purchase As this is a limited scheme,KRATORQ’11 @ the our books through the you can only introduce aSRM University ,Vadapalani, referral program. maximum of 5 persons, to theChennai. scheme. Also one person can The working of the join the scheme only once. KRATORQ’11 referral program. Currently we use the email LAUNCH OFFER Here you only purchase id., As the unique identifier. Avail for Rs.599/- the books for yourself to Only one purchase will be (usual price Rs.999/-) join for the referral program. allowed for each instance of Our Set of 10 books are There is no need to purchase an email available through the for others or to purchase inreferral Program, which is Bulk. Typically one needs the What if I have multipleto be launched at an offer Order Reference & email id. e-mail accounts?price of Rs.599/- for those of the introducer, to join the We encourage you toregistering at our stall @ referral scheme. We will only use the one that youKRATORQ’11 on 22nd & be providing the Jump start use regularly. We strongly23rd September 2011, before kit for the registrants at the discourage you to registerit is open to general public stall. You will receive your through multiple emailfor Rs.999/- through our Unique order id. linked to accounts, as it can pose awebsite your email id., When you problem during redemption.
  9. 9. We reserve the right to reject any payments, of the designated payee. Partial Redemptionif we learn that payment has already been of earnings would be allowed until the timereleased to a person with matching profile. scheme is open and the minimum redemption amount should be >Rs.4999/- . All amounts Referral Fee for 4 levels only. would be paid out at the end of the scheme. You will be updated of any changes through While you introduce 5 people, each of our email newsletter.whom you recruit, introduce another 5 people.So you introduce 5, and the 5 introduce 25,and 25 introduce 125 and 125 introduce 625. WEBSITEThough the 625 go on to introduce more, Our website is getting ready at war footingyour referral fee earnings, stop at 4th level. to provide for registration at the stall. Please You earn Rs.100/- from each level for up bear with us for any inconvenience as it wouldto 4 levels, from this first Referral program of take sometime for us to put through a stableIN10City, code-named “KRAT11”. system. LEVEL NO OF PAX YOU EARN #1 5 Rs. 500 Limited period only #2 25 Rs. 2,500 #3 125 Rs.12,500 KRAT11 scheme will be open only until #4 625 Rs.62,500 31.12.2011 and stock limitations would also TOTAL 780 Rs.78,000 apply. Hence spread the word fast. Referral Program Pack. What about Tail-enders ? * Set of 10 Books The scheme will have more goodies as it * Copy of 33.3 IM Readio Episode - Scratch progresses and the those joining towards tail-1/3 end, would get the opportunity to become * eVAS card with an Unique Identifier. openers for the next scheme for our newer titles. * Instant registration on our portal www. PLEASE * Redemption in cash is only available for KRAT11 * Freebies at the time of purchase. scheme. Future referral earnings will be in eVas redeemed through In10city’s shop only. * Each upcoming Referral Scheme will be in a specific REDEMPTIONS currency, where the scheme amount, Payout levels,Amount You will be able to manage your account of payout , will vary.through our website using your email id as the * Your status would be that of a distributor in any referral program.key. Cheques will paid out only in the name In10city appoints BookMasters Inc. as their distributor for USA. The books are now made available through their Atlasbook Marketplace. Visit plc/03215.htm to order books of in10city.
  10. 10. In10city Releases Its Print Radio In India on the subject by a fictitious or virtual RJ as say, however, the books are published back PRLog (Press Release) – Nov the publishers want to call it. to back in the same binding, and printed 27, 2010 upside down in the reverse i.e. the book The books are very verbose and appear to behind the other can be read only by turning A new  concept in publishing be very colloquial in language, just as one the book upside down. Yet again, unusual… is emerging with in10city, a would find in a day-to-day conversation. Imagine talking on a particular social but appealingly true! The books are also not Singapore based publisher subject with your friends on a coffee table. very bulky and appear to be a magazine of coming out with its “radio- That is how the books have been written and sorts. in-print” series of books and printed. The chapters are also in the names releasing it in India via many of the virtual RJs such as RJ Symphony, or RJ The publisher also wants to bring in the events across many locations. Melancholetta . The content deals with the concept of self-publishing which means subject on the book and is the view of the RJ that the readers can also write an article for that particular chapter! and publish it. Something like an open The publisher offers to call it a “readio” and source publishing. They want the readers tohas printed the books which give an appear- Unusual, but true! contribute their creativity and live a dream of having a published article in a book.ance of a set of the scripts for a radio pro-gram and uses language as would be spoken The discussion of topics such as “Habit”by radio jockeys. above and others such as “Arranged So as the publishers would like to intiate Marriage” or “Troubled Parenting” or the readers with a whiz statement - “Tune in The concept is radically different from any “Wisdom”, are very contemporary social to your SetHead and have your MindSet forother printed books. The Frequency of these topics, though the touch of making it appear free” – get your books to get a new take onbooks is “33.3 IM”. very conversational makes it very appealing this concept. to read. Incidentally one may find oneself reading the articles just like an FM Radio The “Radio” books Jockey usually talks…fast, humorously, simplybooks is a online bookstore in stressing words and sentences and in a very India, you can Buy books online and get The set of 10 books released by In10city conversational mode…! discounts upto 40 % and free home deliveryhas been portrayed as food for thought, by Courier anywhere in India. Earn ePointsmind, body and soul as they deal with very on each purchase. Best book store in Indiarelevant topics which can be related to anysituation today. For example, there is a book Queer Publishing for buying books online at Online Bookstore India.which talks about the habits (“Habit”). Thedifferent thing about the manner in which Another queer thing about these books Issued By : Sudhir Pandeythis or the other books have been written, is is the fact that there are 2 books published City/Town : Gurgaonthe fact, that every chapter is a commentary in the same bind. This is not new one may Cap10 announces WANTED eVas as the non-cents Story Developers for our upcoming titles. currency of In10city.Cap10 Con Fessori an- the Xchanger in the hair- * Intellectually Challengednounced eVas as the Non- port arrival hall of In10citycents Currency of In10city. and Xpend can be earnedFirst he announced eVas by spending in the booty- * Who Owns the world?as the Futurecy, but later Free shops of In10city. Theists or Atheists?coined notedDe Xpendas the Futurecy, and made So there is no question ofeVas the Currency. Losing Money in10city.Cap10 also stated that eVas This is Dunno, Who report- email withwill be available through ing from Lost Angles. subject as “story Developer”
  11. 11. Our eBooks are available at the following eBookshops Advantage Media Group (Australia) Diesel eBooks (Tools of the Shade, LLC) All Romance eBooks (romance books only) Direct Ebooks (Ireland) DittoBook All Romance eBooks / Omni Lit (all books) A VIRTUAL NATION IN THE STATE OF A VIRTUAL NATION IN THE STATE OF DMC/The Copia Amazon Digital Services, Inc. eBookMall **Amazon Kindle** eBook Pie Amazon Digital Services, Inc., UK *Amazon Kindle* eBookShop (South Africa) ebrary Apple iBookstore *Access through Apple iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch* eCampus Asia Books (Thailand) EC Media International (India) *AtlasBooks eCommSource Baker & Taylor (audio & Barnes & Noble e-book) BeamItDown Software Entourage Systems www.entourageeDGe.comWWW.IN10CITY.CO Bertrams Feedbooks (France) Best Price Wholesale Fictionwise (both Dutch and English books) Fishpond (New Zealand/Australia) BookSense / American Booksellers Association Follett Digital Resources (ABA) Bookshop Krisostomus (Estonia) Gardners Books Books On Board Indie Bound Borders Infibeam (India) Campus eBooks (Denmark) Ingram Digital Group Centraal Boekhuis / eBoekhuis (Dutch books only) Ltd. / (South Africa) Computer Manuals Ltd. Kobo (Also powers Cyberread DEA (Italy) MIND MIND (MBS) * Direct to Consumer Sales. This service is available for an additional charge. Please contact your MyiLibrary sales representative for more information. The Book Depository (UK) Overdrive The PocketBook USA 18, 2011 Last updated April Page Foundry TookBook (Croatia) Tradebit (Germany) Powell’s Books TreeFreeMobile Publisher Services Inc. Waterstones Questia Wiltronic / iView Saraiva e Siciliano (Brazil) Wizpac (Germany) SBS Special Book Services (Brazil) WOWIO Sony Zinio Team Research / Astak
  12. 12. OUR BOOK FAIR SPECIAL @ KRATORQ’11 5-in-3 5-in-3 PACK - A PACK - B Rs:125/- Rs:125/- Pa o ub le d ren tin SEPaR TION A Troubled Parenting Tr g An investigation into the powers of the inner child progresses in this soul documentation. We nip the problem at its bud and follow the trail of the vines to establish the link between the cradle, the clutch purse and the cane. Tear jerkers will be set in motion as we unlock our hearts on this voyage. A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind 978-981-08-5766-0 BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 9 7/19/10 8:18 PM Rs:50/- Rs:50/- isdom ! BLIND BELIEFS Humanity is an ever-floating sphere that is held in its position by certain institutions BLIND BELIEFS Arranged Marriages MARRIAGE ARRANGED WISDOM & WITHERING W ithe such as religion, politics and societal ! 2-in-1 2-in-1 If marriage is the legally binding union morality. In this truth testing discussion, A Swirling spin down the spiral of childhood of loved ones, is it fair to say that a the RJ’s attempt to uncover the rationale and the naiveté years is where “Wisdom marriage based on prearranged terms is behind religion’s grip on the human mind. and Withering” shall take you. We weigh the a tainting of love in itself? As resident of Faith and beliefs in dogma are peeled on a volume of bona fide life experience against a society in which the notion of a love dish and laid out bare for all to view. What is the sheer weightlessness of innocence in based marriage is idealized, we have to the diagnosis for blind faith and how did the this soul exploration. Join us as we float start questioning if Arranged marriages patient end up being in this condition? Join down the river on petals of the past and pale in comparison to love marriages or us as we play Atheist to the doctrines that adorn the veneers that only children are perhaps if prearranged unions are much have long blinded, in an attempt to uncover so blessed to have. Discover what you have more compatible to modern day global the doctoring behind these divinities. known since you were conceived and dig citizens than age old romanticism. deep into what you failed to acknowledge. ring A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind 978-981-08-5759-2 BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 1 7/19/10 8:18 PMOVERS MAY 2010.indd 2 7/22/10 4:24 PM BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 10 7/22/10 4:24 PM Rs:50/- Rs:50/- the who owns world ? - © + speaking STD vs ITR native = + SPEAKING NATIVE ENGLISH + Mother tongue is the affectionate name for the native language of an individual or a nation but is this maternal reference one Smoking english 2-in-1 2-in-1 that is rather invalid. In a modern world that is edging towards globalization, is The constant battle between those it truly possible to allocate only western who seek gratification and those who Habit STD ITR societies as being the speakers of Native persecute them. This is explored in Why do we do the things we do without English? Come join the RJ’s in this debate this thought provoking conversation The motley crew tread where others fear questioning the norm? Why do we and discussion that attempts to uncover between smokers and nonsmokers traversing in this daring look into the funda- conform to certain traditions when we the native English tongue from the horse’s alike. We question the sincerity of mentals of religious fervor and the power it know they don’t make much sense? mouth. Be prepared for a mind broadening authoritative “big brother” organizations wields to destroy lives at first sight. A well Is it human nature? Is there a fine line experience as we dissect social criteria such as the government as balanced amount of personalities make for between habit and addiction? We and aim to discover if these possess well as the in-faux-mation we are an interesting broth that may either inspire any validity whatsoever. discuss what constitutes as habit. or anger. You have been warned. forcefed on a daily basis. HABIT A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind A Virtual Nation in the State Of Mind Smokers Or 978-981-08-5765-3 Nonsmokers 978-981-08-5761-5 978-981-08-5763-9 BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 4 BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 8 7/19/10 8:18 PM 7/19/10 8:18 PMBK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 5 7/19/10 8:18 PM BK COVERS MAY 2010.indd 7 7/22/10 4:24 PM Rs:50/- Rs:50/- PACK A + B Rs:200/- Join the Referral program for Rs.999/- Only Rs.599/-
  13. 13. Coming Soon 9 9 Benefits of 00 Club Join the 00 * Direct Registration into Evas Club in Googlegroup. * Subscription to Internet Newsletter. * First hand information on all promotions / events/ Auditions on Print. License to think * Pre-sales copies of upcoming books, with opportunity to propose design/ review/ cover art etc. * Summer Holidays Sales avenues exclusive for 009 Club Members.Club * Priority information on Exclusive Marketing Kits such as T shirts / Bags / Diaries and more. * First hand information on Writing Expeditions and an opportunity to invoke the Author/ Editor/ Designer / Artist in you. The Way We Make IN10 C YOU Thi nk I T Writing Cruise From: To: Y Indecisiveness Intellectual & Higher SelfE Uncertaint y An Opportunity to become aX Readio Jockey(Rj) OR Designer Jockey (De.J) to sail along with Cap10,P Rj Fox, Dr.Crooks, Rj Melan andE Rj Phlox.D Plans OPEN. Cruise Date: TBA.I Venue : Internet + Wi-Fi. Place : TBA.T Wannabe a “Readio Jockey” or “Artist /I Designer” on board our expeditions.ON Name the Wheel & Write an Article on how the picture above kindles yourS thought and e-mail to and specify the name of the wheel in the subject of the e-mail.
  14. 14. STATUTORY WARNINGS!! All our publications are classified “Scheduled” for consumption by open minds. All contents are opinIons and free expressions by intellects from everyday walks of life belonging to no school of thought or monastery, and hence uncoated and without encapsulation. UNSUITABLE ANY AGE FOR CHILDREN OF Candidates of Life are requested to incorporate PATIENCE and allow contents to settle. Obtrusions in current life are expected and not to be blown out of proportion. The Discussions and Analysis are by those OTHERS who feel LIFE has been already obtruded by philosophies and concepts of the past.No Fine lines in our transmission, as even fonts are a form of expression, which should not be suppressed. 6 33.3 IM Readio
  15. 15. I think about the generations and they say they want to make it a better place for our children and our children’s children, So they know it’s a better world for them And I think they can make it a better placeThere’s a place in your heart Heal the is loveAnd I know that it than tomor-And this place coul d be much brighter row. If you want to kno World w why There’s a love th try at cannot lie And if you really Love is strong need to cry Yo u’ll find there’s no hurt or sor- It only cares for In this place yo u’ll feel there’s no joyful giving. row. If we try we shal l see In this bliss we ca get there nnot feel There are ways to Fear or dread for the living If you care enough We stop existing and start living a better place. Make a little space, make Then It Feels Th at Always Love’s Enough For Us Growing So Make A Bette Make it a better place r World Make A Better For you and for me and the entire human World... race There are people dying If you care enough for the living And The Dream We Were Conceived In Will Reveal A Joyful Face Make a better place for And The World We Once Believed In Will Shine Again In Grace You and for me. Then Why Do We Keep Strangling Life Wound This Earth Crucify Its Soul Though It’s Plain To See This World Is Heavenly Be God’s Glow ere We Could Fly So High Let Our Spirits Never Die Get Th The Living Really r In My Heart I Feel You Are All My Brothers W e Could ed Enough Fo Car Create A World With No Fear If You pace Little S r Place... Together We’ll Cry Happy Tears Make A A Bette e See The Nations Turn Their Swords Into Plowshares To Mak HealHeal WorlWorld the the d