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Ivi2012 brochure

  1. 1. RE £ SAVE TER 2 GIS be 00 fo re 1 6J ULYIndustry Strategic Approaches, Experiences Technological Innovation ForBringing In-Vehicle Connectivity To Customers ThroughIntegration Of Devices,Apps And Experiences Expert Insights From 15+ Vehicle OEMs Leading25-26 September, 2012 | London | UK Infotainment Innovation Including:Join In Cutting-Edge Discussions On Key Candido Peterlini VP of Marketing Innovation and Director ofIssues Impacting Connected Infotainment Product Concept InfotainmentDevelopment Including: FIAT Marc PajonCONNECTIVITY: Weighing Up The Trade Offs Between Built-In And Brought-In VP Engineering - Advanced Projects Life On Board, Safety Dynamic PerformanceConnectivity Platforms To Provide The Most Efficient Data Connection For RenaultInfotainment Systems Alan BennettSMART PHONE INTEGRATION: Establishing Industry Standards For Seamless Integration Chief Engineer, Electrical Aston MartinOf Consumer Devices To Provide The Missing Link Between Life And Car Henry BzeihMONETISING CONNECTIVITY: Evaluating Business Models To Unveil Potential For Chief Technology StrategistLucrative New Revenue Streams From Infotainment Systems Kia Connected CarHUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE: Comprehensive Per Interface Analysis Of Touch Screens, Matt Jones Senior Technical Specialist – InfotainmentSpeech Recognition And Gesture Controlled Input To Evaluate Best Practice Applications Jaguar Land RoverSTANDARDISING BASE OPERATING SYSTEMS: Review The Latest Developments, Ian KendallAlliances And Solutions For Establishing Common Industry Standards To Manager Infotainment BentleyAllow Accelerated Innovation Of Infotainment Interfaces “Good all around, Phillippe ColliotUSABILITY AND DRIVER DISTRACTION: Developing very open discussion with Navigation and Telematics Senior Engineer various presenters. BroadIntuitive HMI Interfaces To Create The Ideal Balance representation of the industry. Peugeot Citroen Will come next year!”Of Maximum Features And Ease Of Use Bentley Motors Organised byTO register: call + 44 (0) 207 033 4970 email info@london-business-conferences.co.uk www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.com
  2. 2. “The several QA sessions, as well as the breaks in TOP 6 REASONS TO the exhibition area offered a good chance for ATTEND IVI 2012: discussions and to come or stay in contact with experts and decision makers” 1 Hear exclusive strategic insights as Mercedes Benz 15+ vehicle OEM speakers reveal the pioneering technology and services that Dear Colleague, are set to shape the future of in-vehicle infotainment system development Would You Like To Gain Exclusive Insights Into The Strategic Direction, Latest Innovations And Experiences Of Vehicle OEMs In Enabling In-Vehicle Connectivity? 2 Take the opportunity to network with industry leaders, build new contacts and If so, we invite you to join us at the Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012, where a host of leading Vehicle OEMs, Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics cultivate relationships to establish mutually manufacturers will provide you with a commercially pragmatic idea generation platform to beneficial alliances to drive forward your help you drive forward your connected infotainment strategy. connected infotainment strategy Clearly the introduction of smart phones and everything that is contained within them has produced a step change in the way in-vehicle infotainment is being designed. But what 3 Engage in top-level discussions on HMI, are the best approaches and most feasible options for developing connected Connectivity and Smart Phone integration infotainment systems? to spur creative thinking and discover In this rapidly evolving area of innovation, how can infotainment systems be seamlessly new opportunities for advancement integrated with mobile devices, and keep up with consumer electronic development? How can HMI systems be designed for ease of use whilst minimising driver distraction? What 4 Review leading OEMs’ integration efforts is the best way forward for developing common integration standards and base operating and explore possibilities for intuitive systems to speed innovation and maximise return on investment? standardised connectivity to enhance Supporting automakers in answering these connectivity development challenges the usability and provide a seamless Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012 will enable you to benchmark your connection between life and car infotainment strategy, gain unique insights into industry experiences and discover cutting-edge innovation to successfully support integration of devices, apps and features across your product lines. 5 Understand and benchmark models for monetising connectivity to capitalise Please take a look through the enclosed agenda and visit on revenue generation opportunities, www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.com for the Rememb accelerate payback and shape your fastest way to register. er To Take Adv antage O infotainment business case Early Bird f I look forward to welcoming you to London this September. Pricing Saving Y 6 Detect the pulse of infotainment Kind regards, ou £200 Just Com plete The development amongst key decision Booking Form On line By makers from across the industry to keep 16 July, 2 012 ahead of market trends and access the Tahlia Roberts Conference Director freshest market forecastSponsorship And Exhibition Opportuni ties At TheConnected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012Need to generate new sales leads, engage decision makers, build new future businessrelationships in this growth market, or simply educate the industry about your new product?Then you need to exhibit at the Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012.Our busy exhibit area is an integral part of the Summit and is of genuine practical value todelegates, who are looking for new solutions and technologies. Becoming a Conference Sponsorwill help you position yourself as a market leader and centre of excellence to the key decisionmakers from across the industry. See page 5 for further information.TO register: call + 44 (0) 207 033 4970 email info@london-business-conferences.co.uk www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.com
  3. 3. Day One Tuesday September 25, 2012DEVELOPING STANDARDISED SOLUTIONS FOR THE INTEGRATION OF CONSUMERELECTRONICS AND CONNECTIVITY OF HMI FOR INCREASED USABILITY ANDINNOVATION OF INFOTAINMENT SYSTEMS8.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks CONNECTIVITY 2.20 C) Speech Recognition OPENING KEYNOTE PANEL: CONNECTIVITY STRATEGY 11.20 - 12.30 Weighing Up The Trade Offs Between • Exploring capabilities of dialogue interaction to allow for natural Brought-In And Built-In Connectivity Platforms To Provide A verbal dialogue input for a conversational approach9.00 OEM Approaches And Strategic Visions For Optimising Constant And Seamless Connection For Infotainment Systems • Enhancing speech recognition with multi-modal HMI interfacesInfotainment Systems Through Integration And Connectivity Of • Examining advances in speech recognition interfaces for A: Brought-In ConnectivityConsumer Devices automotive application - where are the capabilities of the 11.20 Utilising Integration Of Smart Phone Technology To technologies going?• Defining connectivity: What does it mean for the future of Enhance Connectivity In Vehicle Systems: Providing The Link 2.40 D) Switch Gear vehicle innovation? Between Life And Car • Taking switch gear technology to the next level and exploring• Matching consumer expectations for connectivity with the • Establishing sustainable way of bringing features to the car possibilities with touch sensors and pads in-vehicle experience – how can vehicle OEMs meet this using instant syncing technologies • Best practices for positioning within the vehicle – where is the connection need? • How far can you take the smart phone? Evaluating potential uses most effective placement? and limitations when integrating smart phones into • Incorporating switch gear interface with other HMI functions• Comparing connectivity approaches for integration of Wi-Fi, 3G, infotainment systems such as speech recognition and gestural interfaces Bluetooth, hotspots, sim card integration: What is the • Overcoming challenges of technical failures between smart • Compare and contrast between traditional rotary push, steering best strategy? phone and vehicle – what are the safety risks? wheel controls and mouse like interfaces• Built-in, brought-in or both? Analysing approaches and weighing • Discovering the next generation of smart phones, tablets and Fabio Borghi, Electronic System Integration Manager, Ferrari up the impacts of tethering vs. embedded Internet connection future developments in consumer electronics Tom Wellings, Programme Attribute Leader: HMI, Accessibility Usability, Jaguar Land Rover• Overcoming international boundaries preventing comprehensive Marc Pajon, VP Engineering - Advanced Projects Life On Board, Safety, Dynamic Performance, Renault Andrew Gellatly, Technical Fellow – HMI Human Factors, User Interface coverage of infotainment systems to create a truly connected Group Lead, General Motors experience for the consumer 11.50 Question Answer Session 3.00 HMI Shared Question Answer Discussion Panel• Matching consumer requirements with strategy: How are market B: Built-In Connectivity 3.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break In Exhibition Showcase Area trends likely to impact vehicle infotainment development? 12.00 Analysing The Benefits And Drawbacks Of On-Board USABILITY• Clearly understanding customer specifications and accurately Embedded Connectivity To Provide Seamless Connection For identifying market trends likely to impact prevalent modes of Infotainment Systems 3.50 Developing Intuitive Infotainment Systems To Ensure Ease Of Use By Customers Through Optimising Design And Evaluating connection and infotainment requirements 2015+ • Performance benefits for built-in connectivity to maintain Test Methods constant connection without relying on user smart phoneCandido Peterlini, VP Marketing Innovation and Director of Product • Defining ‘easy to use’ and ‘intuitive’ from a customers • Assessing on-board antenna systems and sim card technologyConcept Infotainment, FIAT perspective to overcome functional complexity and help to to provide a direct independent source for internet connectivity provide universal standardisation of infotainment interfacesAlan Bennett, Chief Engineer - Electrical, Aston Martin • Weighing up the issue of adding mass of internal modems • Evaluating effectiveness of testing procedures and designLars Bramstang, Director Connectivity, Volvo and antennas methods used to reduce variability and enhance usability of • Understanding the safety benefits of embedded connectivity for human computer interaction9.45 Question Answer Session infotainment in critical situations • Personalising infotainment systems based on demographics, INDUSTRY ALLIANCES Henry Bzeih, Chief Technology Strategist, KIA Connected Car interface familiarity and content preferences by allowing the customer to choose which features they wish to include or leave10.00 Exploring Potential Alliances Between The Automotive, 12.30 Question Answer Session out depending on experience levelsTelecommunications And Consumer Electronics Industries 12.40 Networking Lunch In Exhibition Showcase Area • Adapting interface to consumer electronics to capitalize on userTo Break Barriers Preventing Innovation And Enable Future familiarity with individual smart phones HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACEProofing Of Infotainment Systems Tom Wellings, Programme Attribute Leader: HMI, Accessibility Usability, 1.40 – 3.00 Examining Current And Future Interface Capabilities Jaguar Land Rover• Insights into developments and upcoming innovation in the Of Touch Screens, Speech Recognition, Gesture Controlled And 4.20 Question Answer Session consumer electronic market – how can this be managed and fed Switch Gear Input To Improve Functionality And Enhance Safety OF HMI Systems DRIVER DISTRACTION into design of new infotainment systems?• Establishing flexible solutions for the future by developing 1.40 A) Touch Screen 4.30 Analysing The Trade Off Between Enriching Feature Content And Minimising Driver Distraction: Where Do You Draw The Line? software and hardware systems to provide an upgradable • Utilising touch screen technology to interactively control • Forecasting potential mandatory regulations for driver distraction universal platform functions of the vehicle such as temperature, navigation and legislation to assess implications to infotainment systems – will entertainment whilst managing safety concerns• Harmonising the relationship with the consumer electronics regulations do more harm than good? • Balancing use of larger high resolution screens with volume of industry to develop common solutions and minimum sets of • Understanding typical metrics of human factors to establish data required to find the ideal sweet spot reasonable ‘eyes off road time’ to enhance safety and prevent inter-compatibility standards to better work together to improve • Evaluating reach issues, location constraints and how this driver distraction the experience of the consumer impacts styling? • Comparing generational difference of parallel processing to• How can Vehicle OEMs account for and manage device variations • Assessing which kind of touch screen is most desirable – examine the need for tailored infotainment systems depending on across many different platforms and applications? capacity vs. resistive - what will be the leading technology in 5 demographics and experience levels years time? • Assessing the safety benefit of system components such as• Capitalising on transferrable lessons form the consumer Bluetooth, hands free, voice activated – how much safer are they? electronic market: Successful product differentiation and 2.00 B) Gesture Controlled • Developing industry standards for screen positioning, maximum keeping ahead of trends to meet consumers demand for • Examining the capabilities of gesture controls from ‘in air’ to keystroke limitations and call features to generate a collaborative connected services ‘surface touching’ and ‘gaze tracking’ safety guideline • Forming standardised gesture language to enable universal Marc Pajon, VP Engineering - Advanced Projects Life On Board, Safety,Mika Rytkönen, President, Car Connectivity Consortium Director, consumer use Dynamic Performance, RenaultIndustry Operations, Nokia • Use of cameras to enable gesture control of infotainment 5.00 Extended Question Answer SessionAnders Lindbom, Technical Leader of Infotainment Systems, Volvo systems - could you use a camera to control the system?10.30 Question Answer Session • Potential for gaze input interfaces to improve safety while driving 5.10 Chair’s Closing Remarks Day One - keeping drivers focused on the road rather than navigating 5.20 – 6.20 Networking Drinks Reception In The Exhibition10.50 Morning Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area through menus Showcase AreaTO register: call + 44 (0) 207 033 4970 email info@london-business-conferences.co.uk www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.com
  4. 4. Day Two Wednesday September 26, 2012CALCULATING BUSINESS MODELS AND EXPLORING INDUSTRY COLLABORATIONS FOR BASEOPERATING SYSTEMS TO PROVIDE A PLATFORM FOR INNOVATIVE INFOTAINMENT SYSTEMSAND ALLOW FOR DEVELOPMENT OF VEHICLE CENTRIC APPS8.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE CASE STUDY: AUDIO SYSTEMS 11.50 Evaluating Future Technologies For Graphical UserIan Kendall, Manager Infotainment Systems, Bentley 3.30 Enhancing The In-Vehicle Audio Experience To Meet Interface To Improve Drivability And Enhance Visual Appeal Consumer Requirements For Sound And Access ToOPENING KEYNOTE PANEL: MONETISING CONNECTIVITY Of Display Digital Media9.00 Assessing Business Models To Identify Opportunities • Identifying opportunities and best practices for cluster display toFor Upfront And Ongoing Revenue Generation From utilise space and display critical features to enhance drivability • Facilitating international digital radio and broadcastInfotainment Systems • Exploring potential for three dimensional user interfaces to media using integrated connectivity to provide an• Understanding consumer preferences and evaluating the pros enhance graphical user interface enriching audio experience and cons between upfront costs, ongoing subscriptions, upgrade • Discovering possibilities for interface projection onto windscreen • Taking connectivity further through smart phone to applications options or smart phone tethering – what is the consumer and other areas of the car to push the boundaries and such as Spotify and Rhapsody to provide personalised playlists maximise space prepared to pay for? on demand Tawhid Khan, Principal Technical Specialist - Infotainment, Tata Motors• Exploring avenues for joint propositions with telecommunication • Breaking the mold of traditional audio features by bringing companies for domestic and international connectivity 12.20 Question Answer Session comforts of home into the car with enhanced amplifier design subscriptions and surround sound features 12.30 Networking Lunch Break In Exhibition Showcase Area• Optimise products to allow for ongoing profitability through VEHICLE-CENTRIC APPS Ian Kendall, Manager Infotainment Systems, Bentley add-on’s and upgrade functions to maximize aftersales revenue during the life cycle, after the initial purchase of the vehicle 1.30 Creating Vehicle-Centric Apps That Meet The Specific 4.00 Question Answer Session• Evaluating the largest opportunity for cost reduction within the Environment Requirements Of Cars Whilst Answering Drivers CASE STUDY: NAVIGATION infotainment business model – where can we afford to cut costs? Connectivity Need - What Is And Isn’t Reasonable?Lorenz Makeschin, Strategy Infotainment and Connected Drive, BMW • Investigating best practices for adapting smart phone 4.10 Exploring Opportunities To Revolutionise Navigation applications into vehicle settingsPer Lindberg, Senior Business Analyst, Connected Car, Volvo Systems Through Integrating With HMI Features And Enhancing • Is it realistic and reasonable to start to implement apps and other comparable features in cars Customer Infotainment Experience9.40 Question Answer Session • Lessons to learn from consumer electronics industries to inspire • Integrating navigation system into HMI features such as BASE OPERATING SYSTEMS STANDARDISATION program developers to design vehicle specific applications voice control to provide a safer and more efficient use of10.00 Driving Forward Industry Efforts For Developing A • Understanding how to provide the services that the application navigation systemsStandardised Base Operating System To Enable Ease Of needs such as camera inputs, audio outputs, display, speed • Using connectivity to update real-time traffic, free car park andInterfacing With Current And Future Consumer Devices Across of processor points of interest to enrich driver experience and provide realVehicle Models • Downloading apps to the vehicle to keep the user experience up to date value to the consumer• Establishing connectivity standards by creating base standard for the automotive industry to allow accelerated innovation and • Embedding manufacturer specific apps on the phone to enable a • Scrutinising the main issues preventing the industry from collaboratively decide where the industry is going specific look and feel when connected to the vehicle HMI achieving successful international navigation coverage Peter Virk, Infotainment Technical Specialist - Apps Consumer Electronics • Identifying areas for further development and understand future• Developing software stacks, open source modules, and overall Integration, Jaguar Land Rover standards for connectivity by defragmenting the industry and advances to improve navigation function and push boundaries enabling solutions 2.00 Question Answer Session and expectations• Deciphering a solution which is interoperable with all types Philippe Colliot, Senior Engineer Navigation and Telematics, Peugeot Citroen CASE STUDY: ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTED SYSTEMS of phone• Identifying opportunities for customised Human Machine 2.10 Exploring The ‘Information’ Side Of Infotainment: Showcasing 4.40 Question Answer Session How Infotainment Systems Can Support Increased Safety In Critical Interface (HMI) systems, branding and differentiation while using Situations And Assist Advanced Drivability 4.50 Chair’s Closing Remarks standardised infotainment operating platforms • Analysing effectiveness of static and pre-loading warning• Comparison between investment scales of proprietary vs. 5.00 End Of Summit functions and reliability of camera and radar sensors to help standardised interfaces drivers react to certain critical situations• Analysing major developments across collaborative industry • Preventing unnecessary crash situations using alliances to evaluate remaining barriers and opportunities vehicle-to-vehicle communication to alert surrounding drivers of for improvement sudden breaking, vehicle malfunction, andMatt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist Infotainment, Jaguar Land Rover and traffic sound recognitionVice President, GENIVI • Identifying solutions to helping the driver to focus in dangerous conditions by muting audio, fading video, and minimising other10.30 Extended Question Answer Discussion distractions without needing to10.40 Morning Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area SCREEN REPLICATION TECHNOLOGY be prompted • Evaluating effectiveness of technologies to support driver drowsiness detection SAVE £20011.10 Establishing The Most Effective Method To Transport • Utilising augmented reality technology to assist with parking, beforeData From Phone To Infotainment System: Pure Mirroring vs. detect road obstacles and identify potential hazardsEmbedded Adapted Solutions • Providing capability in electric and hybrid vehicles to assist with 16 July• Understanding the benefits of integrating MirrorLink information on most effective charging points and EV technologies to provide a smooth transition for smart friendly routes phone connectivity • Capitalising on new technologies to support advanced drivability:• Scrutinising pros and cons of embedded vs. screen replication to • Lane change assistance provide a well balanced solution • Intelligent speed adaptation• Exploring data driven proof of concept for evidence-based • Night Vision comparisons of assessing free mirroring of content vs. adaption • Traffic sign recognition of content • Blind spot detection• Evaluating the barriers and critical features of screen replication Speaker To Be Announced Shortly technology and developing collaborative solutions 2.50 Question Answer SessionHenry Bzeih, Chief Technology Strategist, KIA Connected Car 3.00 Afternoon Refreshment Break In Exhibition11.40 Question Answer Session Showcase AreaTO register: call + 44 (0) 207 033 4970 email info@london-business-conferences.co.uk www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.com
  5. 5. Sponsorship Opportunities Achieving Your Business Objectives At The Who Will You Meet? Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012 Attendees By Organisation Type:DEMONSTRATE THOUGHT LEADERSHIPConnected in-vehicle infotainment for the automotive sector is a growing area oftechnological development. You may be pioneering these advances, but do yourcustomers know what differentiates you from your competitors? Use targeted, editoriallyreviewed keynotes and case studies to demonstrate thought leadership to yourtarget audience.RAISE BRAND AWARENESS AND INCREASE YOUR PROFILEAny solutions selected by Vehicle OEMs must be subjected to careful comparativecost-benefit analysis. Of course automakers take into account, profile, credibility andmarket leadership when selecting suppliers to support, their electric vehicle strategies. n 20% VPs Infotainment, Connectivity, Telematics, Marketing InnovationYour organization must be at the forefront when these decisions are made. n 38% Directors Connectivity, Infotainment, Connected Car DevelopmentCement your leadership position with targeted branding and profiling campaigns n 30% Managers HMI, Connectivity, Business Development,directed at the leading Vehicle OEMs. Digital CommunicationsMEET AND NETWORK WITH DECISION MAKERS n 12% Senior Engineers, Technical Specialists RD expertsThought leadership, branding and profiling are converted into contracts throughextensive face-to-face relationship building. As a dedicated event to In-vehicleinfotainment, this intimate forum enables you to meet specific job titles in one place Attendee Job Titles:at one time, giving you the best possible chance of influencing keydecision makers.The Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012 offers a uniqueplatform for you to deliver your message, raise awareness and network withindustry leaders working on developing connected cars through cutting-edgeinfotainment systems. To secure your sponsorship or to discuss further, n 45% Vehicle OEMs please contact Steve Thomas n 35% Tier 1: Telecommunications, Content Providers Consumer on +44 (0) 207 033 4970 or email Electronic Manufacturers steve@london-business-conferences.co.uk n 15% Tier 23: Other IVI Service Suppliers and Part Manufacturers n 5% Academic, Press Trade Associations Venue Information Full Speaker ListThe Summit will be held in Candido Peterlini, VP of Marketing Innovation, FIAT Marc Pajon, VP Engineering, Advanced Projects Life On Board, Safety, DynamicLondon, Performance, RenaultUK Alan Bennett, Chief Engineer, Electrical, Aston Martin Henry Bzeih, Chief Technology Strategist, KIA Connected Car Lorenz Makeschin, Strategy Infotainment and Connected Drive, BMW Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist – Infotainment, Jaguar Land Rover Fabio Borghi, Electronic system integration manager, Ferrari Lars Bramstang, Director Connectivity, Volvo Ian Kendall, Manager Infotainment Systems, Bentley Phillippe Colliot, Navigation and Telematics Senior Engineer, Peugeot Citroen Andrew Gellatly, Technical Fellow – HMI Human Factors – User Interface Group Lead, General Motors Per Lindberg, Senior Business Analyst, Connected Car, Volvo Tom Wellings, Programme Attribute Leader: HMI, Accessability Usability, Jaguar Land Rover Anders Lindbom, Technical Leader of Infotainment Systems, Volvo Peter Virk, Infotainment Technical Specialist - Apps Consumer Electronics Integration, Jaguar Land Rover Tawhid Khan, Principal Technical Specialist - Infotainment, Tata MotorsFor more infomation on the venue please contact us Mika Rytkönen, President, Car Connectivity Consortium Director, Industryon +44 (0) 207 033 4970 Operations, NokiaTO register: call + 44 (0) 207 033 4970 email info@london-business-conferences.co.uk www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.com
  6. 6. P I would like to register the delegate(s) belowYes for the 2 day conference Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012 DETAILS PLEASE USE CAPITALS Please photocopy for multiple delegatesDelegate 1 * Mr * Miss * Ms * Mrs * Dr * OtherNamePositionDelegate 2 * Mr * Miss * Ms * Mrs * Dr * OtherNamePositionOrganisationAddressCountry Zip/Postal CodeTelephone FaxEmail Signature DELEGATE RATES We have team discounts so you can involve your whole organisation or teamDELEGATE FEES (Guests are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements) Super Early Booking Discount Early Booking Discount Standard Rate Book and pay before 23 July, 2012 Book and pay before 13 August, 2012 From 13 August, 2012 2 Day Conference * £899 (ex VAT) * £999 (ex VAT) * £1,099 (ex VAT)2 Day Conference + Conference Audio Proceedings * £1,099 (ex VAT) * £1,199 (ex VAT) * £1,299 (ex VAT)No Attendance - Presentation Materials inc. Conference Audio Proceedings * £399 (ex VAT) PAYMENT Please tick appropriate boxes and complete detailsPayment must be received in full prior to the event. * Cheque I enclose a cheque in UK Pounds Sterling payable to London Business Conferences for £* Payment by Wire Transfer A copy of the bank transfer document should be attached to your registration form so appropriate allocation of funds can be made to your registration.Bank: Barclays Bank Account Name: London Business Conferences Account number: 60827312 Sort Code: 209821 IBAN: GB81BARC20982160827312 SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22* Credit CardPlease charge my * Visa * American Express * MastercardAmount £ Expiry dateCard number Security Code / CVV (required)Name on card Signature of card holderTerms and Conditions London Business Conferences Please write to the Head of Marketing,The conference is being organised reserves the right to alter or cancel the speakers or program. London Business Conferences at the HOW TO REGISTER by London Business Conferences, address below if you specifically do Receipt of this booking form, inclusivea limited liability company formed or exclusive of payment constitutes not want to receive this information. Please Return Your Completed Registration Form To Our Customer Service Teamunder English company law and formal agreement to attend and London Business Conferences.registered in the UK no. 5090859. acceptance of the terms and First Floor 44-46, New Inn Yard,Cancellations received one calendar conditions stated. Call +44 (0)207 033 4970month (or the previous working day London EC2A 3EY, UK. *If you are claiming the early bookingwhichever is the earliest) before theevent will be eligible for a refund less discount this may not be used in London Business Conferences Fax +44 (0)207 749 0704 conjunction with other discounts will not accept liability for any£75 administration fee. Cancellationsmust be made in writing. After that advertised elsewhere. individual transport delays and in Email info@london-business-conferences.co.uk We would like to keep you informed of such circumstances the normalpoint no refund can be made. If you other London Business Conferencesare unable to attend, no refund can products and services. This will be cancellation restrictions apply. Online www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.combe given but you may nominate a carried out in accordance with the London Business Conferences Limited,colleague to take your place. Data Protection Act. Registered in England No. 5090859 Address 44-46 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EY, United KingdomTO register: call + 44 (0) 207 033 4970 email info@london-business-conferences.co.uk www.connected-in-vehicle-infotainment.com