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Evolution of ‘in store' - can bricks & mortar and e commerce work together effectively


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Evolution of ‘in store' - can bricks & mortar and e commerce work together effectively.
An Omni-Channel Vision of the Post Office. A journey describing how the Post Office aims to transform its business to become a modern, customer centric, omni-channel retailer

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Evolution of ‘in store' - can bricks & mortar and e commerce work together effectively

  1. 1. 4th November 2014 | 15:00 PM Evolution of ‘in-store' - can bricks & mortar and eCommerce work together effectively Presented by: Imtiaz Kaderbhoy Project Manager – Digital Multi Channel Program James Scutt Network Change & Customer Coordination Manager #etailcoreweb
  2. 2. Evolution of in-store Can bricks & mortar and eCommerce work together effectively Welcome
  3. 3. James Scutt @ScuttJ Imtiaz Kaderbhoy @imtiazkaderbhoy
  4. 4. Who are we? We have been trading for over 370 years We have c11,800 branches across the UK We serve c18 million customers every week 99.7% of UK population is within three miles of a branch 2013 Revenue increased by £44m (4.5%) to £1.024bn.
  5. 5. Brand trust Is it a good thing?
  6. 6. Brand Trust • What does this mean for us? Human Fair Reliable Universal Trustworthy Useful Community Focused Useful What does this mean to us?
  7. 7. Brand Trust • But watch out for the “trust trap” “They just do mails” “They have basic products” “They’re old- fashioned” “I can’t access them digitally” “I don’t associate them with other things” “They have notorious queues” What could this mean? “Their products aren’t relevant to me”
  8. 8. Voice of the Customer and our “Customer Promise”
  9. 9. Voice of the Customer The Post Office respects my time I received friendly personal service My expectations are met My needs were understood I’m treated fairly and with professionalism Customer Promise
  10. 10. Physically transforming our branches
  11. 11. Physically Transforming our Branches • 292 Crown branches  Brighter more modern design  Improved layouts  Improved Self-serve  Private consultation areas for Financial Services  Longer opening hours  More open plan counters Many refits will give customers:
  12. 12. Physically Transforming our Branches • c3,500 “Main” branches • c5,300 Smaller “Local” branches  Modern design  More open plan counters  Longer opening hours
  13. 13. Colleague behavioural training
  14. 14. Colleague Behavioural Training What do we want to achieve? Evolving from service to retail excellence Ways of working without the “barrier” of a physical counter Behavioural excellence to exceed customers expectations Encouraging innovative thinking and maximising the strengths of individuals New ways of interacting with customers to improve their experience
  15. 15. Digital Omni-channel Connecting customer touch-points
  16. 16. The Post Office sits in 4 core markets Mails Government Financial Services Telephony The Post Office faces challenges across each of its four core markets to become commercially sustainable
  17. 17. • Transforming customer engagement with the Post Office from single transactions into enduring and profitable customer relationships Omni-channel Strategy – In a Nutshell
  18. 18. The Post Office has many of the building blocks in-place or in-progress Mails Gov’t services Financial services Retail Telecoms = Post Office = Customer From this…
  19. 19. What they want Where they want How they want In the way that they want Put the customer at the heart of a single relationship with the Post Office The Customer at the heart of the Post Office  Better knowledge of the customer Increased share of customer spend Improved loyalty & retention Attracting a new generation of customers Post Office business benefit Additional revenue New product & services opportunities Increased profit Put the customer at the heart of a single relationship with the Post Office To this…
  20. 20. • Omni-channel means more than just a good website, it means an integrated multi-channel business Omni-channel ENHANCED ‘PURE’ DIGITAL CHANNELS DIGITALLY ENABLED BRANCHES Personalised customer experience at the Digital Post Office “Handled with care” Leading website experience Optimised mobile experience Interactive & informative digital content Quick & easy purchase process Innovative digital delivery Digitally enabled customer support ‘Smart’ customer self- service points Web-connected branch colleagues Digitally enabled knowledge share & management Integrated with other channels
  21. 21. Leveraging unique asset of physical network 360 degree data driving engagement and decisions Differentiated customer service Omni-channel Enabling principle “A digital Post Office”
  22. 22. Branch remains an important channel for all groups Consumers of all ages still want to go into stores But the experience offered needs to adapt to an OC world Branch becomes a crucial tool for brand engagement & loyalty through excellent in-store customer service The role of branch: Engage with customers Embodiment of the brand Offering new services Support seamless integration Personalised customer service Consumer Goods
  23. 23. What are we doing…. Today…
  24. 24. What we are doing Developing a single view of our customers Developing propositions based on insight and fact Creating a single Post Office customer account Launching and integrating our mobile channel Optimising our online customer journeys Aligning our branch experience / customer journey to our online and mobile channels Creating a targeted self service capability Launching a platform to integrate all of the above Replace our counter infrastructure Adopt test and learn to speed time to market
  25. 25. Design Lab
  26. 26. Design Lab The future of the Post Office Watch the video here:
  27. 27. For high volume transactions • Live in-branch • Online to follow Appointment Booking
  28. 28. Post Office products What do we do?
  29. 29. • We have over 170 products, and growing! Post Office Products Travel •Foreign currency •Travel insurance •Travel money card •Travellers cheques •Passport services •MoneyGram Financial Services •Credit cards •Personal loans •Savings accounts •Mortgages •Current accounts •Growth bonds Telephony •Homephone •Broadband •Phone cards •Mobile top up •Directory enquiries Insurance •Car & van •Home •Life •Pet •Motorcycle •Business Mail •UK & international •Guaranteed •Confirmed •Standard Identity & Licences •Driving licences •Biometric Enrolment for Foreign Nationals •Rod Fishing Licence •Document certification and many more…
  30. 30. Our products win awards too… Post Office Products 8 Years running 7 Years running
  31. 31. James Scutt @ScuttJ Imtiaz Kaderbhoy @imtiazkaderbhoy …Thank-you