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Electronic Books


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Electronic Books

  2. 2. Electronic book is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable oncomputers or other eletronic devices.
  3. 3. People of all ages and background can use it.Electronic copies of educational books and novels can be made.Most popular application is in entertainment.A lot of profit is made by selling them.
  4. 4. Save treesHave specialized topicsYou can focus on the precise informationHas videos and picturesEasy to buy
  5. 5. Does not take up a lot of space Can hold multiple books at atimeDoes not have weightSaves energy and resourcesthat are needed for printing
  6. 6. Many title have not yetcome in eletronic form.Technological problemsEye strainEasy literature
  7. 7. Break easilyCannot betransferred orsharedExpensive
  8. 8. The information might bethe same, the onlydifference is how it ispresented. A book you canread anywhere with noneed for any device. An e-book need a device thatdisplays it.
  9. 9. The feeling is verydifferent, a book mightfeel more yours whilean e-book feelssomehow part of thecomputer or device.