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City and countryside tunnels preserve unique locations and minimise travel time by avoiding intersections with other infrastructure. Nevertheless, to guarantee a smooth and safe traffic flow through tunnels, many requirements have to be met. Technology plays an essential role in this.

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Imtech Tunnel Systems

  2. 2. Comfortable and Sustainable EnvironmentUrban areas are growing; with the result that more people have lessspace to live, to work and for recreation. This also means that trafficin and between cities is growing as well, creating a threat that parksor landscapes will have to be sacrificed. Road and rail tunnels are thepragmatic solution to retain a liveable and sustainable environmentfor everybody and to improve travel comfort.Smooth Traffic FlowCity and countryside tunnels preserve unique locations and mini-mise travel time by avoiding intersections with other infrastructure.Nevertheless, to guarantee a smooth and safe traffic flow throughtunnels, many requirements have to be met. Technology plays anessential role in this.Tunnel SafetyAccidents in tunnels can have catastrophic consequences. Thereforeit is necessary that safety and incident management is includedat the design stage and is continued in the building and operatingphase. Traffic and tunnel technical installations are crucial to pre-vent and detect accidents and protect the tunnel, its users and theenvironment from a disaster.High AvailabilityBoth the volume of traffic through and the length of tunnels aregrowing. Combined with higher international safety standards andan increasing number of technological installations, it is difficult foroperating personnel to have a complete overview of the situation inthe tunnel and its surrounding area. Only with a totally integratedsolution that combines information and control, of the entire tunneland the traffic network, can the highest availability be achieved.
  3. 3. The Integrated Tunnel Disciplines of ImtechElectricalAlmost all installations in tunnels are dependent on electricity to work properly. A continuous andstable power supply is therefore crucial for the safety and availability of a tunnel. We have designengineering, installation and maintenance experience, ranging from high-voltage switchgears tomedium and low voltage distributions boards. A totally integrated energy management system withadditional uninterruptable power supplies and power generators guarantees the continuation ofelectrical energy, even when the mains electricity supply has failed. With the use of a tunnel lightingmanagement system and LED technology the safety and availability of tunnels is increased whilereducing electricity demand.MechanicalThe ventilation system is the most visible mechanical installation in tunnels. It is continuously beingused to extract toxic and hot exhaust fumes. The air pollution in a tunnel is measured using sensorslined to the ventilation system. Fans are also used in case of fire to remove smoke and heat quicklyand completely, making it possible for road users to safely exit the tunnel. Other mechanical instal-lations like emergency exits, fire extinguish and pump installations are also vital for the safety ofthe tunnel, its users and the environment. Typical for all mechanical installations is that they have tobe designed and built in close cooperation with the civil constructor and are maintenance sensitive.TrafficTo be sure that traffic can safely and smoothly drive through tunnels, preventative and correctivesolutions are available. On the ramp to the tunnel a height detection system is installed to preventvehicles that exceed height limits from accessing the tunnel. Inside the tunnel automatic speeddetection systems are used to detect slow or stopped vehicles. In the case of a traffic jam or anaccident, approaching traffic is ordered to slow down by the motorway traffic management system.With the traffic signalling system, lanes can be closed to traffic and vehicles can be forced to moveto another lane. Together with the other Electrical and Mechanical installations these traffic instal-lations provide a secured and regular flow through the tunnel.ICTAll information comes together in the Control Centre. From here the safety and traffic flow ismonitored continuously by the operators. Video cameras observe the traffic and the situation in thetunnel and give the operators a complete overview of the situation in case of an incident. Using thespeaker or the radio broadcast system, the operator can give instructions to the people in the tun-nel or they can have contact via the intercom installation. From the Control Centre, installations canbe controlled manually or emergency services can be alerted to respond to a situation. All technicalinstallations are connected to the communication network, linking data, voice and video to theControl Centre.
  4. 4. ssioning m Project Commi anage on men lati t tal Tra Ins ini n ng sig De Ma int ena nce ancy manante Consult A sset me g -Integrated Approach Total Solution ProviderImtech is your partner for the design, build, main- Imtech is a total solution provider for road and railtenance and operation of a safe tunnel offering tunnels. One partner for all solutions and services, gua-optimal conditions for the users and stakeholders. By ranteeing the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) andworking in close cooperation with our customers, we the highest safety and availability for your infrastruc-understand your requirements and translate these ture. Thanks to a multidisciplinary integrated approachinto solutions and services. Through our longstanding for every phase of your tunnel project, we offer theinternational experience, manufacturer independency highest added value for all parties involved.and an integrated multidisciplinary approach, we giveyou the best performance to meet the demands in allphases.
  5. 5. Imtech Traffic & InfraBasicweg 163821 BR AmersfoortP.O. Box 25423800 GB AmersfoortThe NetherlandsT +31 (0) 33 454 17 77F +31 (0) 33 454 19 75E Info.infra@imtech.nlI total solutions provider