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King Solomon


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Basic information, The Judge, Temple Builder, Downfall)

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King Solomon

  1. 1. King Solomon Basic Information The Judge Temple Builder Downfall
  2. 2. Basic Information Solomon was bron in Jerusalem He was the Third King of Israel He was second son of David He was the King from 970 to 931 B.C. He was a prophet
  3. 3. The Judge
  4. 4. Temple Builder He spent 13 years building his own palace He also built a city wall A palace called the Millo for the daughter of Pharaoh 30,000 plus of people helped build the temple. It was made of stone and wood It’s walls and floors covered in gold. A baptismal font on the backs of twelve oxen. It took seven years to build the temple. At last it was finished.
  5. 5. Downfall
  6. 6. Question?
  7. 7. Question?