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Geneva school


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Linguistics School

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Geneva school

  1. 1. The Geneva School Name of the group ------ The Geneva School Country of origin ------- Switzerland Leader --------------------- Ferdinand de Saussure Followers ------------------ Charles Bally and A. Sechehaye School of thought -------- Modern Structuralism Linguistics Main idea ----------------- Synchrony and Diachronic Langue and Parole Saussure’s Theory of Linguistic Sign Saussure Theory of Associative Value Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic Saussure’s Contribution Influence ------------------ Number of circle having Structuralism Linguistics
  2. 2. Outline  Ferdinand de Saussure  Synchrony and Diachronic  Langue and Parole  Saussure’s Theory of Linguistic Sign  Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic  Saussure Theory of Associative Value & Influence of Saussure
  3. 3. Ferdinand de Saussure Father of Modern Linguistics Born 26 November 1857 Geneva, Switzerland Died 22 February 1913 (aged 55) Vaud, Switzerland Era 19th-century philosophy Region Western Philosophy School Structuralism, semiotics Main interests Linguistics Notable ideas Langue and parole, synchronic analysis, arbitrariness of the linguistic sign
  4. 4. Synchrony is the study of a language in a given time Diachronic is the study of a language in through time/ development of any language Synchronic and Diachronic
  5. 5. Synchronic linguistics deals with systems, Diachronic with units Indo European Germanic W. Germanic Low Germanic Anglo-Saxon Middle English Modern English
  6. 6. Langue and Parole Langue - the language system and Parole - the act of speaking.
  7. 7. Parole refers to the individual language acts. Langue is the common possession of a speech community.
  8. 8. Saussure’s Theory of Linguistic Sign
  9. 9. Signifier - The signifier is the pointing finger, the word, the sound-image. Signified - The signified is the concept, the meaning, the thing indicated by the signifier
  10. 10. Syntagmatic is the chain relationship by structure Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic
  11. 11. Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic The cat sat on the mat. Subject Verb Article Noun Object Preposition Article Noun
  12. 12. Paradaigmatic is the choiec relationship in word Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic
  13. 13. The cat sat on the mat. dog rabbit bird
  14. 14. Saussure Theory of Associative Value Influence of Saussure As mentioned by waterman, “Saussure’s influence upon subsequent linguistic theory has understandably been of major importance. Indeed in Western world at any rate, all hues of structuralism have come under his influence. The Copenhagen School The Prague School The London School The American School
  15. 15. Saussure’s fountain principle is his notion of double entity. Everything in language can be defined in double terms: •The duality of sound and meaning; •The duality of the langue and parole; •The duality of Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic; •The duality of Synchronic and Diachronic.
  16. 16. Have u any question ?