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Rotary 7230 2018 crystal kazmi abridged

Brief presentation on world peace

They work hard
They are seldom appreciated
They do not get their due share from society
And no one likes them complaining
Even as they are abused… often by their own

Their lives akin to a languished and abused beast of burden, they are the women of Pakistan. This is a political party giving a voice and hope to women, though men and transgenders are equally welcome. We, the women of Pakistan, strongly believe that we have suffered, and are still suffering, as per our “About” page which gives a bit of a historical and statistical perspective too. Please join us on Facebook

12 Crore / 120 Million Women … are not a joke!

Our Mission

Reclaim Pakistan from the thugs, looters and self serving elites – the so called politicians, turn it around into a model state for the whole world to see. Adopting best practices from all over the world that serves our people best; implementing the same effortlessly with a competent team, in a transparent, accountable environment which nurtures creative problem solving and innovation.

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Rotary 7230 2018 crystal kazmi abridged

  1. 1. US-Pakistan-India-China Relations Opportunities and Obstacles for a positive new world order Presentation is available online TINYURL.COM/ROTARYCHK
  2. 2. Can they converge? Four Nuclear Powers, Four separate agendas, But same old problems!
  3. 3. A BIG thank you President Inwood James Kushner 917 449 6384 For organizing this talk, motivating and (even) hosting me  Recipient of Rotary’s Service Above Self Award this year! He is launching his public speaking career on “DOING NONPROFITS RIGHT” based on his wealth of experience in relief work the world over And to all of you at Rotary for being here to listen to and discuss some of my (rather offbeat) ideas and ideals And above all to the founding fathers of America for letting me speak my mind due the First Amendment (the real reason behind American’s Superpower status)
  4. 4. a talk by Crystal Heart Kazmi (Imran O Kazmi) Chief Thinking Officer, CRS Cube/Synergize Management Consultant and Trainer Peace and Prosperity Activist Business ideas incubator GPHR (SHRM, US), MBA (Mktg & Fin) Profile Cell +1 929 302 6969
  5. 5. In a nutshell • India wants to increase its presence as a regional power • Pakistan wants to protect its territorial integrity & raise noise on Kashmir and water • Americans want the Chinese and terrorism at bay, while maximizing economic value • Chinese are deepening relationships with all stakeholders • Afghans are banking on India • Iran is hoping China will stick to them in the status quo • From Rotary’s perspective • These are all “archaic military driven win/lose” strategies (which everyone sees through anyway) that result in increased spending in needless arms races and false concepts of success and failure leading to (on the ground) • More hunger • More poverty • More instability • More sickness • Miserable masses • That Rotarians are tirelessly working to alleviate!
  6. 6. Collaboration What do others think? There are no rights or wrongs, just thoughts to ponder, some excellent ideas too! I invited feedback from thousands of which few responded (dared!)
  7. 7. What they say? Fav  Major Raja Qaisar Zulqarnain He’s an elite intellectual
  8. 8. What they say? Major Qaiser Gandapur He provides top notch security to American and other VVIPs in Islamabad, from a very good family with a lot of influence
  9. 9. What they say? Major Shahid Rehman a very wise and fine man
  10. 10. The US Wants • Retain influence in SouthEast Asia • A market for American goods and services • Acknowledgment of breach of trust by Pakistan and misuse of money Avoids • Flow of immigrants • Flow of terrorists • Imports increasing the mammoth $21 trillion debt • Increasing Chinese presence in Asia, Africa and South America
  11. 11. India Wants • Increased influence in the region • Increased global presence through human resource and goods / services • Increased military strength to tame potential foes (Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and affirm friends (Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran) Avoids • Any discussion on human rights abuse / UN Charter in Kashmir, or against the minorities (Christians and Muslims) • Exclusive relationship with the Russian or US blocks i.e. wants to keep both as allies, as an emerging regional power
  12. 12. Pakistan Wants • Babying and comfort from US and allies for role played against terrorism (which I think was an internal war benefitting us then the US primarily) • Pressure on India to resolve the Kashmir issue with outstanding UN resolutions • Economic and military support • Gradual cozying up to China after the US continually lambasted Pakistan on all counts above Avoids • US blameshifting on terrorism “not enough done” • A blanket relationship of “master- slave” nature with China (or anyone else) • An Islamic label, most of the last 20 years of leaders, army or civil, have lived, practiced and promoted secularism, but the masses are not in sync so there are potential conflicts
  13. 13. Few US Pros and Cons Pros • ‘The’ superpower with military and technological leadership • “17th Century European Immigrants’ based culture & values • that has, over the centuries, overcome problems like racism and slavery, evolved and improved over to one of the finest models of human co-existence anywhere in the world • A role model for the world • in many ways, as almost ALL of the ‘world’ is a happy subset of America! Cons • Government has a short term, transactional view of relationships, compared to long term Chinese vision • Healthcare and so many other issues a nation the size of a continent is expected to have! • Lack of clarity in global role: DoubleThink pendulum shifts between “we want to mind our own business” and “we’re here to support the oppressed” – this leads to wars that the US doesn’t commit to or abstention where action is required!
  14. 14. Few Indian Pros and Cons Pros • One of the largest democracies in the world • Huge population, market for goods and services • Immense English speaking talent in ICT, dominate the world with cheap and smart labor in ICT Cons • Growing militant extremism based on caste system • Massive corruption by public officers & politicians leaving their people high and dry • Huge quantum of poverty, and no resolution in sight • Human rights abuses of women and minorities • Big crime problem, frequent rapes & killings of locals and tourists, often politicians, government officers and police involved • Desire for regional command leading to arms buildup at the cost of poverty and legal recourse for the masses
  15. 15. Few Pakistan Pros and Cons Pros • Like India, big market for goods & services (a quarter of India, still 250mn people) and English speaking, IT resource • Opportunity in unexplored tourism due terrorism and misgovernance Cons • Namesake democracy, rest almost exactly the same as India ie • Extremism (though on the decline due Army operations) • Massive corruption • Immense quantum of poverty • Human rights abuses, esp women and minorities • Crime and gangs, often politicians and police involved
  16. 16. US threat from China + Pak / India partnership? Short term • Pakistan is beyond dating and entering nuptials with China • India through BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is a potential candidate • It is very likely that the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) will logically link with India thereby locking Indian interests with China • It will be a piece of cake for the Chinese to make Pakistan and India shake hands in view of the economic benefit all three can gain Long term • Regional influence loss, Pakistan in the short run and India in the medium turn • Possibility of an alliance between Iran and Afghanistan, India, Pakistan which will reduce US presence and influence in the region significantly
  17. 17. US strategies to tackle the inevitable shift 1: Think Long term What will work • Lessons from the British • Who, without today’s technology and military might ruled almost a half of the inhabited planet • The British, even as slave masters, ended up building infrastructure, giving good systems of governance, military, police and so forth to the then “slaves” • The Americans seem to get in and get out real fast! Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq are three recent examples of US invasions / “liberations” that were left half cooked and we all know what happened thereafter What won’t • Blaming • Outbursts of anger, “you didn’t do enough” talk will ebb Pakistan and South East Asia further • Transactional relationships • Focusing on short term arms or energy goals will alienate commitment of other nations
  18. 18. US strategies to tackle the inevitable shift 2: Solve problems! What will work • Focus on solutions to the third worlds’ problems • A weak and ineffective UN and a loan shark World Bank and IMF haven’t been America and the developed world’s best foot forward, rather obviously • Governance is a sore point in almost all third world nations, the US can offer solutions, be it anti corruption, entrepreneurship, education, fair and transparent legal system (key issue in all 3rdW) What won’t • Disowning other countries • What goes around, comes around. The world is an interconnected global village, and ignoring seething, simmering, serious problems will affect the developed world too, sooner or later, isolation, is simply not an answer!
  19. 19. US strategies to tackle the inevitable shift 3: Create “US Zones” What will work • Making US “experience zones” the world over • Mini USAs all over the world, a corporatized city, managed by a private sector firm that creates a US environment anywhere in the world • Offer people “the American way of life right at home”, from Columbia University, Disney, Hollywood to TGIFs to SiliconValley • Incentivize them with perhaps “fast track” travel and JVs with US firms for increasing US business What won’t • Alienating the US • The US is a great country • It has a sample of the whole world • We are you, and you, are us! • What needs to be honed out is just two words “common ground” then closing your doors to us
  20. 20. The 2 Ps everyone wants… Peace & Prosperity
  21. 21. Let’s look at Earth as Aliens  What do you see on planet earth? LIFE! Millions of organisms, Buildings, Houses, Farms, Animals, “Humans”… technology, factories … and?
  22. 22. and what else on planet Earth? Wars/Hate Poverty Sickness
  23. 23. There are certain givens that we need to unlearn and relearn • Religion • Politics • Nationalism • Poverty • Democracy
  24. 24. What is it • Religion • Politics • Nationalism • Poverty • Democracy • Doctrines, principles, real or unreal, none will know until they die • Are they worth fighting or killing over? • What we need instead is an overriding KodeofKonduct supported by world and religious leaders that focuses on core values that all must agree on even if they go against some religious concepts of some people • All men and women are created equal, race, gender, ethnicity does not make one better than another • All people who follow any faith or Atheism or LGBTQ deserve respect as long as their followers do not impose their views on others or in physical, verbal or emotional terms intend to harm another • All faiths contain good and bad elements when seen from the perspective of peaceful coexistence, the bad must be ignored and the good reinforced
  25. 25. What is it • Religion • Politics • Nationalism • Poverty • Democracy • Politicians (mostly) exist to fight and divide! • Depending on your nation, for a 4-6 years term, they start fighting before they win, while they’re in office while the opposition focuses their energy on the same! • While you need some skill and qualification to flip burgers at McD’s you need none to lead a country! • So when do they really serve the public? • While there has been innovation in almost every field – politics has remained devoid of this blessing in general the world over • A better, competence based, model for evolving democracy is sorely needed
  26. 26. What is it • Religion • Politics • Nationalism • Poverty • Democracy • Nationalism is outdated! • In a world dominated by Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp all over the world, we’re as equal as the birds that roam the skies! • There is NO reason for a man or woman to show pride in belonging to any nation, sect, faith, focus instead on finesse and good deeds • In the same breath, some nations have developed MORE as humans then others, the US for example, a potpourri of planet earth all living and working as one (in the balance) – principles of freedom of speech, equality and respect for individuals and opinions ingrained • What should be done is rethink nationalism into simply extensions of a commonly agreed philosophy of laws, values and acceptable behaviors all over the world
  27. 27. What is it • Religion • Politics • Nationalism • Poverty • Democracy • Poverty drives terrorism and crime! • Religious beliefs fuel the fire; but the primary reason why the masses join terror groups OR make crime a career … is poverty! • To counter poverty, nations of the world should reduce government spend • Via my proposed CPU approach where only law & order and taxation (where I propose indirect taxes on fuel, communication and property) should decentralize, technologically accessible government activities and even outsource them • Spend tax money on generating employment then massive “projects” fix what is a must, not what’s nice to have!
  28. 28. What is it • Religion • Politics • Nationalism • Poverty • Democracy • Democracy has been around since 508 BC! • The principles and concepts of democracy are, surprisingly, implemented with more compliance then even religions • There is hardly any innovation in democracy • Adult franchise has been proven to be ineffective in countries with mass poverty and rampant illiteracy, yet it’s the founding aspect of democracy • Leaders are selected for a relatively short term (4-6 years) most of which is spent fighting each other • A more stable and evolving system is required from electronic voting, to one man, many votes based one education, to military involvement in internal law and order especially in poorer corruption prone countries
  29. 29. CPU Governance • Ending corruption is possible! • Challenge “Government” model • Pre IT waste of resource, over staffed, under efficient, duplication of task and effort, ultimately blame game • Make it efficient, how? • Simplify! • All citizens are just a database record • For ALL services, health, education, tax everything! • Call centers can replace ministries, bureaucracies, submit documents online or via courier • Police stations can serve multi purpose, where physical verification is required • End result, major cost reductions and efficiency improvement • Focus on indirect taxes, fuel, communication, and abolish income taxes, easier to collect, encourages capitalists to expand! Big Government Ministries Finance Education Law & Order Identity Police Defense Economy Production Agriculture
  30. 30. What can YOU do for / with me? • Promote (if) any ideas appeal to you  • I’m a firm believer in the competence, resilience & emotional intelligence of women • Hence I launched with a GLOBAL VISION-an initiative to encourage and motivate women to leadership • This is all about empowering women to think LOCALIZED SOLUTIONS and ultimately the corridors of power for blanket solution to chronic problems • My vision for this is global, Rotary is global, hence I invite Rotarians to join me in encouraging and motivating women of the world
  31. 31. I have lived a life of “service above self” • I would like to settle in the US and have many startup initiatives that can be hugely successful at a US or global scale • Profile: • Business Ventures • GOOGLEofFREE Free barter / exchange • UNFAKE! Secure Email for government level implementation • EzeeHire and • HappyPeople • 360Business • WomenRock • TeamUp! Or partner where you see synergiesCrystalCell +1 929 302 6969
  32. 32. A Big Thank You! CrystalHeart Kazmi (Imran) Chief Thinking Officer, Utopia (CRSCube and AHappyWorld) Cell +1 929 302 6969 Profile