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  1. 1. Imran wali khan Profile Innovative IT professional who takes pride in resolving complex problems with basic technology, getting the most from a company’s technology investment. Recognized as a tenacious researcher and solutionist focused on making technology work. Skilled at breaking complex issues into understandable and executable tasks.Versatile and highly accomplished professional offering experience with significant exposure to project management, telecom management, strategic relationship building and problem resolution across a range of business units. Provides invaluable and critical information to inform key strategic decisions in telecommunications with strong business and commercial focus and fully capable of delivering cost effective solutions and realising significant benefit to business, both financial and operational. Technically astute, visionary thinker, an inspirational leader and outstanding team player, who through a collaborative approach creates robust strategies to translate vision into achievements, demonstrating strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills with a passion for work well done, together with quality and ability to build productive communication skills. Core Expertise: Performance management, vendor management and company relations, technical recruitment and policies, interdepartmental liaison, leadership development, strategic planning, negotiation skills, talent acquisition, new business strategy and contract negotiation, talent management, organizational design, operation management, business development, stakeholder management, succession planning, operational risk management, operational planning. Strategic Objectives  Handling the entire telecom department, designing company infrastructure, managing operations, writing procedures and policies, budgeting for department and handling reports.  To manage and grew existing and new corporate accounts.  To align technology plans with strategic business objectives, including revenue growth and profitability through effective collaboration with key stakeholders. Emphasis to future achievements as a part of senior management  Want to play an integral role in changing a network into solution based network which brings improvement to budget forecasting, planning, tracking of OPEX and CAPEX cost.  Planning and successfully execution of administrative policy system enhancement project.  Want to establish a high win rate with targeted customers in new projects.  To guide system analysis and development of center of excellence (EFQM Excellence Model)  To identify and develop key user contacts representing over 90% of potential domestic market for technology.  Led effective implementation of quality system, which served as basis for TL 9000 registration for newly merged companies. Hands on Experience Network Operation Center Radio Ufone, Islamabad, Pakistan 20070125-20070805 Imran wali Khan Email: Address: Defence Society Karachi Pakistan Cell: +92 341 0272658
  2. 2. Software’s: Huawei IMANAGER2000 (M2000), BAM (Windows NT). Siemens Radio Commander (Solaris) Nortel OMC-R MMI (Solaris). I have worked 24/7 to provide emergency and non-emergency services and support to field engineers, optimization engineers and planning engineers. Responsibilities:  Worked on three different vendor’s network (2G and 2.5G) and participated in the swap activity, network maintaince such as alarm escalation, supports the new site installation, testing and commissioning of Huawei, Siemens and Nortel BTS, decommissioning of Siemens and Nortel RBS and BSC. Worked on Sun / Solaris terminals with GPRS traffic monitoring and implementation WAP’s such as scripts for CELL’s mostly LAC change.  Extracting and observing network server log files, databases, and network outage report.  Troubleshooting and perform system checks for Huawei, Siemens and Nortel equipment.  Apart from that I developed detailed knowledge in BTS units double transceiver unit(DTRU), transmission and timing unit for bts(DTMU) , cable connection unit for bts(DCCU) , combined cabinet signal connection unit(DCSU), antenna front-end unit(DSFU), dual duplexer unit(DDPU), combining unit(DCOM), dual antenna and tma control unit(DATU), e1 signal lightning protection unit(DELU), monitor signal lightning protection unit(DMLU), power supply unit(PSU), power and environment monitoring unit(DPMU), operation and maintenance unit(OMU), traffic management unit(TMU), mass memory storage(MMU), BSC cabinets such as amcm cabinet , bm cabinet and tcsm cabinet. Project RollEx January 2007 to August 2007 RollEx is rollout excellence project for process improvement of end-to-end processes involved in BTS rollout. Project BTS Rollout January 2007 to August 2007 BTS Rollout Project consists on establishment and expansion of BTS sites network through out the country of Pakistan. Project BTS Expansion January 2007 to August 2007 In BTS expansion project we were expanding network capacity by making soft and complex expansions. Soft expansion is about just increasing the number of TRXs to increase data traffic carrying capacity and in complex expansion we have to in add antennas and cabinets etc. Achivement  Redesigned supporting work procedures for operator and vendor engineers containing over 30 BSC’s, 1600 BTS in an efficent manner which saves 30% of workload.  Recommendations for systems and functional support for implementation of new and efficient operational processes which led to the upgrading of Solaris Servers later on.  Decreased number of operational issues with critical business impact linked to systems. Education 2008 – 2010 Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Projektledning och Verksamhetsutveckling, Masters degree. PM Software’s: MS Project, MS Office Excel Including @Risk , Smart Draw 2008, WBS Chart Pro, Pert Chart Expert. Career Acknowledgement Imran wali Khan Email: Address: Defence Society Karachi Pakistan Cell: +92 341 0272658
  3. 3. “Leader, problem solver, team player, high performer and achiever, Imran adapts well & uses his technical, analytical, and driven nature to produce high performance results.” 퐸푟푖푘푎푃푟표푗푒푐푡 푐표표푟푑푖푛푎 푡표푟 Key Projects Final Project Thesis: Issues related to “Does M&A’s improve Telecom Companies Performance?”  In thesis, I have proposed a theoretical framework to extract quality of information from key employees by senior executive team, I have proposed knowledge transfer from key team employees, the nature of knowledge – tacit and explicit, Individual and collective knowledge, defining knowledge transfer, defining stages in the transfer of knowledge, managing the post-acquisition stage, acquisition process stages, post-acquisition phase, managing the knowledge transfer in M&As, enablers and constraints in transferring knowledge in M&As, key factors for transferring knowledge in M&As, constraints for knowledge transfer through qualitative interviews (open-ended & focused interviews), collection of archival records and documents.  Implementation of all recruitment related activities including manpower budgets, recruitment cycle activities, job descriptions, organizational charts, interviews.  Internal/external customer resolving issues pertaining to technical management and vendor management.  Developed project plans report which includes project objectives, technologies, systems, information specifications, schedules, funding, and staffing. Reports: Monthlyweekly project status report , Critical path method schedule using PRIMAVERA P6 v8.3 , Pert Chart, System requirement diagram (FMEA), SOW (FMEA), Financial and strategic SWOT snalysis, PEST analysis, Mid project profitability scorecard. Scania Risk Management system: Project model includes risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and risk mitigation techniques using Six Sigma for SCANIA LTD. Risk dynamics selection with latest knowledge assets (white papers, webinar, and blog articles) related to risk model validation and model management overall. Reports: Scania Project communication plan report, Scania Pert chart, Scania Financial and strategic SWOT analysis, Scania PEST analysis. Marketing strategy for KTH: Projects include analysis of the new international students situation and to identify KTH upcoming opportunities within the market area. We also proposed marketing opportunities for KTH. The results presented in KTH EXPO 2009. Reports: KTH Monthly executive project report, KTH Financial and strategic SWOT analysis, KTH PEST analysis, KTH Root cause analysis report. Risk analysis and benchmarking of procurement of new interconnect system: Project that proposes risk analysis, decision making processes and the proposed results from specific situations of procurement of new billing interconnect system. Reports: Project cost control, schedule management and document management, Project procurement specifications report, Financial and strategic SWOT analysis, PEST analysis. Achievement: Imran wali Khan Email: Address: Defence Society Karachi Pakistan Cell: +92 341 0272658
  4. 4.  Defined organizational goals and proposed operating model to support business strategy for M&A’s which could possibly be adopt by the newly formed M&A companies.  Developed operational setup for M&A’s and strategic roadmap from the ground up.  Proposed redesigning of introduction to global standards and regulated programs for KTH.  Defined, exhibited and proposed roadmap to improvements and changes across all Business Units (BUs) in compliance with customers and governmental requirements.  Facilitated development of a collaboration platform to include key customers (Subcontractors) and suppliers (vendors) in focused workgroups and business discussions. 2002 – 2006 COMSATS, Computer System Engineering, BSc. Ultrasonic motion detection and range finder. I have developed an embedded system that can detect motion, determine the distance to the moving objects and creates visual / audible alarm. The equipment is controlled by microcontroller (89C51). Programming Languages: Perl, Activeperl 5.12.4, Python 3.2.1, C, Matlab, Visual C++. English: Good Swedish: Good Practicle Projects Case Studies: I got extensive theoretical knowledge and implementation of projects from KTH Royal Institute of Technology database case studies to increase my practical experience which are stated as follow. 1. South Coast Telecommunication USA infrastructure sustainability and project expansion. The 12|12 program defines the path towards achieving the SCT project Vision. The Program aimed to strengthen the OpCos within the SCT by focusing on transforming, synergizing, innovating & expanding. SCT PMO provided bi-monthly reporting on the project updates to the Group PMO Establishing the PMO Charter for PMO made & presented Creating awareness via PM Forum, intranet PM, developing customized PM templates, conducting trainings - MS Project 2. Australian telecom Society intranet site project with rational unified process (RUP) framework. 3. Ericsson Services Ireland (ESI): implementation of statement of work (SOW) with PRINCE2 methodology. Ericsson Ireland PMO followed a hybrid PMI & Prince 2 methodologies and service engagement model and was "ISO 9001:2000" certified for same. 1. Company wide projects / products monitoring, control & reporting; Dissemination of Reports & dashboards to senior management. 2. PMO & business processes, tools & templates development & regular re-engineering for continual improvement. 3. Risk management, qualitative & quantitative risk analysis & response planning. 4. Scope definitions, project management plans / PIDS & road map development for monitoring & control. 4. DABHOL POWER COMPANY build operate transfer (BOT) framework. In this project, we have been empowered to implement/deliver electricity overbilling recovery project, keeping customer satisfaction as prime objective. 1. Analysis of electricity bills at access network Imran wali Khan Email: Address: Defence Society Karachi Pakistan Cell: +92 341 0272658
  5. 5. 2. E2E delivery of project 5. MTN Telecom Syria mobile telecom site rollout project using six sigma DMAIC, DMADV and DFSS Independent Certification & Courses In Progress. 01. BSS Professional (covers all 2G, 3G and 4G technologies) – COMMSOLUTIONS LTD, Karachi Site visit on Huawei/Ericsson BTS + 03 softwares on Commissioning + RF-SS Testing + Channel Testing via Ericsson/Ascom TEMS hardware 02. 2G & 2.5G RF PLANNING / NETWORK OPTIMIZATION & DRIVE TESTING PROFESSIONAL. COMMSOLUTIONS LTD, Karachi Live setup of Mobilink/Ufone/Telenor/Warid and Zong’s Network. Hands-on softwares TEMS Data Collection + TEMS Route Analysis + MAP Info + Alcatel Planning + other GSM tools 03. MICROWAVE TRANSMISSION PLANNING AND LINK DESIGN PROFESSIONAL. COMMSOLUTIONS LTD, Karachi Site visit for commissioning over Ericsson MINILINK equipment. training on Huawei RTN 600 equipment. 04. OPTICAL FIBER DEPLOYMENT & TESTING PROFESSIONAL. COMMSOLUTIONS LTD, Karachi Hands-on different types of Fibers, Cleaving tool, Couplers/Attenuators, JEBs, ODF Panels, OTDR Equipment Testing, VFL and laser tool, etc. 05. Program Management Professional (PgMP) 3D EDUCATORS Karachi This includes identification of program goals by writing program objectives and creating program roadmap to create efficent progress reporting tools for Program Managers. All we have to understand is Program Manager's Role in Escalation. Courses held under ufone intership.  Cell planning workshop  Radio Network Dimensioning  M2000 Commissioning Operator Guide  Basic RF Drive Testing  MINI-LINK radio terminal hardware  Basic core network management and Surveillance  MGW Training and HLR O&M  Charging in MSC-MSS Advice for Contacting Please consider only this CV for senior management(SM or CXO) positions with expected basic salary USD 350,000 plus incentives. Imran wali Khan Email: Address: Defence Society Karachi Pakistan Cell: +92 341 0272658