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Fred and Gina: Case Study


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business, Education
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Fred and Gina: Case Study

  1. 1. Fred & Gina’s story
  2. 2. Introducing Fred & Gina • Fred is 30 years old; Gina is 25. • Gina lives with her parents; whilst Fred shares a house with three of his friends. • They met at college when they were both students there. • Gina still goes to college, but Fred now has a job in a record store. • They have recently announced their engagement; and are keen to set a date for their wedding. • However, various people have raised concerns about them getting married, as they both have a learning disability.
  3. 3. More about Fred • Fred loves his job, as he is a keen fan of dance music. • He is competent in all personal and domestic activities of daily living; but has relatively little motivation for these. • Consequently, he lives in supported accommodation, with a staff member to encourage him to keep himself and his home clean and tidy. • He often sleeps in quite late, and then tries to rush to work without showering first.
  4. 4. • Gina has always wanted to: • Get married • Have a home of her own to look after • Start a family • She loves to be busy at home; and will do any housekeeping task she sees needs doing. • However, she can be forgetful (e.g. leaving the gas on after cooking). • Her parents are also worried that she would not remember to carry out tasks that were not visibly needed (e.g. disposing of out-of-date food; changing bedclothes; disinfecting work-surfaces). More about Gina
  5. 5. •  Fred and Gina have been offered new supported housing; but they want to live completely independently. •  Neither of them have a large income; and there are concerns that they may not budget effectively for all their living needs. •  Whilst bills could be paid by direct debit, it will be important to ensure that the costs of utilities (water, gas, electricity) are kept as low as possible. •  Both of them often go out without their front-door keys. Other Concerns
  6. 6. •  Friends and family have raised concerns about Fred and Gina posting too much personal information on social networks, and becoming ‘friends’ with strangers •  They have also witnessed Fred and Gina behaving in an overtly sexual way with each other in public. Other Concerns