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Emma: Case study presentation


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Published in: Lifestyle, Spiritual, Education
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Emma: Case study presentation

  1. 1. Making  the  home  environment  safe   Emma’s story
  2. 2. Introducing  Emma   Emma  is  an  80  year-­‐old  lady  with   moderate  demen<a.     She  lives  in  a  ‘granny  flat’   adjacent  to  her  son  and   daughter-­‐in-­‐law.     Although  this  increase  the   support  available  to  her,  she  is   oGen  alone  in  the  flat.  
  3. 3. Introducing  Emma   Emma’s  son  has  made  sure  that   her  bed  is  adjacent  to  the  flat’s   adjoining  wall,  so  that  she  can   knock  on  the  wall  if  she  needs   help.     Social  Services  also  provided  her   with  a  pendant  alarm  a  few   years  ago;  but  she  oGen  forgets   to  wear  this.  
  4. 4. Emma’s  problems   Her  family  are  worried   that  her  demen1a  may   be  ge4ng  worse:   Emma  is  becoming  more   unsteady  on  her  feet;  and  she   has  fallen  on  a  couple  of   occasions.     She  fell  once  in  the  bath  –   although  she  has  been  asked   not  to  do  this  unless  her   daughter-­‐in-­‐law  is  there  –  and   was  not  able  to  reach  her   pendant  alarm.  
  5. 5. Emma’s  problems   Her  family  are  worried   that  her  demen1a  may   be  ge4ng  worse:   She  seems  to  be  dozing  more   during  the  day;  and  they   wonder  if  she  is  more  ac<ve  at   night-­‐<me.     They  also  suspect  that  she  is   not  ea<ng  properly  -­‐  although   Emma  insists  she  is  fine.     Recently,  a  neighbour  found   Emma  wandering  down  the   street,  saying  she  was  ‘going   shopping’.