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Dee: Responding to Dee's needs


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Dee: Responding to Dee's needs

  1. 1. Facilitating participation Responding to Dee's needs
  2. 2. Communicating with other people Many  people  find  Dee’s  verbal  communica6on  difficult  to   understand,  although  this  has  caused  her  rela6vely  few   problems  within  her  school  environment.       She  makes  use  of  an  electronic  aid  to  communicate  outside   of  the  school;  but  this  is  quite  old  now,  and  she  finds  it   quite  slow.     Why  is  communica-on  likely  to  be  such  a  worry  for  Dee  as   she  plans  to  go  into  University?     What  strategies  might  be  available  to  help  Dee   communicate  more  quickly  and  clearly  with  others?  
  3. 3. Socialising How  could  Dee  make  use  of  technology  to  develop  her   current  and  future  social  life?     Could  any  of  these  op-ons  assist  her  with  other  ac-vi-es?  
  4. 4. Sports activities What  “mainstream  “  sports  and  outdoor  pursuits  would   you  suggest  to  Dee?     What  assis-ve  technology  could  help  enhance  her   par-cipa-on  in  spor-ng  ac-vi-es?     Could  any  of  these  technologies  enhance  her  par-cipa-on   in  other  ac-vi-es  when  she  goes  to  University?