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Fashion Designer Haya Houti : Devoted all my energy to make a stronger fashion

The story of fashion designer made a great big bang itself of success and progress.

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Fashion Designer Haya Houti : Devoted all my energy to make a stronger fashion

  1. 1. Lana Magazine Fashion Designer Haya Houti : Devoted all my energy to make a stronger fashion Remarkable successes achieved on the world 's most famous fashion platforms fashion designer Haya Houti devoted all my energy to make a stronger fashion my start began in New York when I first Gulf opens in Beirut understanding one of the key secrets of success my success with the designer Sarieddine to provide the finest my designs are not Kuwaiti women only , but for the Gulf, Arab and foreign experience has increased my determination to develop my style special Photography: flashed her name in the fashion world for more than 13 years, and I followed the march of success even achieved a quantum leap in the world of fashion. Stunned elegance expert’s novelty outstanding and
  2. 2. Lana Magazine innovative designs that were hard to distinguish between them and the formations of global fashion, and showed the extent of her passion fond of beauty and permanent quest for perfection. It Kuwaiti fashion designer Haya Al Houti , which recorded one of the great success stories of the world 's most important fashion brands .. the story of fashion designer made a great big bang itself of success and progress, and was able to reach her name to the world, through the struggle and effort since it started in her career track record of successes in 2003, passing through the great radiance in New York over the years that the girl large empire her intelligence and evolution. The next meeting will try to identify the Haya Houti story with the world of creativity in the fashion world, and we will take a light on the station in Beirut and its cooperation with global designer Ayman secret religion, and we will look at designs dazzling modern vision. Along detail: How famous are and where you arrived? - Astmddt My reputation when he participated week of fashion in New York over consecutive years, beginning in 2007 and until in 2011, after which I thought at the opening of «boutique» fashion in Beirut , the capital of elegance and beauty, and that was in 2009, so I was the first fashion designer Gulf progress on this step, after my Atelier in Kuwait opened in 2003, and I am eager to develop my skills and my designs of during the opening of huge equipped with the latest level as a center for the design and implementation of fashion for my clients to feel privileged and privacy, and that was in May 2013. And then what? - this has led to achieve large - scale success, as the press writes about my successes and my designs distinctive began, and it has been having me in many satellite channels, local, and written about me magazines, and at the same time , the international press realized the importance of my designs special and distinctive taste in fashion weddings and evening provided by the offers on the world 's most famous fashion platforms, and this experience led to my determination to develop my own style in new ways and different, Vchrist all my energy for the launch of the best and most luxurious formations fashion, which prompted me to run for a long journey cost me a lot of effort and the effort in the search for a strong team to deliver the most powerful fashion not only for what you need , Kuwaiti women and even the Gulf, Arab and foreign , too. How was that? - I met Palmsamm famous Ayman Sarieddine, who was able to enter into the world of fashion very quickly and it becomes the most important celebrities of the world, and his name was included among the most influential figures in the world of fashion, and with the convergence of creative minds inevitably results are impressive, and
  3. 3. Lana Magazine this is what I make sure now. He has all of us the development of his designs, especially in models Evening characterized by femininity and softness dresses, even had our own fashion house on a unique position, being one of the first fashion launched two production lines , one for garments houses, and the second for the design of the latest fashion. And what resulted in this collaboration? - this cooperation is one of the most important secrets of success, has resulted in the widening demand circle the great demand for our designs, they fit all age groups, as well as their prices moderate and accessible to various categories of customers ' hands. this success remains is only the beam reflects Braatna high and our desire mad in providing the finest and the best designs eminent and distinguished in the world of fashion. Online Magazine | Celebrity News Magazine | Media Magazine | Magazines Kuwait