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International Women's Day


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Women face a lot of things even today. Right from what's being told to them, to what they do. It's time to appreciate them not just today, but everyday.

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International Women's Day

  1. 1. We can say without doubt, that women are leading in every aspect of life today. Right from sports, entertainment, business and even politics, women are doing great and turning heads everywhere they go. They have long broken the age old barriers that had been set for them since ancient times. However, no matter how old they are, or what professions they belong to, they are still subjects to the trivialities of this world. Being told what they have to do and what not to just happens to be a part of their daily routine.
  2. 2. This Women’s Day we would like to highlight how the internet broke against the stereotypes that women constantly hear.
  3. 3. Sit like a lady This is a very common thing that women hear in almost every home. Don’t sit like a man is what they usually have to say. Sitting with their legs spread almost makes the entire family’s eyes pop out. Here’s how the internet reacted to this statement.
  4. 4. Don’t come home too late This one’s a commoner. Every girl is asked to be home before or at her deadline. Coming home later than that can have serious consequences. Something women always wonder about.
  5. 5. Get married before 25 This is one thing women dread the moment they enter their twenties. It’s not all about getting a degree and a salary job. The moment they cross 23, they’re already asked to fins their soul mate they don’t even know exists.
  6. 6. Fair is beautiful Not every person, but many people believe that a woman is only beautiful if she’s fair. Many women are told about this and they’re tired of having to defend themselves.
  7. 7. Dress up modestly This or cover yourself is something women are just used to hearing every day. Apparently, the world around might not be so good, but women are tired of having to suffer the consequences of something they’ve not done.
  8. 8. Learn to cook Last but not the least; this is something that women don’t understand. They are told that they’re responsible for what their in-laws eat. They wish that people understood how important it is for both the genders to know how to cook. After all, feminism isn’t going to work when you’re hungry.
  9. 9. No matter how successful a woman is, she has definitely heard all of this at least once in her life. Let’s try and take some time out to let women breathe and just be themselves. It’s not about wishing them just this one day, it’s about respecting them and showing them how important they are, al throughout the year. Let’s vow to make it woman’s day every day, by making their life simpler by not asking them to do things your way.
  10. 10. We wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day
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