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People = Performance


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Many UK businesses underestimate the link between people and performance. Need convincing? Here’s a few reasons why people = performance on our IDG Infographic. Includes stats and tips around employee engagement, reward and recognition, values and behaviours, measures and analytics and purpose, vision and values.

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People = Performance

  1. 1. Many UK businesses underestimate the link between people and performance. Need convincing? Here’s a few reasons why people = performance. You’ve got the why, so what’s next? Ask why Performance If all UK businesses adopted an improved approach to people management, the UK economy could benefit from an efficiency gain of up to... Why Reward and Recognition? Smaller businesses will benefit most from a focus on recognising and rewarding performance, with an estimated efficiency gain of Why Employee Engagement? of the world’s most admired companies believe their efforts to engage employees create competitive advantage. Why Values and Behaviours? of employees think their organisation’s values positively influence behaviour at work. At IDG, we’re passionate about what we do and dedicated to helping you and your organisation be happy, healthy and sustainable. It may sound clichéd but it’s true. From specialists in people development and quality management standards, to experts in the field of high performance working, we are here to help you realise your ambitions – whether helping you to improve systems, develop your people or grow your business. If you want to talk about your people and performance, we’d love to hear from you. t. 0844 406 8008 e. w. Calls will cost 3p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge IDG is the trading name of Improvement Development Growth Ltd. Registered Office: Lee House, 90 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5JW. Registered in England number: 04141322 VAT registration number: 727102071 Why Purpose and Vision Companies with highly aligned cultures and highly aligned innovation strategies experience higher enterprise value and profit growth than companies with low degrees of alignment. Why Measures and Analytics Leading analytic organisations have seen average improvements of higher enterprise value growth higher profit growth Challenge your purpose and identity by asking why you do what you do. Go beyond what and how you do it. Is there a shared understanding across your organisation? Getting to the heart of your purpose is key to your culture and can highlight motivators for your people. Walk the walk, talk the talk Senior leaders play a really important part in how your company culture is shaped and in turn how engaged your people feel. They should be walking and talking your values and behaviours. Keep in touch You can’t support improved engagement if you don’t know how people are feeling. Build feedback into your culture with different ways for your employees to let you know how they’re doing and visa versa. Money doesn’t always talk Reward and recognition isn’t just about money. According to the ILM, ensuring employees enjoy their job is the single most effective way to motivate - even more influential than salary in inspiring staff to work hard. Live it Your values and behaviours should run through everything you do – use them as a guide to support decision-making at every level. They should be second nature to your people and a real foundation to your culture. Avoid misery Make sure you are measuring the appropriate metrics for your organisation and that they’re used to engage and motivate. Inappropriate measures can cause disengagement and job misery, which is counter-productive. 10% (Investors in People) (CIPD) (CEB) (Hay) (Investors in People) £77bn 52% 94% employee performance employee engagement 30% 17% 12% 9% People = Performance PEOPLE POWER? Have you unlocked your ? ? ? !!! (Global Innovation 100)