Florida Department of Transportation Achieves CJIS Compliance with Imprivata OneSign®THE BUSINESS CHALLENGEThe Motor Carri...
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Florida Dept. of Transportation Success Story


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Florida Dept. of Transportation Success Story

  1. 1. Florida Department of Transportation Achieves CJIS Compliance with Imprivata OneSign®THE BUSINESS CHALLENGEThe Motor Carrier Compliance (MCC) program in the Florida Department ofTransportation is responsible for enforcing safety and weight regulations forcommercial vehicles in the state of Florida. To meet this mission, more than500sworn law enforcement officers and regulatory weight inspectors work on thehighways and in weigh stations throughout the state.As with any law enforcement agency, the Motor Carrier Compliance group within COMPANYthe DOT must comply with the FBI’s regulations for applications connecting with its • Florida Department ofCriminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) systems. These include: Transportation: Motor • 1 (In 2010): Enforce unique IDs and strong passwords Carrier Compliance • 2: Use advanced authentication’ methods like fingerprint biometrics, smart cards or • 500 employees proximity cards to secure authentication distributed throughout stateLaw enforcement agencies have until September 2013 to implement advancedauthentication unless they are making significant changes or upgrades to the APPLICATIONSsystems that access the CJIS databases, in which case strong authentication must beimplemented prior to the upgrade. • CTS computer-aided dispatch (SmartCAD)The MCC agency was facing two major changes to its law enforcement applications: • MCC had to move its data center to a primary state data center by mid-2012, as part of a CHALLENGES broad data center consolidation initiative in the state of Florida. • Employee frustration • The group was rolling out new computer-aided dispatch software (SmartCAD) from CTS with multiple logins systems. • Needed to complyEither of these initiatives trigger the accelerated CJIS deadline for advanced with CJIS ‘Advancedauthentication. Authentication’ requirementsTHE IMPRIVATA ONESIGN SOLUTION • Widely distributedMMC felt finger biometries was the best option for their agency, so they began to workforceinvestigate solutions that would meet the following requirements: • Support for fingerprint biometrics RESULTS • Single sign-on with complex passwords (phase 1 CJIS compliance) • CJIS compliant authentication • No changes required to Active Directory • Single sign-on toAlthough many solutions were available, most required significant changes to Active multiple applicationsDirectory. Says Tom Trunda, District IS Manager for the Law Enforcement Officeof the MCC group, “Keeping our directory in tact without changing it was very • Fast user switching onimportant to us. Imprivata OneSign let us meet the CJIS authentication requirements shared workstationswithout modifying our Active Directory.” • Rapid statewide deployment
  2. 2. BEFORE IMPRIVATA ONESIGN USING IMPRIVATA ONESIGN Single sign-on eliminates frustration with managing multiple Multiple logins created frustration among inspectors and officers accounts Complex password requirement created hardship, potential security Fingerprint biometric authentication meets CJIS advanced exposure authentication requirements while simplifying login Lack of visibility into user activity on networks Audit and access reportingRESULTS: RAPID STATE-WIDE DEPLOYMENT Law enforcementThe IT team spent approximately seven weeks at the end of 2010 deploying Imprivata agencies will findOneSign and fingerprint biometrics and enrolling its users’ fingerprints throughout thestate. Because of the distributed nature of the MCC staff, the team traveled through that 2013 comesthe state, training sergeants in field offices. Those sergeants then traveled to the weigh around very quicklystations to enroll the weight inspectors and other staff with the fingerprint technology. —and the realAs part of the Imprivata OneSign roll-out, the IT team provisioned each user with deadline is soonera unique login, and each kiosk with a fingerprint reader. The users can now switchbetween accounts on the shared computer using a single touch of the fingerprint reader, if you’re upgradingincreasing security and application access speed. systems. We’reAlthough the MCC division implemented OneSign primarily for CJIS compliance reasons, ahead of the gamethe combination of strong authentication and single sign-on has delivered several with Imprivatabenefits to the MCC staff. OneSign, and nowEliminating password frustration: The complaints from staff about managing I don’t have tomultiple different accounts have disappeared. Says Trunda, “Imprivata OneSign hasclearly eliminated a major frustration for our officers and inspectors.” worry about CJIS authenticationBetter visibility: Using single sign-on with fast user switching on the shared kiosks hasgiven the department better visibility into individual network access and behavior, and requirements as weeliminated the potential exposure of the shared login. Imprivata OneSign provides an move our systemsinstant audit log of who is accessing which applications at what time, which is important to the state primaryfor ongoing governance. data center.”The biggest benefit has been the department’s full compliance with CJIS advancedauthentication regulations today. Says Trunda, “ Law enforcement agencies will find that Tom Trunda2013 comes around very quickly—and the real deadline is sooner if you’re upgrading District IS Managersystems. We’re ahead of the game with Imprivata OneSign, and now I don’t have to Florida DOTworry about CJIS authentication requirements as we move our systems to the stateprimary data center.”1 877 ONESIGN | 1 781 674 2700 | www.imprivata.comCopyright © 2010 Imprivata, Inc. All rights reserved. Imprivata and OneSign are registered trademarks of Imprivata, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.The Application Profile Generator and OneSign Agent are trademarks of Imprivata, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.MKT-SS-FLDOT-Ver1-03-2011